Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visitors...and dirty diaper rant

Cindy and Tam came up to visit me and monkey. I think they got her around 3pm. Cin had told me that she thought they would get there around that time so I made sure I had fed her before they got here. Nothing like saying hi to visitors and then saying gotta go feed the baby. I would have if I had to and I know they would have understood. She was in her swing that we had got on the weekend (best invention ever!). It's nice to have a place to put her that lulls her to sleep or keeps her entertained and she can see things instead of trying to put her in the play pen all the time especially since she can't see hardly anything at all.

She was actually awake when they got there which I know would make Tam happy since every time she visits she is sleeping and no matter how many tickles Tam gives her she never wakes up. lol. So after some pictures Cindy picked her up to hold her and then eventually passed her to Tam to hold. Some where between when Cindy had her and Tammy got her she fell asleep again! lol.

It was nice to hear that they thought she was doing okay because I was still worried about dehydration and still thought it was odd about her lack of a dirty diaper the night before. It really helped me hearing Cindy's adventures in breastfeeding. So Cindy if your reading this you don't know how much you made me feel better hearing about your experience and really having both you and Tammy reassuring me that she looked healthy and not dehydrated. Since she was at this time having lots of wet diapers. The thing that was freaking me out the most about that is everywhere you read they talk about she should have 6 really wet diapers or more in a day. Well really wet diapers to them is 1/4 of a cup so when she had pee's lighter then that it freaks me out because its not a really "wet diaper", at least to any info you read, so annoying. I know what that feels like now because I dumped that amount in a disposable to see how it felt. She pee's a lot though and it's not orange crystals, her skin bounces back when you do a light pinch, her soft spot on the top of her head is not sinking in, her eyes are bright and she has lots of spit in her mouth. Still I am paranoid. I think Cindy said well maybe small pee's are just normal for her. Which really is true. She pees more then 6 times and her pees do vary from really light to really heavy (unless of course that is just more then one in a diaper) I guess the most important thing is that she is still peeing though. Pooping really isn't a problem she does that all the time anyways. Although that is another thing to worry about is her poop colours. The doctor the last time we saw him said breastfed baby poops can vary in colour from yellow to a yellowy brown to a green or neon green colour. Seriously I feel like I am spending a lot of time analyzing her dirty diapers to see if she is doing okay!

Using the cloth diapers is also hard to determine just how big a pee was. I guess I will just go on that if it's wet its a good sign. Although I still haven't figured out how to tell exactly if she had a pee with a poop in her cloth diapers. It seems kind of funny ranting on about dirty diapers! Who would have though becoming a mother would entail spending so much time looking at her diapers. Geez.

I feel like there is always something new to worry about each week. She is still gaining weight, she never lost any after she came from the hospital so I must be doing something right. I know that it is common for first time moms to worry about this stuff and that to feel like your not giving her enough to eat or she isn't getting enough or your not producing enough milk. But damn does it suck knowing it's common but still freak out about it all the time!

a hand blown glass mouse!

I don't know where Aunt Barb finds things of mice! This is so cute and it's got pink ear's so it's perfect for monkey! So cute :) Actually all the presents for monkey have been cute! I can't wait till its warmer out and she will fit into some of the cute clothes she has received, especially the tiny little baby sandals my cousin Cindy got for her to!

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