Monday, October 4, 2010

Colds suck! and baby room plans

So Chris gave me his blasted cold!! The worst part is I can't take anything for it so I am suffering. It really sucks. I don't know whats worse, the gagging from flem going down my throat (and I tell you that sucked especially yesterday morning just after I got up when it made me sick - awesome to burst some blood vessels around my eyes again!! well at least I can hide them ), stuffy runny nose, headachy feeling, just a feeling of generally unwell, or the sore throat which causes me to have no urge to drink water. Oh and my eyes seem to be slightly runny at times. I can't wait for it to be gone. All I can say is this week is going to he HELL at work. On a good day I am just about ready to collapse by the time each of my breaks come along, so I don't know what it's going to be like tonight being that way plus super headachy due to the lights and the saftey glasses on my face. I really wish I could stay home today. I almost want to tell them I'm not coming in, but at the same time I hate losing a days pay, especially when we have to buy stuff for the house and appliances etc. But I dont want to feel like crap. Then I think even if I did stay home today, wouldn't tommarrow be the same? I can't miss more than one day this week! AHHHHH I can't wait for it to go away.

I almost thought I wasn't going to get it considering he had it for over a week but last thrus I was sneezing like there is no tommarrow and that's how his started. Sucky for me :( I guess I will wait and see what Chris thinks. Another thing is I have been waking up at the crack of dawn the last few days as well. Seriously I thought you slept when you were sick :( not get little sleep and then be wide awake. Geeez I should be doubly waiting to drop by the time midnight rolls around! I can't wait till the end of the year!!

On a happier note. I have been thinking about how we are going to paint and decorate the babys room. I originally thought I wanted to paint it a semi dark/nice green colour and have white silouettes of trees and baby deer and other baby animals. Maybe like birds flying around or something. But I started looking at wall decals on etsy and seen on that had a dark brown (chocolate brown) wall with white tree silouette and had leaves or round circles that were a nice green and a nice orange blowing off the tree. So now I think I want to do that. I wish I could find the link to that store again but I can't. They positioned the baby's crib under the blowing tree and it looked sharp!

Here's a link to a similar idea. I love this idea of using your wall as a canvas! Never thought of that before so now I am excited to get into the house and start. I think I will just be painting them on with paint using that idea instead of purchasing the wall decals since they are like 80ish bucks. I think it will still turn out really nice regardless! Who knows though we will see how I feel when we get to that point. hahaha

Actually here is the link to the tree section of this store. You will get the idea :)
Wall decals for babys room < - clicky

Anyways I am off to find something to eat and possibly drink since I'm thirsty but my throat hurts alot :(


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