Tuesday, December 21, 2010

blood clinic stuff..

So yeah I was late for work today. We got to the blood lab at about 7:15am. I handed the paper in and she mentioned something about did I know I had to be there for an HOUR!! AN HOUR!! They give me something to drink and after an hour take the blood so they can test it. It's the glucose test or whatever that is commonly done around 28 weeks.

So I looked at Chris a bit dissappointed since there was no one else in the clinic when we went in. I asked if he could call work because I would be at least 30mins to an hour late which was what I was trying to avoid! But it had to be done and there was no point in leaving without doing it considering we still had to pay four bucks to get out of the parking lot and even if we were there right at 7 on the dot I would still be late for work.

So she gave me this orange crap to drink. I had to drink it down fairly quickly it sucked and was so disgusting! I assume it was orange pop but not sure. It was gross anyways. Then we had to sit there and wait. Chris went and called work to let them know. The wait actually didn't take as long as I though, the hour seemed to go by quickly. I just wish that I would have known that because we both could have brought something in to read or something.

Anyways finally the timer went off and she sent me into a room and they came and took about three vials of blood. I think there was another test that he wanted to have done since there was something else checked but what that was I have no clue. I was super glad it was over though. At least she took the blood out of my other arm then the one that they did last thrus. Then it was work time. I wasn't looking forward to the day at all since getting up earlier then normal and not getting a lot of sleep then having to be at work all day just really sucked. But thankfully now it is over with and I don't have to worry about it. I would have waited until the week we have off at christmas but the doctor wanted me to get it done before christmas so yeah :(

Hopefully everything is normal. It sucks that I won't find that out until my next appointment in a few weeks.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ultrasound and Echo

Today was the ultrasound! I went in to work for a few hours - the ultrasound was at 11:30 so I worked until 11 then me and Chris went to the medical center and checked in at the desk for my appointment. We really didn't have to wait to long which was nice, she had me go in first and said that she would get Chris later. So for the first little bit it was her getting her stuff and measurements etc that she needed to get. Baby was jumping and moving around a lot. The technician was like woahh pretty active lol. Like she could feel baby kicking against her ultraound hand device thing. I guess baby didn't like being pushed on to much. Baby was in the same position as on thrus with the head down. I unfortunately could not see anything yet which sucked  but I was laying there hoping that she would bring Chris in and we would both get to see baby.

We talked about how the hospital doesn't give you photos nor tell you what the sex of the baby was. Here we can get photos burned onto a cd for 5 bucks. Which was totally worth it in our eyes. So for any other babies we may have I know where to go. The technician was super nice. She was trying to get a good face shot but baby kept moving his/her head away but she said she did manage to get a few. I guess basically they can offer the cd if they do get some good shots. Sometimes I guess babies just don't cooperate.

So then she got Chris and she turned the monitor so I could see as well and showed us baby cashew. We got to see the ribs and the spine where we could actually see the skin above it.. Also we got to see baby has a head of hair! There was like this frizzy fluffy stuff coming off of the head. We could see the eyes and nose and mouth. Also the two arms and the fingers and the two legs and feet. Baby had his/her legs all curled up with one arm tucked between it. One angle you could see the fingers from that arm perfectly.

I think the best shot that I loved the most was that in real time we could see babies face front on and she opened her mouth up and stuck her tongue out like babies do! It was soo cute. The technician was just as excited and amazed as we were. I really wish we could have gotten a video of that it was sooo cute!! She had asked earlier before when Chris came in if we wanted to know the sex and was a little surprised when I said yep we do. So of course baby cashew being stubborn and still had the legs all bunched up with the arm tucked between and in the way. She finally did get a semi good shot of that area. She showed us two lines one was smaller then the other one and said that in her guestimate she would have to guess it was a girl because boys just don't have that fold there. So it might be a girl!! Seriously though I  have the whole time been thinking girl, and anything I do - you know all those "predict your babies gender things" have all come out as a girl. haha I know they are just for fun but still and babies heart rate has always been around 150. So yep all signs point to girl. But it's still a good thing that we are painting and decorating the room with neutral colours - no all blue or all pink room for us. I like the idea of browns and earth tones. So it could be a girl! :)

She also said that the baby weighed 3 pounds and 2 oz. Quite a bit bigger then 7oz at our first ultrasound. Awwww now I can't wait for baby to come! Specially after seeing cuties face and chubby checks :)
So after that we paid for our cd at the front desk, got out of the parking lot went and had lunch and then went back to work I think I got back almost at 1pm so I had an hour to work before we had to leave for the echo exam. That was at 2:30pm.

So we left for that at 2pm. It was a good thing that on friday the receptionist at the doctors office mentioned that they moved locations! I would have went to where they were before and that would have sucked. So we get there and it's actually a good setup they have there. You go into the back of the building and go stand in line. The person there checks you in and gives you whatever she needs to give you and tells you what floor you need to go to. We had to go to 302. So that is floor 3 waiting room 302. Basically we got the floor went into the waiting room and sat down. I was surprised that I was in fairly quickly considering the waiting room was packed pretty well. I think we only waited about 10 mins.

She called my name and I went in. I forgot how sucky an echo is. I had to hold my breath a lot and a few times I didn't think she was going to ever tell me to breathe again. Plus it was more of that gel goop on my body :( not so fun. Glad it's over with though. I have no idea what any of what I saw means just like the first time I had one done. So I will find out I guess when I see the doctor next.

Now it's getting up an hour early tommarrow to be at the blood lab at 7am to get my blood taken before work since they are not open on weekends and they close at 3 everyday. Geez. Hopefully it won't be freaking busy when I go in there at the start, I really don't want to be late for work :( Ugh not looking forward to it we should have went and did it right after the doc appointment on friday but I felt bad that Chris was gone from work so much on thrus and friday. Actually now that I think about it that wouldn't have worked since they close at 3 anyways and it was probably after that that we were done at the doctors. :) Can't wait for this week to be over - three more shifts then the holidays!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

first OBGYN appointment

Today was yet another appointement. But at least this time I didn't have to miss too much work. Everyone at work thought that yesterday was the day that I went to my ultrasound so they kept asking me if baby was a girl or boy. lol. Oh well they will have to wait until monday :) My appointment was at 2 today. We left work at around 1:40pm. I knew were it was but not sure exactly where in the building it was. Parking there is weird. You drive up and get a card thing from the machine and then the gate will go up. Before you leave you have to insert the card and pay the fee - so $6 for up to 2 hours and $3 dollars every hour after that. Then go to the exit stick the card into the machine and the gate will rise (well only if you paid at the other machine) sucks that it's so much but oh well.

So we went up to the office. Now I see why the original obgyn that I wanted referred me to = they share the same office space. I was told that any other visit just to come to the desk and check in then grab a urine bottle from a basket on the counter and go get a urine sample, come back hold onto it and have a seat until I am called in where the nurse will check it and do the other stuff she does before I see the dr. Seriously though holding the urine bottle until I go in is sort of gross :( I don't want others to see my pee! Geez :( When I was finally called in she weighed me ( I was 197 there woot) and then checked my urine sample, then took my blood pressure. Chris had to wait in the hall while she did those two things since the room was so small. He was allowed to come in after that. We didn't have to wait to long before the doctor came in. He seems really nice so that is good.  He did the same usual stuff, measured my belly, listened to the babys heart etc. We really had no major concerns though so it was a fairly quick meeting.

He asked about my heart going out of wack and asked if the cardiologist was aware that I am pregnant. Which is a no. So he got the receptionist to schedule an echo exam to make sure that I will be okay during delivery. That is really good. I hope that turns out okay since it will actually put a load off of my mind since I am sort of worried about that. The first echo I had like three to four years ago, came back fine as did all my heart tests so I guess I am not that worried about it. Altough it will be nice to hear that they don't see anything wrong with it again after so many years.

Other then that he wants me to get checked for something so I have to go to the stupid blood labs here. They have stupid parking there as wel. I think it might be to check for high sugar levels or something. He mentioned gestectular diabetes. I don't I can't remember which is horrible lol. He also asked if anyone had talked to me about the testing for those disabilities or whatever in babies. I said no, he was like well we are sort of past that point anyways, and the first ultrasound everything looked normal. So that was basically all he said about that. Honestly even if anyone did mention it it is something I would not want done. Seriously? To take a test to see if there is a CHANCE something major is wrong with your baby. I can't think of the specific disorders but yeah, even if it came back as it's positive that baby could have that really doesn't mean they won't be normal and healthy. Ugh. I will accept our baby for what he or she is :) I am horrified to hear that some people said had that been offered that and it came back that there was a good chance that it would be they would have aborted :( That makes me sad but to each there own I guess?

Anyways that was about it. So the echo is scheduled for monday at 2:30 (busy day all of a sudden considering my ultrasound is at 11:30 the same day). My next baby doc appointement was scheduled for three weeks from now so around Jan 7th I believe. Crazy stuff though how soon it is!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

doc appointment

Today we went for the last Doctor appointment with my doctor. I booked the day off from work because I would only have been able to go into work for an hour or so before we would have had to leave and of course make it back in time for only an hour or so before the day was done. Chris got up and went in though for about 1.5 hours. I liked the fact that I could sleep in a bit. Although really it really didn't feel like I could though. I haven't really been sleeping the greatest lately. Thankfully the drive down was okay since it wasn't snowing at all. My appointment was at 11:30, we made pretty good time. It was nice that it was a pretty nice day out or the drive down would have sucked.

