Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby's room wall progress..

I still need to finish the tree on the wall, which I plan to finish this weekend so we can put her crib back in the right spot. This is the progress of it though. I still need one more coat of brown I think before I will move onto the leaves, which I have decided to make circles. You can't see the chalk outline of them though unfortunately but I think it will look awesome once it's done. The Swiss cheese look is because I really wasn't sure what colour I wanted to do the leaves and I didn't want it to be hard to cover over the brown if I chose a colour that didn't cover it well. I think I am going to go with two shades of orange to match her Winnie the poo crib set. I can't wait to see it done though!

She found her toes!

Tuesday night when she was sitting with Daddy, Chris said she all of a sudden reached forward and started grabbing her feet. There was no keeping her in a sitting position. I thought that was cute :) Here is a picture:

Then yesterday while I had her sitting in her bumbo chair, actually directly after I put her in it she was all about playing with her feet. Even today when she is on her fun mat she now brings her legs up and has started grabbing her feet. I don't know if today and yesterday is because she notices them more since I had bright socks on both days or what but it's still cute.

She has been all over her fun mat the last few days and trying like mad to roll over but just still not making it. She just needs to learn to get her arm out of the way and she would have success. I thought yesterday for sure was the day and I sat there for a long time watching her with the camera but no such luck yet. At least now she know she can get around if she wants to by doing the butt slide maneuver lol. :)
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