Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting Anxious..

So the past few days I have been getting more anxious for the baby. I am not really ready house wise for the baby to come. I also hate that I have no idea when it is going to happen. I am 36 weeks along so basically it can happen anytime! A day last week, near the end I had really bad menstrual like cramps in the afternoon which freaked me out! It happened about three times about 20-30 mins apart. I was like noooo not ready but thankfully they stopped.

Yesterday and today again I have been having random menstrual cramps. I think its probably my body getting ready to have the baby. The baby has been moving a lot though so that is good. I never have had to do the whole drink a glass of water and lay quiet and count the movements because the baby has been moving so much. There can't be to much room left in there!

Wow yesterday morning was horrible though. I got monkey up as usual, got her dressed and then put her in the highchair and gave her her breakfast banana flavoured cookie while I got her milk. She drank that and I sat down at the computer beside her to eat my breakfast while she was eating. Then all of a sudden she started crying really hard. She was like shaking at one point which freaked me out. She still had the cookie shoved into her mouth. She did this a bit a week or so ago and I think later Chris said she did the same thing on the weekend. We are pretty sure she must be cutting teeth again since she is constantly chewing on her fingers and sometimes her wooden blocks. So I figured even though the cookie melts in your mouth it's still pretty hard when you bite into it. I figure she hurt her teeth while trying to bit into it. I did try breaking it into smaller pieces and fed her one that she ate but the second one she wouldn't even try to chew it but started crying hysterically again. It eventually melted in her mouth.

I decided at that time to ditch the cookie and bring her to the front room where I had a little bunch of cheerios with her water for her to eat. This is normally what I do, eat the cookie with milk and have a bit of cheerios while watching treehouse in the morning. I put her down by the coffee table and she just kept crying. I tried holding her and rubbing her head to sooth her but nothing was working. I have to admit I was trying really hard to hold my temper. I was getting so angry and it wasn't because she was crying it was out of frustration that I didn't know exactly what was wrong even though I had a good idea, nor could she tell me what was wrong. I felt like such a horrible person, one because I was failing at consoling her and also because I was losing my temper. I was tired as well having not slept very well.

I put treehouse on and had to go call Chris at work since I was so frustrated. She calmed down though and started eating her cheerios and was better. She did give me a dirty look shortly after when I asked her a question though. She furrowed her brown and glared at me! lol. She never did that before. Thankfully though she was back to normal for most of the day. She did start to get cranky like that later on but it was short lived.

So today I decided to fed her oatmeal instead of her cookie and there was no pain or meltdown today. I was defiantly relieved. Except another concern for me is that she is getting constipated even worse then she has been. I am getting frustrated at what to do! I watched her today at around 4:30 strain really hard to push them out! I thought she must have had a big one since she pushed so hard and it was smelly. Chris got home at around the same time so I made him change it (lol ) but there was hardly any in there! I hope tomorrow is better. I think we have come up with a plan to improve her diet since she must not be getting enough fiber. If that doesn't work we will have to take her back to the doctor for advice. Oatmeal in the morning with milk, less then I normally give her of cheerios between breakfast and dinner with water. Lunch will have veggies (peas and corn etc) and avoid processed package foods as much as possible. Supper will be more veggies with prunes and other items but without milk. Maybe she is getting too much milk and dairy. We are going to avoid any other form of dairy for now just to see if it helps. I am really worried that she is going to get to the point where she tries to stop the poop because it is so hard to pass now and make it worse. We probably will give her some prunes probably with both lunch and dinner. It helped before. She is pretty happy otherwise.

Her words and phrases are 'uh oh' 'oh nooo' and yeeehaw.. So freaking cute!
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