I was weighed in when I first got there as usual. Ugh she weighed me as 202.something!!! I have never been over 200 pounds before :( Sucks but at least it's mostly baby weight so I might not actually weight that much. My doctor checked my heart rate, measured my belly and listened to the babies heart. This time he didn't tell me what the rate was though, although Chris commented that it was slower then it has been. He said the baby is probably sleeping. Baby is head down so I guess that would explain why I have been feeling all the kicks on the right side of my belly button and up almost under my ribs. It was a pretty standard straight forward appointment. We didn't have any concerns or anything so yep. He did give me a form to get my thyroid tested again although he did feel it while we were in there and said that it felt normal.

Both he and the receptionist had asked if the OBGYN had gotten a hold of me yet. The receptionist said she never heard back and had kept trying to call but kept getting an answering machine that said not to leave a message but to call back. I told her that they sent me a card saying he was full but refered me to someone else. I keep forgetting his name!! gah! I told the same thing to the doctor and he said that that's good. Since my appointment with him is tommarrow he got the recptionist to photocopy all the files he would have sent over and sent me with the originals just in case. He said that it would bug him if he didn't get the paperwork for a new patient before or at the same time that he was seeing them. So I just have to remember to bring those with me tommarrow.

We basically just went next door to the blood lab to get the thyroid bloodwork done. It is really much handier to do that there then it is back here since it's like right next door to the doc's office. Parking there cost less then .50 cents for the amount of time you need as apposed to here where it costs four bucks to get out of the parking lot no matter if you were there for 5 hours or 5 minutes.

So Chris dropped me off at the house before he went into work. I think we got back home around pm. I didn't really get anything done that I wanted to get done since by the time I was settled in the house it was pretty dark already :( I lose motivation when it's dark, even though I am more of a night hawk. If that even makes sense.

Seemed like a really long day but it was worth it to hear baby's heartbeat again!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby dream #3 and other stuff

So this dream happened about a week or so ago. Since I have been slacking with both my online and offline journal I have forgotten a lot of what happened in it or at least the details, colours and background stuff.

Anyways what I do remember is that we had the baby, except the baby was about the size of my thumb and all I wanted to do was cuddle the baby but my mom was like, 'no you can't just yet, the baby needs to be warm'. So she filled one of our green bowls with warm water and put the baby in it. I was just sitting there watching the baby inside the bowl and wondering how long baby had to stay in there. The baby was soo tiny. I did have a thought about how the baby would not drown but I don't think that was a main concern to me. So I guess baby wouldn't? For some reason the bowl was sitting on the ledge that over looks the stairs to the basement and the front door landing at the house. Yeah that's a really safe place to put your newborn who is tiny and in a glass bowl! What was my dream self thinking!?

That is about all that I remember unfortunately. I have to remember to journal more. I have been so tired with not sleeping at night and then working during the day that by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is sit in the uncomfy chair I am using for a computer chair and type.

Last night was especially brutal since I passed out I think as soon as my head hit the pillow at about 11:30 but woke up around 3am. I laid there for a bit before finally getting up and going to the washroom, thinking that was probably why I woke up. Well I couldn't get back to sleep! After two hours of tossing and turning I ended up waking Chris up and then he also couldn't fall back asleep. I tried everything. I thought maybe it's because my throat was really dry. I have a cold again, or at least a start of one and my nose was really stuffy so breathing through my mouth really dried it out. I even tried drinking some cold water but that didn't work. Nothing was working it was so annoying considering 7am is when the alarm goes off! So finally I got Chris to pass me my baby book and looked up insomnia. Most of the suggestions I couldn't really do in the middle of the night (ie take a warm bath - I mean I could have but yeah wasn't going to! lol) except they suggested lots of pillows. So Chris went and found me the body pillow and I curled up to that. We also turned on the tv and I sort of half watched Home Improvement since the screen was to bright for my eyes I think after about 30 mins of that it startted to lull me to sleep, that and being wedged between the body pillow and Chris finally pulled me under. Of course only to be awoken by the stupid alarm about 1.5ish hours later.

I reallllly didn't want to get up. I was so tired and I was finding the bed super comfy. Of course that is how it always goes though right. If I didn't have to get up at 7ish I wouldn't be able to sleep in or something. geez .Work was brutal today. The chairs that we can sit on out in the plant suck ass - even with the cushion I bought last night at wally world it still killed my back and tail bone eventually. But it was slightly better at least. I was almost falling asleep at my station though. Horrible. I really can't wait till mat leave. :( Soon enough I guess. Also last night baby was kicking like mad. I don't really think that woke or kept me awake but it's like geez baby! The kicks never really hurt. There have been a few near my ribs that felt kinda funny but no pain. So that is good.

Tommarrow it's montly check up time at the doctors then another doc appointment on friday. Then on monday the ultrasound! Hopefully this time we will get pictures annnd get to see if baby is a girl or a boy! I can't wait to see the little tyke again!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week 27th belly shots

So I have been slack with taking belly shots :( my belly is definately getting way huge though! Here is week 27th belly shot! Not the greatest one but it was the best one out of the bunch that we took. It's still hard to capture just how big the belly is in pictures. In person it looks huge, well at least to me :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So the last time we were home, I think it was for my last doctors appointment, awaiting us at mom's house was a present from my Aunt. We didn't open it until we got back to the apartment but inside we found this!

A mouse piggy bank! I have no idea where she finds these things but it's the cutest thing ever. So right now (now that we are in the house) it is sitting on baby's baby dresser. She addressed it to Chris and me (the mouse) and baby (future mouse). lol :) Mouse is my nickname in the family.

It's the cutest and I totally love it. It is also the first 'mouse' thing baby has received. I definately can see more things with mice on it for baby in the future. :) The card read that it was a start to our baby fund. Thanks Aunt B! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

baby belly shots week 24!

Belly shots of week 24. Taken on Nov 18th. The belly is starting to get bigger. I tried wearing a light coloured shirt so you could see better but still doesn't seem as big as it does in real life.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

doc appointment

Yesterday I had my doc appointement check up. Everything went well. Babys heart beat was at 150. (does that mean it's a girl?? lol) He also gave me the sheet thing for my second ultrasound. He said I should book it as close to 28 weeks as I can. A few weeks before or after is fine since 28 weeks it will be christmas. I had like a list of things I wanted to ask him about. One being that the back of my right leg has been hurting and I am worried about blood clots. But he said as long as it doesn't have a big bump, isn't swollen, red or warm it should be fine. I do have some spider veins around that area so I guess it's possible that that is why it's hurting. It doesn't really help either that I stand all the time at work either. He said those type of veins are common in pregnancy because of the pressure on the blood due to baby.

The doc was also happy to hear that I can feel baby move frequently. That is good it means baby must be progressing okay. It would be really bad if there was no movements detected at all. I try to talk to baby everytime he/she kicks. Chris does to. I find it cute and funny that he talks to my belly. lol. I also mentioned the msds sheet for the spray at work on a particular job that I am almost always on. He didn't seem to concerned he said we are past the point of developing baby parts. The first trimester is the most crucial because cells are splitting etc. He said now we are more concerned with growth and maturing of the organs. He said it's good that there are no known ingredients to cause Cancer or birth defects. He said doesn't mean there isn't any but it's good to see that there are no known ones. He said unfortunately with chemicals there really isn't to much studies done to see if it does in fact cause birth defects. He was happy to hear though that I am not on the job constantly because it's still good to try and not breathe it in as much as possible.

Other then that it went well. My heart palps seem to have almost gone away completely which is really weird but good at the same time because I was getting them so frequently. I don't know why they stopped but it's one less worry for me. Well I do get them here or there but not nearly as frequently as I used to. So that is very very good. He was happy to hear that they have decreased as well. Other then that the check up went well. Sounds like I will probably be seeing him a few more times before I go to the doctor here in. He said he would send the papers or whatever they need to do soon. He said usually they like to get that stuff about 6ish weeks before they start to see me. I guess soon my doc visits will be more frequent. My blood pressure and my urine was also clear of whatever they look for for pre-eclampsia. That made me feel tons better since I have been a bit stressed and overwhelmed due to allll the things we have to do for closing on the house and trying to pack and being exhausted, working and trying to clean the apartment. Unforunately for me I can't really do a whole lot with cleaning stuff since it's bad for me and baby (at least with the extensive cleaning we are doing because who likes to leave an apartment not super super clean). Poor Chris is left with doing that mostly.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

22/40 baby belly

Bah have been so busy with trying to get everything packed and working that I haven't gotten around to posting belly shots until now :) I wore a pink shirt specifically so you can see how big my belly is and it still doesn't look that big! I think it looks much bigger in person. Weird but true. I thought video and camera's were supposed to make you look bigger then you are not the other way around. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

baby is a night hawk!! lol

Baby was kicking a lot on sat night. We stayed up wayyy to late saturday night. We only went to bed at like 4am! Big mistake but baby was kicking ramdonly that whole time after 12. I was like oh no baby is a night hawk :( Wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't working but that could get ugly when baby gets stronger and is kicking me in the wee hours of the morning when I'm trying to sleep! At one point at my desk I was watching my belly and I could see it move when baby would kick or punch. So cute but really weird at the same time. I'm finding that baby is kicking really low in the pelvis. I have to ask the doctor about that. It's not all the time but most of the time. It's not to uncomfortable as of yet but it feels odd. Almost like baby might kick/punch their way out! It's either down there or to the left of my belly button and down. I'm not sure how normal that is or if it's just the way baby is positioned or if it's because the placenta is attached really low in the uterus or what. I have my next doc appointment in a few weeks anyways. I was looking online and it seems a lot of people mention this, more likely the combo of the placenta so low and the way the baby is positioned. But still something I will mention to the doc.

