Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So the last time we were home, I think it was for my last doctors appointment, awaiting us at mom's house was a present from my Aunt. We didn't open it until we got back to the apartment but inside we found this!

A mouse piggy bank! I have no idea where she finds these things but it's the cutest thing ever. So right now (now that we are in the house) it is sitting on baby's baby dresser. She addressed it to Chris and me (the mouse) and baby (future mouse). lol :) Mouse is my nickname in the family.

It's the cutest and I totally love it. It is also the first 'mouse' thing baby has received. I definately can see more things with mice on it for baby in the future. :) The card read that it was a start to our baby fund. Thanks Aunt B! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

baby belly shots week 24!

Belly shots of week 24. Taken on Nov 18th. The belly is starting to get bigger. I tried wearing a light coloured shirt so you could see better but still doesn't seem as big as it does in real life.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

doc appointment

Yesterday I had my doc appointement check up. Everything went well. Babys heart beat was at 150. (does that mean it's a girl?? lol) He also gave me the sheet thing for my second ultrasound. He said I should book it as close to 28 weeks as I can. A few weeks before or after is fine since 28 weeks it will be christmas. I had like a list of things I wanted to ask him about. One being that the back of my right leg has been hurting and I am worried about blood clots. But he said as long as it doesn't have a big bump, isn't swollen, red or warm it should be fine. I do have some spider veins around that area so I guess it's possible that that is why it's hurting. It doesn't really help either that I stand all the time at work either. He said those type of veins are common in pregnancy because of the pressure on the blood due to baby.

The doc was also happy to hear that I can feel baby move frequently. That is good it means baby must be progressing okay. It would be really bad if there was no movements detected at all. I try to talk to baby everytime he/she kicks. Chris does to. I find it cute and funny that he talks to my belly. lol. I also mentioned the msds sheet for the spray at work on a particular job that I am almost always on. He didn't seem to concerned he said we are past the point of developing baby parts. The first trimester is the most crucial because cells are splitting etc. He said now we are more concerned with growth and maturing of the organs. He said it's good that there are no known ingredients to cause Cancer or birth defects. He said doesn't mean there isn't any but it's good to see that there are no known ones. He said unfortunately with chemicals there really isn't to much studies done to see if it does in fact cause birth defects. He was happy to hear though that I am not on the job constantly because it's still good to try and not breathe it in as much as possible.

Other then that it went well. My heart palps seem to have almost gone away completely which is really weird but good at the same time because I was getting them so frequently. I don't know why they stopped but it's one less worry for me. Well I do get them here or there but not nearly as frequently as I used to. So that is very very good. He was happy to hear that they have decreased as well. Other then that the check up went well. Sounds like I will probably be seeing him a few more times before I go to the doctor here in. He said he would send the papers or whatever they need to do soon. He said usually they like to get that stuff about 6ish weeks before they start to see me. I guess soon my doc visits will be more frequent. My blood pressure and my urine was also clear of whatever they look for for pre-eclampsia. That made me feel tons better since I have been a bit stressed and overwhelmed due to allll the things we have to do for closing on the house and trying to pack and being exhausted, working and trying to clean the apartment. Unforunately for me I can't really do a whole lot with cleaning stuff since it's bad for me and baby (at least with the extensive cleaning we are doing because who likes to leave an apartment not super super clean). Poor Chris is left with doing that mostly.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

22/40 baby belly

Bah have been so busy with trying to get everything packed and working that I haven't gotten around to posting belly shots until now :) I wore a pink shirt specifically so you can see how big my belly is and it still doesn't look that big! I think it looks much bigger in person. Weird but true. I thought video and camera's were supposed to make you look bigger then you are not the other way around. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

baby is a night hawk!! lol

Baby was kicking a lot on sat night. We stayed up wayyy to late saturday night. We only went to bed at like 4am! Big mistake but baby was kicking ramdonly that whole time after 12. I was like oh no baby is a night hawk :( Wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't working but that could get ugly when baby gets stronger and is kicking me in the wee hours of the morning when I'm trying to sleep! At one point at my desk I was watching my belly and I could see it move when baby would kick or punch. So cute but really weird at the same time. I'm finding that baby is kicking really low in the pelvis. I have to ask the doctor about that. It's not all the time but most of the time. It's not to uncomfortable as of yet but it feels odd. Almost like baby might kick/punch their way out! It's either down there or to the left of my belly button and down. I'm not sure how normal that is or if it's just the way baby is positioned or if it's because the placenta is attached really low in the uterus or what. I have my next doc appointment in a few weeks anyways. I was looking online and it seems a lot of people mention this, more likely the combo of the placenta so low and the way the baby is positioned. But still something I will mention to the doc.

Last night was the same thing. We went to bed by 2am but baby was kicking away when I laid down. Chris put his ear to my belly and was saying hi and talking to the baby and baby was kicking away. :) I am not to comfortable laying on my left side, I don't think baby really likes it when I do. I don't really like laying on my back to much, not that I ever sleep on my back anyways, but it's like a lot of pressure on my belly and when I touch my belly I can feel like the baby lump. It feels so wierd so I try and avoid laying on my back. I usually sleep on my right side and baby seems to like that so far so that is good for me. Especially when I still have 8-12 weeks of work left. I soooo can't wait to be off. I find it exhausting just thinking about standing for 8 hours. Thankfully though my supervisor seems to be giving me jobs that are semi slow so I don't feel like I am rushing. It's just moving the boxes sometimes when they are full. So far they haven't been to heavy but yeah :( I don't want to have to start bugging people to move the boxes for me - although I know they will understand. The only thing I can say right now is thank god for audio books. The radio station plays the same thing every night alll the time. Sometimes I hear a song three of four times a night. So sick of them even the ones I used to like. CBC radio is a hit or miss because sometimes with the talking on and on about something puts me to sleep. So lately if I'm on a job that isn't to loud I have been listening to my audio book. Definately makes time go by faster.

Baby has been kicking me the odd time as I am typing this. So cute although sometimes it's also a little freaking to think that there is a little being in there like moving around and stuff.  Week 22 is coming up in a few days! Hopefully though when the little guy/gal gets stronger he/she lets me sleep at night. Not really looking forward to that. I was also reading about c-sections online. One of those what to expect guides. All I can say is I hope the placenta migrates upwards because I don't want to go through that. The thought of them cutting me open while I am awake, just yeah, creeps me out! Not to mention you sound really sore and weak afterwards. But if I do need to get one done it's nice that I can like get used to the idea etc way before it happens. Either way baby has to come out eventually.

It is just so weird how last week it was like random kicks that I couldn't tell if it was baby or not. Then I hit 21 weeks, saturday came along and now it's like I feel baby kicking/punching/head bunting all the time now! It's a relief to know that the little one is still a wiggle worm and that he/she is actually alive in there :)
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