Friday, October 22, 2010

doc appointment yesterday.

The doc appointment yesterday went well. The ultrasound that I had done at 17 weeks was okay except that they noted that the placenta is really low and close to the cervix. So I have to get another ultrasound at 28 weeks to see if it is still close or if it's moved. He didn't really sound to concerned about it saying that it just depends where implatation occured. He said it should be fine but they just do another ultrasound to make sure. If not and it starts to block the cervix completely it would mean a c-section for me (UGH! no thanks! but I guess it's good that they can tell that beforehand instead of right when I am in labour). At my next appointment he will give me the form for the ultrasound and this time we aren't going to the hospital to get it done! I have lots of time to find out where they can do it, give printouts AND tell us the sex of the baby since at 28 weeks it should be clear as a bell :) So that is exciting! Also baby's heartbeat is good and strong at 144 beats per min.

As for me my thyroid number came back at 4.5 which is in the normal range so he figures my fatique is probably due to pregnancy. I also think it's the fact that I loathe being on the opposite shift as Chris (especially since we have lots of house stuff to do that we can't until weekends) and standing the whole time. Soon enough I will be off on mat leave I guess.

We also talked about my palpitations and he said it's normal for people to have palpitations, just some are more aware that they are happening then others. He figures I am more aware of them because of what happened before. It's true I am constantly checking my heart rate, hearing it etc. Although I also wonder if it's being triggered by gas. As of late it's been happening more and I wonder if that is due to being pregnant. According to the baby book a side effect of prego is having more gas. Most of the time it's really hard for me to burp which is annoying. Usually when I do I don't feel a palpitation for awhile. He gave me the name of some medicine that's over the counter that I can take right when I feel it's hard to burp and it will make it come up right away. He wants to see if that will help. The good thing is that it's safe to take while pregnant. So I will have to get some of that this weekend. It will be interesting to see how much my heart or whatever jumps/palpitates after I give birth because like I said it's been happening more frequently. He also said that it's normal for someone that notices it to feel it quite regularly, so that made me feel better. It's just when it happens a bunch in a span of a few minutes that freaks me out. He told me not to worry unless it happens continually for a span. I assume that is exactly what happened when my heart beat went out of whack. So everytime it happens or happens close together it really freaks me out because I don't want to go through that again! I was scared shitless in the ER staring at the clock in the wee hours of the morning thinking to myself that I am far to young to be having a defective heart!

He also gave me the flu shot. Now I never get the flu shot EVER but since I am prego me and chris and the doctor thought it was a good idea. Last years H1N1 targeted prego people, young and elderly and this shot protects against that (plus a few other strains). He said baby would be due near the end of the flu season but this way he/she would be protected since I would be. Now my left upper arm hurts! He said it will probably hurt a lot later on in the day and he was right. Hopefully it goes away soon! geez. He was sneaky when he gave it to me though. He needed to measure my belly/placenta but he left for a moment before he did that. I didn't think anything of it until once he was done measuring and I sat up he pulled the shot out of his pocket and gave it to me right away. Good thing for me though since I hate needles. I assumed he would have waited until I was sitting in the chair again. lol. He says he has to be sneaky like that with kids because well kids just don't like needles, so it's just a habit when he gives it to people.

So all sounds well which is good. Can't believe I'm in week 20 already :) More belly shots hopefully in the next few days. My belly is getting BIG!!!


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