Last night was the same thing. We went to bed by 2am but baby was kicking away when I laid down. Chris put his ear to my belly and was saying hi and talking to the baby and baby was kicking away. :) I am not to comfortable laying on my left side, I don't think baby really likes it when I do. I don't really like laying on my back to much, not that I ever sleep on my back anyways, but it's like a lot of pressure on my belly and when I touch my belly I can feel like the baby lump. It feels so wierd so I try and avoid laying on my back. I usually sleep on my right side and baby seems to like that so far so that is good for me. Especially when I still have 8-12 weeks of work left. I soooo can't wait to be off. I find it exhausting just thinking about standing for 8 hours. Thankfully though my supervisor seems to be giving me jobs that are semi slow so I don't feel like I am rushing. It's just moving the boxes sometimes when they are full. So far they haven't been to heavy but yeah :( I don't want to have to start bugging people to move the boxes for me - although I know they will understand. The only thing I can say right now is thank god for audio books. The radio station plays the same thing every night alll the time. Sometimes I hear a song three of four times a night. So sick of them even the ones I used to like. CBC radio is a hit or miss because sometimes with the talking on and on about something puts me to sleep. So lately if I'm on a job that isn't to loud I have been listening to my audio book. Definately makes time go by faster.

Baby has been kicking me the odd time as I am typing this. So cute although sometimes it's also a little freaking to think that there is a little being in there like moving around and stuff.  Week 22 is coming up in a few days! Hopefully though when the little guy/gal gets stronger he/she lets me sleep at night. Not really looking forward to that. I was also reading about c-sections online. One of those what to expect guides. All I can say is I hope the placenta migrates upwards because I don't want to go through that. The thought of them cutting me open while I am awake, just yeah, creeps me out! Not to mention you sound really sore and weak afterwards. But if I do need to get one done it's nice that I can like get used to the idea etc way before it happens. Either way baby has to come out eventually.

It is just so weird how last week it was like random kicks that I couldn't tell if it was baby or not. Then I hit 21 weeks, saturday came along and now it's like I feel baby kicking/punching/head bunting all the time now! It's a relief to know that the little one is still a wiggle worm and that he/she is actually alive in there :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

We felt the Baby MOVE!!!!! finally lol

It was really nice to sleep in this morning, with Chris there. Since it's the weekend! woo. So after I was semi awake I rolled over onto my left side. Soon after that I started feeling like flutters or something on my left side of my belly. I have been feeling these for the last few days I think off and on but could really never tell if it was baby or just my stomach. Well after feeling them a few times I pressed my hand against the spot it seemed to be happening and finally felt a little punch or kick against my hand. It sort of startled me but it woke me completely up. I was like, 'I think I just felt the baby move!' Chris rolled over and was like 'really!?!?!' So he put his hand on my belly and was trying to feel but every time I told him I felt something he didn't feel it. So that was sort of dissappointing for him, although I'm sure soon he will be able to feel baby as baby gets bigger.

So a little while later we were getting ready to leave the apartment, I was reading on the bed waiting for Chris to figure out what we needed from the bank for our mortgage person when I started feeling the little jabs again. I was laying mostly on my left side. So I told Chris and he came in and put his ear to my belly. I could still feel them a bit , but it wasn't till Chris said something to my belly that he felt baby either kick or punch him in his ear. lol. He kind of jumped back and was like 'woah' haha probably like me not expecting it. So today I've felt baby kick or punch me in the hand when i've pressed against my belly a few times. It's so cute cause you know it's a little tiny baby hand or foot! So exciting. Although like I said before probably soon I will wish that I couldn't feel baby as he/she punches or kicks me in the kidneys or ribs.

The big bump that Chris felt was realllly weird feeling I have to say. It's so weird to feel something moving inside of you but it's a good thing :) I just have to get used to it I guess. Baby is getting too big to be able to just move around so much without hitting something. We can't wait to see the wee one on the ultrasound monitor again and of course finally meet baby in March! Seems like a long time from now but at the same time so short of a time!

baby belly 21 weeks!

I had to show the picture with my black work shirt down and compare it to the one showing my belly. I almost don't look like I have a belly in the first one! Although I'm sure its just the angle/ the way I am standing but still I don't really think I am showing to much as of yet. Thats okay though I would rather the bank not know or noticed when we go to finalize our mortgage four our house, just in case :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

baby dream #2 and baby rambles

I don't think I wrote about this dream yet? Anyways it happened in the last week or so. All I remember now is that me and Chris were still wondering if the baby was a boy or a girl. We were getting frustrated because nobody that we saw would tell us. They kept saying things like "we don't do that here" or just ignored the question. The funny thing is the baby was already born!! I remember holding the baby and just out of the blue told Chris why don't we just look? He got this like thoughtful omg we are stupid look on his face/are we allowed to check ourselves? Probably the same look on my face. When I mentioned it I had said it really slowly like all the doctors had radar that would tell them that we were going to check ourselves. I guess it was a big bad thing not to wait until they told you. LOL. I woke up and was like 'ummmmm???" haha. I have weird dreams sometimes.

As for me most days I really don't feel pregnant. I'm still exhausted at times, especially when I have been standing at work for about 4 hours but really that isn't anything new then what I was feeling at the start of the year. Right now my thyroid is normal so I guess this exhaustion is due to pregnancy? I think so far I have been lucky that I have had a pretty calm pregnancy. I never really had morning sickness, just felt a big nauseous at around 10 -11 every night for awhile, but having hard candy really helped me through that. Other then my belly starting to get in the way, and having a hell of a time sitting up from bed (I feel like if I get up to fast or wrong I will squish the baby) I don't feel any different. Well to I guess my clothes not fitting (thats depressing!!) and the new bras I just bought! GRR how can THEY have gotten bigger! They were big to begin with. :( Geeeez. I can't believe its only about 4 months until baby is here!! So it's been about 5 months already or close to it! That's insane. I don't know where that time went. I am however, looking forward to mat leave. That cannot come soon enough. I figure anywhere from 9 - 12 weeks left of work before I stop. It really depends how I feel as I get bigger. Also trying to pick stuff off the ground that I drop at work, which is all the time, sometimes is a challenge to cause if I swoop down to fast like I normally would I hurt my belly. Poor baby lol. But if I go slow getting back up makes me feel like a 95 year old woman. Hopefully in about 7 weeks we can finally find out if baby is a girl or boy, this ultrasound should show pretty clearly since baby will be 28 weeks.
I haven't felt the baby move either yet. There have been a few moments where it was like, was that the baby?or just my stomach? So I am still looking forward to that. It was my book that said 18-20 weeks, but my doctor said 20-22 weeks. So soon hopefully.

I also really haven't had any strong pregnancy cravings. Nothing that I would call abnormal. I used to crave random foods (like big macs or grilled cheese) before I was prego so I don't think that is any different. That might be a good thing though. So far I have gained 18 pounds!! Ewww seriously. I know it's due to baby but I don't think my endless starving earlier in the pregnancy helped any. Although I seem to be back to normal with the way I used to eat. Although I am sure I am eating more calories in general since I am drinking more juice (Apple and random other ones) and trying to drink at least a glass of milk a day for calcium. So right there that is more then normal. I also takie my prenatals of course, my diet is horrid since I really don't feel like eating a "supper" at lunch time most days.

I was really hoping to that my belly peircing would grow over. I had gotten it done over 10 years ago (geez I feel old lol) but at one point it randomly got infected and sort of tore out a bit (gross sounding I know and I don't know WHY it got infected since I followed the instructions to make it perfect to the T!) and I was left with a very small section of skin between where the loops came out. I honestly normally just forgot it was pierced so thats probably why I never took it out. I was hoping it would grow over so I could get it redone sometime after the baby was born but I don't think that is going to happen. It probably has been in for to long now. But then again I haven't exactly tried to put the ring back in in a while so who knows. Maybe I will just have to get a smaller ring? I still am pretty mad that it screwed up on me though.

Right now I am 21 weeks along. We didn't take photos last week. I know I know, we have. just been so busy that by the time I remembered I was already in bed. So for realz this time, in the next few days baby belly at 21 weeks! lol.

