Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monkey sayings

Monkey said two funny things so far today.

Chris was looking at the directions on the no name pancake box because he was going to make pancakes. He was leaning on the kitchen counter. Monkey comes in and says "mmm looks good" (it's a bright yellow box with big black letters lol)
Then she was over by the playpen that is next to the tv stand and was trying to get in between them to get her "vacuum". You know that thing that has the balls that pop when you push it around? I went over there and said 'No monkey not now can you go play with something else? (I had just put Chlo-bug in her swing for her nap since I just fed her and she fell asleep). She stopped and looked at me and said "Why not?" I was shocked since she answered me and was trying not to laugh since she just didn't say it, she said it in a deep voice "WHYYY noot!" haha so funny!

Then Chris and Monkey were playing in the front room and she discovered a small spider in her bumbo chair (which actually creeps me out since I hate spiders). She was watching it and at one point it got out and she couldn't find it anymore and said "where'd you go spider!"

I guess it might be hard to get across just how cute anything she says is now since anyone reading this can't really hear her say it. She has the cutest little voice!
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