Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doc appointment tommarrow and very grumpy today...

So I haven't really been updating too much the last week. Not really a whole lot to mention really, although today is the start of week 20 so I am already half way there!! I will probably post week 20 belly shots in a few days.

Tommarrow is going to be a long day though. Have to get up early drive to doc's, come back here then get to go through our house again to see what is going on inside, then shortly after that it will be work time again
:(. I'm not really looking forward to the long drive to and from the doctors, nor working for 8 hours and having to stand. Ugh. At least it will be thrus and it will be that much closer to the weekend.

I have been waiting to feel the baby movements. Both the doc and my book says that generally people start to feel movement any where from 18 - 20 weeks and that they definately know it's the baby. I think I am the complete opposite. I knew the random fluttery feeling in my stomach, and it was mostly on the right hand side, was the baby. But the few random feelings I've had in my belly to me could be anything! So I don't know. I'm sure pretty soon when baby start kicking me in the ribs, kidney, spine I will regret wanting to feel his/her movement so bad lol.

So tommarrow I should find out how the ultrasound went and how my thyroid levels are doing. I still feel exhausted so I take that to mean they are still high. I don't even know if you can treat that/ start to treat that when your prego. I'm just hoping all the random misbeats of the heart or whatever that is (Still dont know if its actually my heart or my stomach causing it - which to tell you the truth really scares me since I do not want a repeat of the trip to the ER to get my heart zapped back into a normal rhythm like 3-4 ish years ago ) is because of the thyroid. Out of all the tests that they did right after my heart went into a irregular beating pattern that was the one thing that was odd about my blood work. My thyroid was sky high then. Can stress cause your thyroid to go out of wack? Anyways it's nice that I can discuss these concerns with the doctor again tommarrow.

Other then that everything is fine. I haven't really been finding that I have been craving anything weird. Other than maybe Big Macs, and lately grilled cheese with mayo. ~shrugs but that isn't uncommon though I guess.
Seriously no wonder I am packing on the pounds lately.

eww gotta go almost time for work :(


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