Friday, October 22, 2010

doc appointment yesterday.

The doc appointment yesterday went well. The ultrasound that I had done at 17 weeks was okay except that they noted that the placenta is really low and close to the cervix. So I have to get another ultrasound at 28 weeks to see if it is still close or if it's moved. He didn't really sound to concerned about it saying that it just depends where implatation occured. He said it should be fine but they just do another ultrasound to make sure. If not and it starts to block the cervix completely it would mean a c-section for me (UGH! no thanks! but I guess it's good that they can tell that beforehand instead of right when I am in labour). At my next appointment he will give me the form for the ultrasound and this time we aren't going to the hospital to get it done! I have lots of time to find out where they can do it, give printouts AND tell us the sex of the baby since at 28 weeks it should be clear as a bell :) So that is exciting! Also baby's heartbeat is good and strong at 144 beats per min.

As for me my thyroid number came back at 4.5 which is in the normal range so he figures my fatique is probably due to pregnancy. I also think it's the fact that I loathe being on the opposite shift as Chris (especially since we have lots of house stuff to do that we can't until weekends) and standing the whole time. Soon enough I will be off on mat leave I guess.

We also talked about my palpitations and he said it's normal for people to have palpitations, just some are more aware that they are happening then others. He figures I am more aware of them because of what happened before. It's true I am constantly checking my heart rate, hearing it etc. Although I also wonder if it's being triggered by gas. As of late it's been happening more and I wonder if that is due to being pregnant. According to the baby book a side effect of prego is having more gas. Most of the time it's really hard for me to burp which is annoying. Usually when I do I don't feel a palpitation for awhile. He gave me the name of some medicine that's over the counter that I can take right when I feel it's hard to burp and it will make it come up right away. He wants to see if that will help. The good thing is that it's safe to take while pregnant. So I will have to get some of that this weekend. It will be interesting to see how much my heart or whatever jumps/palpitates after I give birth because like I said it's been happening more frequently. He also said that it's normal for someone that notices it to feel it quite regularly, so that made me feel better. It's just when it happens a bunch in a span of a few minutes that freaks me out. He told me not to worry unless it happens continually for a span. I assume that is exactly what happened when my heart beat went out of whack. So everytime it happens or happens close together it really freaks me out because I don't want to go through that again! I was scared shitless in the ER staring at the clock in the wee hours of the morning thinking to myself that I am far to young to be having a defective heart!

He also gave me the flu shot. Now I never get the flu shot EVER but since I am prego me and chris and the doctor thought it was a good idea. Last years H1N1 targeted prego people, young and elderly and this shot protects against that (plus a few other strains). He said baby would be due near the end of the flu season but this way he/she would be protected since I would be. Now my left upper arm hurts! He said it will probably hurt a lot later on in the day and he was right. Hopefully it goes away soon! geez. He was sneaky when he gave it to me though. He needed to measure my belly/placenta but he left for a moment before he did that. I didn't think anything of it until once he was done measuring and I sat up he pulled the shot out of his pocket and gave it to me right away. Good thing for me though since I hate needles. I assumed he would have waited until I was sitting in the chair again. lol. He says he has to be sneaky like that with kids because well kids just don't like needles, so it's just a habit when he gives it to people.

So all sounds well which is good. Can't believe I'm in week 20 already :) More belly shots hopefully in the next few days. My belly is getting BIG!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doc appointment tommarrow and very grumpy today...

So I haven't really been updating too much the last week. Not really a whole lot to mention really, although today is the start of week 20 so I am already half way there!! I will probably post week 20 belly shots in a few days.

Tommarrow is going to be a long day though. Have to get up early drive to doc's, come back here then get to go through our house again to see what is going on inside, then shortly after that it will be work time again
:(. I'm not really looking forward to the long drive to and from the doctors, nor working for 8 hours and having to stand. Ugh. At least it will be thrus and it will be that much closer to the weekend.

I have been waiting to feel the baby movements. Both the doc and my book says that generally people start to feel movement any where from 18 - 20 weeks and that they definately know it's the baby. I think I am the complete opposite. I knew the random fluttery feeling in my stomach, and it was mostly on the right hand side, was the baby. But the few random feelings I've had in my belly to me could be anything! So I don't know. I'm sure pretty soon when baby start kicking me in the ribs, kidney, spine I will regret wanting to feel his/her movement so bad lol.

So tommarrow I should find out how the ultrasound went and how my thyroid levels are doing. I still feel exhausted so I take that to mean they are still high. I don't even know if you can treat that/ start to treat that when your prego. I'm just hoping all the random misbeats of the heart or whatever that is (Still dont know if its actually my heart or my stomach causing it - which to tell you the truth really scares me since I do not want a repeat of the trip to the ER to get my heart zapped back into a normal rhythm like 3-4 ish years ago ) is because of the thyroid. Out of all the tests that they did right after my heart went into a irregular beating pattern that was the one thing that was odd about my blood work. My thyroid was sky high then. Can stress cause your thyroid to go out of wack? Anyways it's nice that I can discuss these concerns with the doctor again tommarrow.

Other then that everything is fine. I haven't really been finding that I have been craving anything weird. Other than maybe Big Macs, and lately grilled cheese with mayo. ~shrugs but that isn't uncommon though I guess.
Seriously no wonder I am packing on the pounds lately.

eww gotta go almost time for work :(

Friday, October 15, 2010

19/40 weeks

My belly shots for this week. Can't believe once this week is over I will be half way through my pregnancy! Only really about four months to go! Crazy!

Last night at work I was starting to get some quick almost stabbing pain on the right side of my belly button. It never lasted long but it did it throughout my shift, which of course freaked me out. I think I worry about everything, no one wants to lose their baby so yeah :(. I am constantly doubting everything I eat etc. Anyway I was talking about it to Chris on one of my breaks. He said he was going to do a search online, so when we got home he said that other people experience it quite alot since its mostly your belly/insides stretching or round ligament pain. So that made me feel tons better. I will however, definately be telling doc when I see him next week. Just like with what I am eating, I am always worried about any pain in my belly area. I can't even imagine what I am going to be like when it gets closer to the due date. I can just see me like being all anxious, having panic attacks etc! lol. Hopefully at least when the contractions  start Chris will be home!
Anyways enough bathering :) I really need to get ready for work. Thankfully it's Friday! I live for the weekends and/or anytime I have off! :) Here are my belly shots for 19 weeks.

Also don't mind the tired crappy face in the second one. I just got home from work and it was probably close to 1am when Chris snapped the shot. lol.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

18/40 weeks

Well I think my belly is starting to look like a baby belly! At least in shots like this. I think if you didn't know I was prego you might not clue in it's a baby belly. Shrugs it's starting to get big though! None of my original jeans fit anymore :( Be nice to eventually get back into them after little cashew is born. That is a long way off though. lol.

I'm due for week 19 pics today as well. We took these week 18's last friday but didn't have a chance to post them till now. I believe according to my baby book that baby will double in size for a bunch of weeks now. So I think one day I will wake up with this huuuge baby belly and wonder where it came from lol. :) I'm still awaiting the first time I feel the baby move! I might have already but not really to sure? It wasn't fluttering like before so I have no idea. But soon hopefully!

Friday, October 8, 2010

bad dreams...

I think I had my first horrible baby dream last night/early this morning. One of those dreams where nothing goes right and you can't get to where you are going and just end up running around in a circle!

It was one of those I lost the baby dream. It was horrid actually. In the dream we just had the baby, and for some reason the baby was able to walk already. We were at some sort of family gathering and we were mostly outside. Where it was I have no idea because this house, or what I remember of it resembles nothing I have ever seen before. The baby was with me and we were chatting to people, then the baby was with someone else (my sister at first maybe?) and they were I guess circling around so the baby was farther and farther away from us. But you know it's family and figured who ever had the baby would watch the baby. 

Well when I went to look for the baby, nobody had seen baby cashew, nor did they seem to really care! They were all indifferent and just didn't get why I was freaking out. I was thinking "Great you just had the baby and you already lost cashew!!" Finally my Aunt Barb finally mentioned that the baby was in such and such a bedroom taking a nap. I was somewhat relieved and went in search of the room. I think I orginally found it but the baby was not in there. So then I was trying to find my aunt again to get more info since she was the only one that said anything about where the baby was. This house was crazy! I was wandering around in circles. I kept finding rooms but could never get back to the room the baby was supposed to be in. At one point I was following this kid with some sort of electrical thing in his hand. A gizmo I guess, he said he could bring me to the room, but was more interested in whatever he had in his hand. He was trying to make it work or something. We ended up going down some stairs into a hallway that on one side had like all these contraptions on it. When, if they were on and extended would make this one big hallway of death, or like a dangerous obstacle course. The ceiling was way above us as well. It was semi dark down here and really creeped me out. I was like ummm I'm going back, getting a sense of whatever he had in his hand was the controls to this hallway! The kid turned around and we headed back up the stairs. I have no idea who this kid was either! It seems this family gather was full of strangers. The only two I regonized was my aunt and my sister. The kid to was like unconcerned and really didn't care. I really don't even know if anyone actually saw me, they did a good job of ignoring me and only saying as little as possible to me when I was asking them questions about cashew.

