Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sleeping hands and other strange prego things that I never knew..

I woke up again with half asleep hands again. Before it seemed to switch between the nerve in my wrist, which doc told me was common for pregnant women and that if it really got to be bothersome I could get a wrist brace to stop it and the nerve in my elbow which put the opposite side of my hand asleep. I only ever have to shift slightly and it will wake up but then I will fall asleep and then wake up again and the process will be repeated. It's just not one hand it's both! The weird things you learn about pregnacy! I didn't know it was so complicated. Like those "practice contractions!" Braxton something or other! gee that sounds fun. lol. oh and cravings. Well I knew that some pregnant women have really strange food cravings (not me as of yet - i'm sort of dissappointed I want to see the strange combo's my brain will crave), but not about Pica. Some women crave bad things for you like coal, clay, ice, chalk, burnt matches!!, and toothpaste. Weird! Obviously giving into these cravings would be a bad thing! Although I don't see how ice would be bad for you, unless you break your teeth or choke on ice pieces? I love chewing on ice? Seriously though it's pretty rare but does happen. No doubt that would be my luck and I would develop those food fetishes. lol

So I *think* my cold is getting better. At least my nose isn't plugged up right now and I've been up for awhile now. Still feel headachy and just sore? I guess sickish feeling is a better way to describe it. Ugh not looking forward to work tonight but I shouldn't whine I have four shifts this week then a glorious three day weekend!! Then another four day work week. Yeah I called in sick yesterday. I just didn't like the thought of half freezing to death, feeling sickish, having to blow my nose a lot (and depending on what job he put me on that would have probably meant me getting behind a lot to do so) and sneezing, wearing saftey glasses with a headache and using all my will power not to collapse of exhaustion because I'm standing so long. God I'm such a whiner lol. Less then three months really before mat leave. I can't freaking wait!! I am totally taking the 8 weeks before I'm due off, that is the min. they let you start on mat leave unless of course you get a note from your doc. So I can't imagine what I am going to be like in a few months if I'm freaking exhausted at work now. Standing sucks I have to tell you! It really does. :(


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