Saturday, October 30, 2010

We felt the Baby MOVE!!!!! finally lol

It was really nice to sleep in this morning, with Chris there. Since it's the weekend! woo. So after I was semi awake I rolled over onto my left side. Soon after that I started feeling like flutters or something on my left side of my belly. I have been feeling these for the last few days I think off and on but could really never tell if it was baby or just my stomach. Well after feeling them a few times I pressed my hand against the spot it seemed to be happening and finally felt a little punch or kick against my hand. It sort of startled me but it woke me completely up. I was like, 'I think I just felt the baby move!' Chris rolled over and was like 'really!?!?!' So he put his hand on my belly and was trying to feel but every time I told him I felt something he didn't feel it. So that was sort of dissappointing for him, although I'm sure soon he will be able to feel baby as baby gets bigger.

So a little while later we were getting ready to leave the apartment, I was reading on the bed waiting for Chris to figure out what we needed from the bank for our mortgage person when I started feeling the little jabs again. I was laying mostly on my left side. So I told Chris and he came in and put his ear to my belly. I could still feel them a bit , but it wasn't till Chris said something to my belly that he felt baby either kick or punch him in his ear. lol. He kind of jumped back and was like 'woah' haha probably like me not expecting it. So today I've felt baby kick or punch me in the hand when i've pressed against my belly a few times. It's so cute cause you know it's a little tiny baby hand or foot! So exciting. Although like I said before probably soon I will wish that I couldn't feel baby as he/she punches or kicks me in the kidneys or ribs.

The big bump that Chris felt was realllly weird feeling I have to say. It's so weird to feel something moving inside of you but it's a good thing :) I just have to get used to it I guess. Baby is getting too big to be able to just move around so much without hitting something. We can't wait to see the wee one on the ultrasound monitor again and of course finally meet baby in March! Seems like a long time from now but at the same time so short of a time!


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