At one point I think someone was going down the road in this really bizzare costume, he may have been on stilts and in a big plastic bubble (dressed like a tall skinny clown, his costume was bright anywas). I got a sense that we were gathered for a parade or something that was supposed to be going on soon and we were watching it? But why a parade would be going down a semi back road out in the country is beyond me. The whole thing was frustrating! No one was willing to help and they all let the baby dissappear!

I woke up finally and was relieved that it was just a dream and that baby cashew was still safe in my belly lol.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sleeping hands and other strange prego things that I never knew..

I woke up again with half asleep hands again. Before it seemed to switch between the nerve in my wrist, which doc told me was common for pregnant women and that if it really got to be bothersome I could get a wrist brace to stop it and the nerve in my elbow which put the opposite side of my hand asleep. I only ever have to shift slightly and it will wake up but then I will fall asleep and then wake up again and the process will be repeated. It's just not one hand it's both! The weird things you learn about pregnacy! I didn't know it was so complicated. Like those "practice contractions!" Braxton something or other! gee that sounds fun. lol. oh and cravings. Well I knew that some pregnant women have really strange food cravings (not me as of yet - i'm sort of dissappointed I want to see the strange combo's my brain will crave), but not about Pica. Some women crave bad things for you like coal, clay, ice, chalk, burnt matches!!, and toothpaste. Weird! Obviously giving into these cravings would be a bad thing! Although I don't see how ice would be bad for you, unless you break your teeth or choke on ice pieces? I love chewing on ice? Seriously though it's pretty rare but does happen. No doubt that would be my luck and I would develop those food fetishes. lol

So I *think* my cold is getting better. At least my nose isn't plugged up right now and I've been up for awhile now. Still feel headachy and just sore? I guess sickish feeling is a better way to describe it. Ugh not looking forward to work tonight but I shouldn't whine I have four shifts this week then a glorious three day weekend!! Then another four day work week. Yeah I called in sick yesterday. I just didn't like the thought of half freezing to death, feeling sickish, having to blow my nose a lot (and depending on what job he put me on that would have probably meant me getting behind a lot to do so) and sneezing, wearing saftey glasses with a headache and using all my will power not to collapse of exhaustion because I'm standing so long. God I'm such a whiner lol. Less then three months really before mat leave. I can't freaking wait!! I am totally taking the 8 weeks before I'm due off, that is the min. they let you start on mat leave unless of course you get a note from your doc. So I can't imagine what I am going to be like in a few months if I'm freaking exhausted at work now. Standing sucks I have to tell you! It really does. :(

Monday, October 4, 2010

Diaper service..

So I just emailed the diaper service here in town. I always knew I was seriously going to consider using cloth diapers. I don't like the cost of the plastic store bought ones, nor the fact that they just end up in our landfills stinking it up :) I'm not totally against using those, I'm sure they can be handy when we travel or go home for the weekend, but in general I really want to use cloth diapers. I wasn't to excited about having to clean and wash them myself however. BUT thanks to my friend Marie, when her and her little guy came to visit and told me about her diaper service she used I was like "OMG that is perfect!" So I researched here in town and thankfully there is one company that does this!. The give you what you need for a week, you don't have to pre wash or preclean them, store them in the handy seal tight bin they rent or sell to you and each week exchange them for new clean ones. I am excited about that. So much better for the environment! So now I just have to wait to hear back from them on their pricing. I'm assuming its going to be roughly around the same price that my friends is. $25ish a week? I totally love saving money :)

Speaking of saving money. I have recently refound the website smartcanucks.ca which is all about store deals, freebies and coupons! They have a list of tried and true places that are reliable so I am starting with them. I just ordered a few coupons from save.ca which totals $6.50 in savings when I use them and a freebie trial sized sample of the new pantene hair shampoo/conditioner from pgbrandsampler.ca :) haha I'm such a geek but you know what people save lots of money by searching and using coupons! I'm shocked by some of there posts on smartcanucks! It's even better when you can use the coupon on things that are already on sale.

I'm also happy by the number of coupons offered for baby related food/diapers/wipes. Something I will be looking at more closely when the little cashew is born! :) Chris was laughing at me last night when I was reading the smartcanucks forums but hey 'a penny saved is a penny earned!'


Colds suck! and baby room plans

So Chris gave me his blasted cold!! The worst part is I can't take anything for it so I am suffering. It really sucks. I don't know whats worse, the gagging from flem going down my throat (and I tell you that sucked especially yesterday morning just after I got up when it made me sick - awesome to burst some blood vessels around my eyes again!! well at least I can hide them ), stuffy runny nose, headachy feeling, just a feeling of generally unwell, or the sore throat which causes me to have no urge to drink water. Oh and my eyes seem to be slightly runny at times. I can't wait for it to be gone. All I can say is this week is going to he HELL at work. On a good day I am just about ready to collapse by the time each of my breaks come along, so I don't know what it's going to be like tonight being that way plus super headachy due to the lights and the saftey glasses on my face. I really wish I could stay home today. I almost want to tell them I'm not coming in, but at the same time I hate losing a days pay, especially when we have to buy stuff for the house and appliances etc. But I dont want to feel like crap. Then I think even if I did stay home today, wouldn't tommarrow be the same? I can't miss more than one day this week! AHHHHH I can't wait for it to go away.

I almost thought I wasn't going to get it considering he had it for over a week but last thrus I was sneezing like there is no tommarrow and that's how his started. Sucky for me :( I guess I will wait and see what Chris thinks. Another thing is I have been waking up at the crack of dawn the last few days as well. Seriously I thought you slept when you were sick :( not get little sleep and then be wide awake. Geeez I should be doubly waiting to drop by the time midnight rolls around! I can't wait till the end of the year!!

On a happier note. I have been thinking about how we are going to paint and decorate the babys room. I originally thought I wanted to paint it a semi dark/nice green colour and have white silouettes of trees and baby deer and other baby animals. Maybe like birds flying around or something. But I started looking at wall decals on etsy and seen on that had a dark brown (chocolate brown) wall with white tree silouette and had leaves or round circles that were a nice green and a nice orange blowing off the tree. So now I think I want to do that. I wish I could find the link to that store again but I can't. They positioned the baby's crib under the blowing tree and it looked sharp!

Here's a link to a similar idea. I love this idea of using your wall as a canvas! Never thought of that before so now I am excited to get into the house and start. I think I will just be painting them on with paint using that idea instead of purchasing the wall decals since they are like 80ish bucks. I think it will still turn out really nice regardless! Who knows though we will see how I feel when we get to that point. hahaha

Actually here is the link to the tree section of this store. You will get the idea :)
Wall decals for babys room < - clicky

Anyways I am off to find something to eat and possibly drink since I'm thirsty but my throat hurts alot :(

Sunday, October 3, 2010

17/40 weeks - Baby Belly

I've been trying to take baby belly shots every week but the most I seem to manage is every few weeks. Hopefully now that I started this I will do it every week :) I am definately starting to show now that's for sure! I can't really hide it anymore. Most of my jeans etc are to uncomfortable to wear anymore and it's like impossible to find maternity pants anywhere! I guess it's back to wally world to get at least a few more pairs of those elastic topped jeans! Other than that I just plan on wearing, yoga pants/jogging pants or whatever. :) Anyways here is the baby belly shot! I think my baby belly and boobs in some clothes are starting to just look like one round butter ball :( You can't tell where one starts and the other begins!! :( lol

Friday, October 1, 2010


The ultrasound went great. Chris got up and went to work for an hour and since I worked till midnight I got up shortly after so I could shower and get the plastic smell off of me and then sit and prepare to drink 5 glasses of water in less than an hour. I was told when I booked the appointment to bring my form, health card and drink 5 glasses of water. Now I like water, but that early in the morning to sit and make myself down it was not fun. Then of course after the first couple I had to resist the urge to go to the bathroom. I mean it's pretty automatic, you feel like you need to use the bathroom you get up and go! I had to stop myself a few times from doing just that. It was sort of horrible lol.

So Chris came back and picked me up about 9:15 and we went on our way to the hospital. It was really chilly outside to which didn't help. Of course the parking lot is like a mile away from the hospital as well. We got in there and found the right floor fairly easily even though I think it's strange that the floor we walked onto was floor 4?. Anyways, so we get to the ultrasound department and I get in fairly quickly which was nice. We only had to sit in the waiting room for a few mins. It's a good thing cause there was a bathroom right across from us that was like taunting me! LOL.

So the ultrasound person came and got us and we went in. I layed down on the bed thing and Chris pulled a chair up. She said it's nice now that the gelly stuff they have to put on your belly is heated. So she did her few things she has to look at at first then turned the monitor so I could see better. She still had lots of measurements etc to take but it was really neat seeing our little cashew for the first time. I am relieved that baby has two arms, legs, hands and feet and that there is only ONE of them. lol. I don't know if I could handle twins!

Anyways baby was pretty active, jumping and moving around. She had to keep chasing cashew around to do whatever she needed to do. She showed us his/her heart. It was neat you could actually see it beating! She said the beat was about 140 which is good.

