Monday, September 27, 2010

doc appointment..

Friday the 24th we went home for my doc appointment in the morning. We were late getting there, only about 10 mins, but it still stressed me out a bit. Chris dropped me off and then went to park the car. I sat in the waiting room for a few mins before she sent me to the other room. I believe she took my weight again and as usually I had to give a urine sample. Chris finally came in. I was worried that he wouldn't get into my room before the doctor appeared but that didn't happen. Doctor didn't get to us until almost 11:30 but i'm assuming it's cause we were late.

He came in and checked my blood pressure, which seemed to be fine again. I mentioned my chest thing and he said as long as it doesn't happen a bunch in a row it's okay. I guess it's normal for your heart to skip a beat or whatever it is doing if it's even that and not gas ( I still don't know and it's annoying and scares the crap out of me every time it happens!) Then he checked baby's heart beat again. So we got to hear the heart beat again. :) It was a pretty standard check up I guess. He gave me the forms for the ultrasound and said it would be good to have that done before we see each other next but really not that important if we can't. He wasn't sure how long it would take us to get in to get it done. He also gave me a form to get my thyroid level checked again. Seriously my last hope of whatever is going on, that it has to do with my thyroid. It's been going on since Chris had to rush me to the hospital about 3-4 years ago because my heart beat went out of wake and they had to put me out and use the paddles on me to get it into a proper rhythm again.  Scary shite! Out of all the tests I have had done it's the only one that has been wonky and keeps changing. So we will see what it's level is at next time I see the doctor. Although if that's the case I'm not looking forward to possibly taking medication for the rest of my life. Not to mention sometimes that medication makes it impossible for one to lose weight but soo very easy to gain!

It's handy that the blood testing place is literally right next door to doctors office. So it's just a matter of going in there and getting it done. It's so much easier to do it there then up here. Since it costs like 4-6 bucks to get out of the parking lot here. We didn't go in right away because I was so tired and Chris wasn't feeling the greatest that we went back to moms house for a bit to relax. The blood place was open till 4 so we went back at 3 to get it checked. It was confusing because before I saw a sign that said on fridays it was open to 4 but Chris saw one that said 3. When we went back there the sign that I saw was gone and the one that said it closed at 3 was there instead. So I was freaking out a little. It was 10 to 3 but I finally decided that I was going in anyways. If they couldn't take me because it was to close to closing they would tell me. I'm glad that I went in anyways because someone came in after me and asked if they were still taking people. She said yep that the new hours that are on the door were starting next week. I requested to lie down since sometimes when blood is taking, especially more then one vial, I always feel like I am going to pass out. She said it might be a bit of a wait then since there were to tests before me that needed that room. I was like oh nevermind it's only one vial I will just tough it out. It wasn't that bad. The person who did it got my vein on the first try , I just didn't watch and I was okay. I think the time before when I had to have like 5-6 vials she had a hell of a hard time getting my vein and poked me about 4 times before she got it. Then after what seemed like a year, she told me I stopped bleeding and she only had 2.5 vials filled. OMG that was horrible!! I was ready to lie on the floor and pass out. I never felt like that before! I was like sweating buckets and so light headed. I don't get it really. It's not like I can feel the blood coming out of my arm! Oh well. So I am glad that that didn't happen this time. I can't believe how fast time is passing, even though at the same time it seems like its taking forever!


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