At one point she stopped and asked if I wanted to go to the bathroom. I was like can I? She was like yep your far enough along that you didn't need to drink water. It was such a relief I tell you. When I got back I mentioned how it was hard to down 5 glasses of water. She was like I don't know why they still tell people that, really only a few is enough. So she continued taking shots etc. I asked if we are able to get printouts, to which she said unfortunately because they are all digital they don't. There are a few clinics/places that do their's in digital but still back up the old way so they are able to. I was really dissappointed, I wanted something to show off to people, and really look at now and then and of course have something to add to my scrap book. The only thing I have from that day now are memories and our ticket stub thing that we had to pay to get out of the parking lot lol.

After a bit I also asked her if she was able to tell us what sex the baby was. She again said they don't do that here, and there is one clinic and one doctor who does his own ultrasounds that will tell you. She said it might still be a bit early anyways. It was still dissappointed though. We both want to know if it's a boy or girl. Maybe when I am farther along we can find out or my doctor will tell us what he thinks. I just don't get that, they don't tell anyone anymore? I can understand maybe the hospital  because they don't want to get sued etc but still. I want to know lol. All in good time I guess. Regardles though it was really amazing seeing the baby. We could see cashew's eyes and nose and the little head and spine, legs and arms etc. It was really amazing and really neat that you can see the baby move as he/she moves! She mentioned to Chris while I was in the bathroom that there appears to be lots of fluid around the baby which is good. She also mentioned at the end that baby is about 7oz. I don't know if that is big or not. According to our baby bible around this time baby is around 3.5 - 4 oz. I know that is a guideline so I guess baby is progressing okay. It will be nice to hear what my doctor thinks of the results the next time we see him. Hopefully everything is okay.

It sucked when it was done though. It was to amazing seeing the little tyke floating around in there. I had to go to the washroom twice more before we left though. We had a few min wait will she was sending the images to someone else to check before we left to make sure everything was clear and she got everything. We got the a-okay to leave and that was that. We were there for over and hour! It's crazy for me to think I am carrying baby around with me everywhere I go. That's another human with me now for another fiveish months. Pretty soon I should be able to feel baby kicking and punching :) lol

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

first ultrasound scheduled! sooo excited....

So I just called the hospital a moment ago to book the ultrasound! Sooo excited especially since we get to go this friday! I was thinking I would have to wait a few weeks at least but nope. She was like when did you want to come in? I was like doesn't really matter :). So she was like how is Oct 1st at 2:30. I was like thinking HOLY CRAP that's this friday! Usually when you book anything in the hospital it takes at least a few weeks to get an appointment. So I was like suree or at least I started to then I was like oh anything earlier since I work 4-12. So she booked me for the same day at 9:30 am! I can't wait. I emailed Chris but he hasn't replied as of yet. :) That means we potentionally can find out of it's a boy or a girl this friday!!! Our little Cashew will be so cute on the monitor! I can't wait to see him or her!! This just makes the rest of the week standable (the at work part) since I have something to look forward to now :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

doc appointment..

Friday the 24th we went home for my doc appointment in the morning. We were late getting there, only about 10 mins, but it still stressed me out a bit. Chris dropped me off and then went to park the car. I sat in the waiting room for a few mins before she sent me to the other room. I believe she took my weight again and as usually I had to give a urine sample. Chris finally came in. I was worried that he wouldn't get into my room before the doctor appeared but that didn't happen. Doctor didn't get to us until almost 11:30 but i'm assuming it's cause we were late.

He came in and checked my blood pressure, which seemed to be fine again. I mentioned my chest thing and he said as long as it doesn't happen a bunch in a row it's okay. I guess it's normal for your heart to skip a beat or whatever it is doing if it's even that and not gas ( I still don't know and it's annoying and scares the crap out of me every time it happens!) Then he checked baby's heart beat again. So we got to hear the heart beat again. :) It was a pretty standard check up I guess. He gave me the forms for the ultrasound and said it would be good to have that done before we see each other next but really not that important if we can't. He wasn't sure how long it would take us to get in to get it done. He also gave me a form to get my thyroid level checked again. Seriously my last hope of whatever is going on, that it has to do with my thyroid. It's been going on since Chris had to rush me to the hospital about 3-4 years ago because my heart beat went out of wake and they had to put me out and use the paddles on me to get it into a proper rhythm again.  Scary shite! Out of all the tests I have had done it's the only one that has been wonky and keeps changing. So we will see what it's level is at next time I see the doctor. Although if that's the case I'm not looking forward to possibly taking medication for the rest of my life. Not to mention sometimes that medication makes it impossible for one to lose weight but soo very easy to gain!

It's handy that the blood testing place is literally right next door to doctors office. So it's just a matter of going in there and getting it done. It's so much easier to do it there then up here. Since it costs like 4-6 bucks to get out of the parking lot here. We didn't go in right away because I was so tired and Chris wasn't feeling the greatest that we went back to moms house for a bit to relax. The blood place was open till 4 so we went back at 3 to get it checked. It was confusing because before I saw a sign that said on fridays it was open to 4 but Chris saw one that said 3. When we went back there the sign that I saw was gone and the one that said it closed at 3 was there instead. So I was freaking out a little. It was 10 to 3 but I finally decided that I was going in anyways. If they couldn't take me because it was to close to closing they would tell me. I'm glad that I went in anyways because someone came in after me and asked if they were still taking people. She said yep that the new hours that are on the door were starting next week. I requested to lie down since sometimes when blood is taking, especially more then one vial, I always feel like I am going to pass out. She said it might be a bit of a wait then since there were to tests before me that needed that room. I was like oh nevermind it's only one vial I will just tough it out. It wasn't that bad. The person who did it got my vein on the first try , I just didn't watch and I was okay. I think the time before when I had to have like 5-6 vials she had a hell of a hard time getting my vein and poked me about 4 times before she got it. Then after what seemed like a year, she told me I stopped bleeding and she only had 2.5 vials filled. OMG that was horrible!! I was ready to lie on the floor and pass out. I never felt like that before! I was like sweating buckets and so light headed. I don't get it really. It's not like I can feel the blood coming out of my arm! Oh well. So I am glad that that didn't happen this time. I can't believe how fast time is passing, even though at the same time it seems like its taking forever!

Friday, September 17, 2010

boo to work :( stressed...

It's almost time to go to work again! :( About 3 more months-ish, then I can hopefully go on mat leave! :)

I told a co-worker that I was prego on Wednesday on one of our breaks. She was like 'woahhh that's weird' and was telling me that she said the other night when we were both on autos she was thinking that maybe I was prego or wondering if I was because my belly was a bit plumper then it was when she started. She was like you were fairly skinny when I started here and I was thinking that maybe you were and for you to tell me that now that's just weird. lol then her son came in who also works with us and she told him. So yesterday when we were waiting at the punch clock to find out what machine we were running that night she came up to me and asked if I was four weeks or four months along. She was like her and her son had been arguing about it all day he said I was four weeks and she said I was four months. I forget what she would have to do if she was wrong but she told him that if she was right he would have to walk home lol. So she rubbed it in his face when she found out she was right. I thought that was funny. :)

I haven't been feeling so exhausted as of late which is good. Yesterday I even worked out for 20ish mins. Even though I got up at 12ish and even made some spagetti sauce and spagetti for lunch. (Yeah I know a weird thing for lunch but my suppers are normally a salad or a sandwich) I think I found a vidoe that I would like to get to work out to that's specific for pregnancy people. The Summer Sanders one. They are not annoying and they are even funny so that is good, plus it has a workout for each trimester. So Chris was like how about you get it if you work out 5 more times lol. I didn't work out today though. For some reason I have been like out of it until 12pm everyday. I thought today I would be getting up early since I was semi awake earlier but nope. I fell back asleep and finally got up at 12. OMG it's FRIDAY though. But so much to do this weekend yikes!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

15/40 weeks - baby belly

I'm definately starting to show now I think. Or at least to me. It might not be to noticable to anyone else. At least my pants still sort of fit. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

is it a movement or am I just crazy?

So I have been feeling the odd twitch/fluttering in my belly and I don't know if it's just a muscle spasm or if it's baby moving? I don't really think I am showing to much. It's not completely obvious that I am prego although wearing my black sweater sure makes my belly look rounder :( I used to feel skinny when I wore that sweater! LOL not anymore :(

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have a doc appointment on the 24th (next friday) so hopefully he can think of something to do for the exhaustion. I need to talk about how bad it was before we conceived although it's much better then it was. I was also at that time not losing weight but that could be cause I was eating more then I should but still. Don't know what to think? I want to work out through the pregnancy but so far haven't since I've been tired or just don't have enough time between when I wake up and go to work. UGh I can't wait until I am off on mat leave. Come on december!! and come on Novemeber!

My baby belly still isn't that big although I am into the bigger size clothes again. Although I really should go look for some mat pants soon. At least a couple. I want to get the jeans with the elastic top thingy. But to have the time and energy to do so ugh. :)

I guess I should go get ready for work since its 2:30 already! :( I have been also having some weird dreams the last few nights. I really need to write them down in my dream journal soon before I forget them! I was having one today to I think but I woke up so fast that I forgot it almost instantly!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

baby cashew :)

Baby Cashew I have to say that I can't wait to meet you even though I am totally scared of delivery. I think mostly for myself just because of all the trouble with my heart/ whatever that whole ordeal was. I keep thinking positive though and visualizing myself after the birth and holding you :) I also can't wait to find out if your a little boy or a little girl :) I know your daddy also can't wait. I couldn't imagine waiting until March 8th!

I also worry that something will be wrong with you, like you will have a birth defect etc. I second guess everything that I eat, was it cooked enough, was it cleaned enough before eating it. I worry when I forget to take my multivitimin and worry when I forget to drink milk. I guess I worry to much. All babies on both sides of the family are healthy and that is all I ask for for you. That you are healthy. I would love for you to be a girl, but in the end as long as your healthy it really doesn't matter to me :) And really no matter what happens we will always love you - healthy or not. I try to think positive - so far the blood tests etc have come back fine - except my thryroid number is higher again but Doc assured me that it's still in the normal zone. Just something we have to watch for and also my blood pressure just because my bottom number has been high in the past. It's good that he is looking out for that. Also he found your heartbeat super quick and said it sounded strong and good. About 8 more weeks before we can see if your a boy or girl. Well only if you will co-operate and show us :) love you little cashew. We can't wait to meet you :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doc appointment!

OMG! I had my doctors appointment today and we heard the baby's heart beat for the first time! It was amazing! It's crazy to think that the little cashew already has a heart beat that is beating constantly and that we can hear it. Just doesn't seem possible!

I only got about 3-4 hours sleep last night. Then we got up and drove to the doctors. Chris came with me so he could hear it too. The doc appointment was pretty quick. He just went over my blood work and urine sample etc. He said that my thyroid was still high, lower then before but still high. So that could be why I feel so exhausted allll the freaking time. He said we will just have to watch it. Unfortunately the three main signs that it's acting up are the same ones for pregnancy so yeah. I had actually forgot about my thyroid. Here I was thinking that getting old sucks and how am I ever going to have the energy to chase after our kids and how other people my age seem to me more lively then me. But it's probably due to my thyroid. I said that my exhaustion was the same though and he told me to tell him to let him know if it changes. But after I thought about it it really is worse. I mean some days I have to drag myself out of bed and the only reason I do that is because I have to go to work. Being at work sometimes sucks because I just want to let go and collapse on the floor. So now I am kicking myself about that. I have another appointment on sept 24th so I will definately be mentioning it to him them. I thought maybe I was just burning out with work (being on straight afternoons, hardly ever seeing Chris etc) but my thyroid is probably the culprit. I mean my exhaustion is the same now then it was before I was pregnant so yah that is prolly why I said what I did. Only four more weeks to get through then I can talk to him about it more.

But hearing the heart beat was amazing. It was super fast but he said that is normal for babies which are much faster then ours. He said it would be even faster if the baby was awake. So the little bean must have been asleep. Awww! I cannot wait to meet this little person. You hear that baby. I love you tons already :) I really can't wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy. 8 more weeks on that!

Chris said that he was excited to go to the doctors last night and said today that he was really glad to have gone. That's just a big awwww. hehe Daddy loves you too little cashew!

I can definately feel that my stomach is different. It's gotten bigger but it's not just fat I can definately feel something different in there. More then likely it's the placenta. He said I probably won't feel baby movements until 20-30 weeks I guess. I'm only 12 so yeah! I am so excited. Just wish I didn't feel so run down all the time. I want to work out but it's hard to find the energy when I know I will be standing for 8 hours everyday! :(

Sunday, August 22, 2010

11/40 weeks - baby belly!

MY baby belly as of august 22. Starting to show a tiny bit I think? :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm such a procrastinator..

Ugh I need to write in here about my pregnancy more and take more belly pictures. I need to stop procrastinating and write about it. I really want to document this fully as the time goes by. Now I am in week 11, about half way through it. I definately can feel something in my belly. I feel so fat and gross it sucks. I made the mistake of getting on the scale a moment ago and absolutely disgusted with myself, not only because of the number that showed but because I can't stop freaking eating! Mostly Crap to. UGH I need to deal with it now! I need to make a plan and stick to it. Basically eating healthier and working out. I did work out on monday for 25 mins and that was the last time that I did. I don't know what to do. I have start to make a salad with lots of good stuff in it (red onions, peppers, grapes and tomatoe ) so that is a start. Oo that reminds me I need to take my vitamin today. I forgot yesterday. Going to go do that now.

I'm supposed to take it with food but I usually forget and seriously it's like right in front of me as well and I still forget! It's so hard to get down it's so huge. It makes me want to puke! The last few days getting up I have felt really sick that I have to lay back down for a few minutes until I feel good enough to get up. Last night to by the time we went to bed I was feeling sick as well. It helped that chris was rubbing my back, stomach and head though. Last night about an hour before work was done I was feeling really nauseous to. Usually around 10 I start to feel it but sometimes I suck on a candy to take my mind off of it and it usually works. I need to go to SDM and see if they have the jolly rancher candies. They are much better then the ones I currently have.

I need to go bra shopping tommarrow as well. My boobs have been killing me! Some days are worse then others but man! If I don't have a bra on or I just take it off holy CRAP! I usually wear my pink yoga bra around the house and to bed. It's not very supportive though but it's better then nothing. My bras really didn't fit to well to begin with but they are worse now. Last night I had to wear two just to make myself feel secure. Ugh sometimes I hate being a girl. I really hope I don't really weight 176!!!! Geez the other day that I checked first thing in the morning I was only 172! That I can take. God I don't know what the doc is going to say next week! I'm sure they will weight me. Cries! Why couldnt I be one of those people that lose wieght when I am prego in the first trimester! (yes I understand that that really isn't the best thing and no I really don't wish that I just feel like shite about myself at the momement) I probably wouldn't eat so much if I was working days or if I was home though. It's hard to explain but standing at a machine starving really sucks since you can't do anything about it until you are on break. So it's like I eat more so I don't get to that point. No matter what I do though it seems like by midnight I am starving! Blah :(

I really hope I'm not 176. I won't feel better until I weigh myself tommarrow. Also I'm sure I still fit into my jeans so yeah :( you know gaining weight wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to go to work. Hopefully all the weight will just be in my belly.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


My belly I think feels rounder although when I look into the mirror sideways I don't think I am showing at all. What's there is what has always been there, my natural crappy belly. Unless of course I let my gut out but once again that is normal lol. I'm just hoping to not get any stretch marks!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Last friday a fellow co-worker congratulated me on being prego. He said he thought I was even before we told anyone because of my cheeks I guess. They were flusher then normal? lol. He has two kids and he said that he knew both times when his wife was pregnant even before she did. It's funny how some people are more preceptive about things like that :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So today Baby Cashew - mommy puked for the first time. Not fun at all just so you know.

I thought I was going to get away with not being to bad but wow there was no stopping it this time. I feel so gross. I just finished eating to! :( So I don't want to go to work tonight at all because it will be harder to get to the toilet if it happens again and plus now I have nothing in my tummy and I would have to leave for work soon. I would need to eat something and that just isn't happening not after that. grr. I hope Chris gets my email soon and tells them. Guess if I don't hear from him by 2 pm I will call work.

Ugh I hate throwing up!! I don't think I could handle the heat etc tonight. It has just been way to hot at work lately.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

first doc appointment...

Yesterday I had my first doctors appointment since conceiving :) I went and visited with Mom and Aunt Lena who was down until my appointment. They dropped me off then went over to Metro to get some food or something. I went in and had my first baby appointment. He asked me a bunch of questions etc standard stuff I guess for baby, like how my diet is, if im eating enough milk products etc. I had to have a physcial to. Blah not fun. He confirmed that the baby is 8 weeks. Well he said he would guess 8-10 weeks but since my period and numbers are pretty exact I am 8 weeks. He also guessed that my due date would be march 8th. Weird though eh if the baby comes out that day since I am born on the 8th and so is Chris. He also said that my uterus was tilted and then was like lets see if we can find the babys heart beat. He was like but you have to promise not to get upset if we can't. He was like I don't normally try but since yours is so close to the surface we might be able to find it. So he tried and I got all teary eyed and emotional when I though he had found it but nope. So I have to wait until my next appintment next month to hear it. I will be 12 weeks then! I just have to get some blood work done before then. I guess it's standard stuff for pregnancy. It's nice to have him confirm that I am actually pregnant because I really beginning to feel like I wasn't.

The funny thing is that before I always thought it would be really weird to be pregnant and be strange to have a baby growing inside of me but now that I am it's not so. It never bothered me when other people were prego but to think that I would be at some point sort of freaked me out. I always thought of Aliens where the baby alien pops out through the stomach. But not so anymore :) Which is a relief to me lol.

So once we got back to moms house I told her that she can tell people now. She was like you know how hard it was not to tell people! Aunt lena was really shocked I think when I told her why I was going to the doctor. I think that was the last thing she expected me to say. But she was really happy and got up and gave me a few hugs. :) So she was like so when I talked to my kids I can tell them right? lol.

I told Chris that he had to call and tell his mom now because I would hate for her to run into mom and mom say something thinking that she knew! lol that wouldn't be good. He called her last night and she was excited. I guess she said she was wondering when we were going to think about having kids but she didn't want to ask. She said the girls will be so excited.

Ugh I have to go get ready for work and I really don't want to. I just want to sleep or lay and relax on the bed. lol.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8/40 weeks - baby belly shots

Photos of my baby belly. I'm 8 weeks and not showing at all. lol

Thursday, July 22, 2010

cranky and sick feeling..

ugh why couldn't it be one of those days that I thought it was almost time for work but really I still had an hour :( I really don't want to go! But it's thrus so after tonight there is one more night then the weekend. I'm soo looking forward to the weekend. This baby thing is still making me feel nauseous although today and yesterday wasn't as bad as the day before. I'm glad at least I am not vomiting though. But still I have to force myself to eat enough before work or I will be starving by 5 like I was the other day. Sucks especially when your break isn't first but third or something. Ugh :( I really wish I could just be prego and be at home :( Soon enough I guess.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this past weekend...

So last saturday (the 17th) me and Chris went home to attend Tammy and Steve's surprise 25th wedding anniversary. Just after we got there Steve asked me if I was really prego. I said, 'yep' and he was like all happy and said congrats and gave me a hug. Steph (my niece) had just walked into the garage just then, she made a funny face and was like, 'okay?'. She was like 'oh nevermind, well I can probably guess'. So I was like, 'yep'. She got excited and was like really??!?! Then was like, 'Don't worry I won't tell anyone'. I did mention that I haven't gone to the doc yet because he is on holiday for two weeks. I couldn't call to even make an appointment until the 19th. It was so hard that night and day not to say anything to anyone. Especially at one point when Aunt E and Christine (cousin) were bugging me asking when we were going to have little ones. Mom said she has already almost slipped a few times. So she will probably be relieved when she can finally say something and tell people.


Monday, July 19, 2010


Last night even though I was so tired, I couldn't get to sleep. There was thunderstorms going on but still. I woke up and really did not feel rested at all. I ended up laying in bed until 9:30. I felt not well and slightly sick to my stomach, but got up to call the doctor to make an appointment, but unfortunately they were not there until noon. So I went back to bed. I just couldn't sit up at all. I know I was having really weird dreams. The only thing I really remember about this one is that I was on a treadmill? lol I don't know.

I got up around 12:30 again and called the doctor and she booked me in for next wednesday at 11:30 am. So that's good. I still feel like sometimes that I am not prego anymore or was never to begin with. I don't know why. Even though I know that's not possible considering I haven't got my period so yeah. lol. I took a quiz thingo on the bump.ca and it estimated that I would have a girl. So we will see if that is right. I think it would be nice to have a girl first, but really as long as the baby is healthy, I really don't care.

ugh I need to go get ready for work :( I am not looking forward to standing for 8 hours. Although I did get some new insoles so hopefully they help my feet. I want nothing more then to be able to stay home! I guess I will be able to do that in like 6-7 months? Seems weird that little baby cashew has a heartbeat already :) The only down side is I was not were I wanted to be weight wise before getting pregnant, and with my breasts so swollen feeling and huge and I just feel so fat and gross :( ugh :(

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last night I think I actually got some good sleep. Even though I didn't go to sleep until almost 4am and I then bolted awake early in the morning as soon as I became conscious because I knew something was wrong. Chris was still sleeping beside me. I looked at the clock and seen that it was blinking (the power must have went out) and then looked at my watch and it was like 9:15ish. So he basically bolted out of bed and got ready quickly and went to work. Just after he left I started to feel sick. I layed in bed until almost one when I made myself get up. I didn't want to but really I had to since I have to work tonight anyways. So I got up and made something to eat even though I really didn't feel like eating. I did finally start to feel better just shortly before 2. I don't know if this is my first sign of morning sickness or not. I really really don't want to have to go to work. I feel so exhausted all the time and this is nothing new so it's not due to being prego. I haven't felt the need to throw up so far so that was good.  I'm so glad today is thrus though. Just today and tommarrow then the weekend. I am looking forward to saturday. HA we will see how long this "I am prego stays under wraps" since I talked to mom tues night and she said that she did tell Tammy (my sister) and told her she could tell Steve (my brother-in-law) but no one else since I didn't want anyone else to know, at least until I went to see the doctor. LOL mom said she almost let it slip sooo many times. hehe :)

ugh time to go get ready or work. I lied, my stomach does feel a bit queasy still. Can't wait to be past this part. :( I wish I could be a stay at home preggers. lol

Monday, July 12, 2010


So When I called the doc office on the 5th they had a message saying that they would be gone for two weeks and we can call to make appointments on the 19. So that sucks.  I hate waiting!

I did tell mom on saturday that I am prego but haven't been to the doc yet to officially confirm it. She was pretty happy saying that there hasn't been a baby in the family in a while. So now I am pretty excited. Although I am still worried about all the crap I breathe in at work. It's something else I need to ask the doctor about. So far though it's only been my boobs getting huge and swollen and aching although today they seem to have stopped hurting so that is nice. Every once in a while I get lower stomach cramps that last maybe a minute and go away. I don't know if it's stomach cramps related to my body changing in preperation for the baby or what. Thankfully either way they don't last to long and aren't like all the time. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

YES!! Success!!

Soooo I took a test this morning since I should have been due for my period this week but still haven't gotten it. My boobs for the last week or so have been HUGE and hurt like hell and I have had slight cramping for the last four days and no period. So today I took a test and almost right away I seen two lines! So I am prego!! Wow I really don't know how to feel. I am happy of course but also freaked out at the same time! So Monday I have to call the doc and make an appointment to confirm! I just want to tell people now or at least mom. ahhhh hehe. I know past periods I thought I was pregnant before so I was trying not to get my hopes up this time. MY stomach feels super weird and I just feel fat which sucks :(


Monday, May 3, 2010

the month long wait again...

I didn't bother testing for prego yesterday morning since I assume that it was my period. Blah. I thought maybe it could be implantation bleeding, (well I was hoping) but that occurs like 10 dpo and seems like an early period to some. This period was definately like a late one which made me thing that I might be prego as well. :( So it will be back to trying again for a few weeks until I ovulate then it's the dreaded 2 week wait again. This time around though we are taking temps and recording other things to help us keep track.

Friday, April 30, 2010

double :(

Ugh it's almost time to go to work :( I still don't know what to think about my psuedo period? I am still crampy but it's standable without having to take anything for it. Only a stupid test will tell me and since I work till midnight and I don't think wally world is open after hours anymore, I have to wait till Saturday to buy one then Sunday morning to take it. 8 hours, only 8 hours to go. I have to keep telling myself that. Hopefully I will have a late break which will make the last part of the shift go by fast. The first three hours are normally the worst.


So I just got up today and now feel like I am having slight period cramps!! I don't want to get my period I want to be prego! I am so confuzzled. I have never had my boobs be like they are now - sore and super swollen. Also being so freaking tired all the time no matter how much I sleep. I want to be pregoo :( We will see what happens I guess. I really don't see how I could not be pregnant?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

and again...

I am totally convinced now that I am pregnant. I won't be at 100% until I take a test on the weekend but my boobs are so sore and sooo swollen. I don't think I have ever felt them like that before. I don't know I just have that feeling that I am. I am sort of excited but scared at the same time. Life will definately be different once the little one comes! But I can't wait to tell people :) I have to say I think I am also less creeped out by the fact that I will have a baby growing in me. Before it weirded me out and I couldn't help thinking about aliens and space balls where the alien burst out of the stomach. But now it's different, maybe because it is actually happening and I can't do anything about it. Well really though I want kids, not sure if I am ready for it but turning almost 31 means it's now or never because I don't want to have a child at 40 and be like 60 when they are 20. Or at least be having my first baby at that age. I think we want at least 2-3 kids and hopefully have them all before I turn 34 -35. I guess it depends if we have a girl and a boy right away or if the first two are doubles (two girls or two boys). It would be nice to have one of each for sure to make both of us happy. Although in the long run as long as they are healthy that is all that matters to us. I really want to have a girl first though, but like I said as long as they are healthy it's all good. Before I had always imagined that I would wait until the birth to find out the sex of the baby, but at least for our first one I think we want to find out when we can.

I really can't wait to have a baby belly and be able to experience the baby kicking. Now with the baby issue it's a dilemma on which style/floorpan of house that we like the best. There is one that we both really like. But there is only a master bedroom and one other bedroom. There are a few rooms in the basement that we can convert to rooms since they do have windows but if we have two kids in three years where would be put the oldest? Wouldn't really be a big issue if the first two are girls or boys because they can just share a room. I have no idea what to do. The ones with more bedrooms I don't really like the layout as much. Plus some of them have the bedrooms right next to the front door. Also with the possible bedrooms in the basement I don't think I would want to put my 3 year old that far away from us. It would be different if they were 8-10 years old. If we build a house I would hope that we would be there for a while, at least 5-10 years. Ugh so many decisions!
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