Friday, February 4, 2011

baby shopping..

Today we had a lot of things to do. I needed to get a bunch of things since pretty soon I won't want to go to far from the house for too long in case labor or my water breaks. Especially considering I am 35.5 weeks along. We made a stop at fabricland to get the materials for the babys mattress for the cradle. Unfortunately they did not have high density foam, (like seriously!!!!?!?) just normal crappy foam stuff, but I did get some cute waterproof material to make a cover for it. I just hope that I got enough. After that we went to the library to pick up a book I had on hold and a few baby books (dealing with breastfeeding and pregnancy etc. Took us a moment to find the last two since they were up in the childs department and not with all the other baby books. After that we went to the paint store to get the baby rooms paint. We had decided on a nice light green colour for the room. Babys room is going to be the only room with any colour on the walls lol. We need to paint our room at some point as well but oh well that can come in time. Unfortunately the type of paint we were going to get they were out of the base or whatever they needed to mix it! They won't be getting it in until tues or wed so that was a miss. Although she took down our name and the colour and said she would call when it comes in and have it ready for us so we just have to go in and pick it up.

After that we went out to walmart I think. I wanted to look at the rocking chair/glider thing we saw the last time we were there. I was definately considering purchasing it since it was a reasonable price $150 and look for a few other baby things. Unfortunately I remembered as we were walking up to the store that I forgot all our walmart gift cards and cash we got from the baby shower. Whoops! so we walked in there and we were checking out what type of foam they had there (of course not the kind we needed) and I picked out a zipper for the cover. I was looking at yarn because chris pointed it out to me again but of course I didnt have a sample of the exact pinks I needed so I couldn't get what I needed to finish the blanket I'm crocheting. Then I heard a "krissy" and steph and Tammy were walking towards us. It was weird since we never expect to see anyone we know here! Tam had came up because Steph was going wedding dress shopping. She found it and showed me a picture. AWWW can't wait to see her in it! It looks reallly nice :)

They walked to the baby section with us and I was unhappy to see the rocking chair was not on sale anymore. Reg price or at least on the one that was out was 200 bucks :( hopefully it comes on sale again. I'm not sure how I will feed the baby in the middle of the night when chris is in the bed trying to sleep? Well at first might not be so bad since he will be home with me for a few days.( I have to mention that I did look on later on that day and it is listed as 150 so we have to go back and actually get a price check on it, it looks super comfy and I need something to sit on when feeding the baby, especially at night)

I got the baby bath thing that goes in the bath that we got at the shower, so babys head will be out of water and I don't have to constantly support her. Steph got us a winnie the poo car seat bundle thing. You zip it around baby so the seat straps are still close to her body and not going over a bundle of material. And she will be super warm :) That was another item that we were going to look for while we were there because it will be still chilly when baby comes home.

After this I think we went home. I got a few other things like thank you cards etc but I was ready to go home and sit. I was so exhausted it was so crowded in there and I was overheating! It wasn't fun! Tam said mom wasn't sure what we still needed since she decided to wait until after the baby shower to get us something. Chris was like she doesn't have to do that since she paid for the hall etc. (I agree) but she still wants to.

So later that day she called me to ask what we needed. She said she was in zellars that day and seen that the playpens were on sale. I told her we got the change pad mattress already and talked about the saftey first playpen that we were looking at and that she had seen as well. So she said she would get that for us on tommarrow after she went to church since it's on sale and they had some in stock that day. She also mentioned that maybe bassinette or regular cradle sheets would fit the mattress I have to make for the cradle we are using. I never thought of that. I need to put something over top of the mattress cover I am making. So I will have to check that out maybe this week sometime.

Still lots to do to prepare and I'm running out of time!!

Doc appointment

We had our doc appointment at 3:15. It was pretty standard. Same old same old. Checking for that hormone or whatever in my urine, my blood pressure and my weight. UGH went up some more weight :( but it's almost at the end though! ) He asked if I had any questions, I did but it's was nothing major that concerned us at all.

I also had to do this test, group strep b or something like that. Umm all I can say is not the most funnest thing I had to do but its good because it looks for bacteria that could be potentially fatal to the baby. I guess if it is present they will give me antibiotics to clear it up. Either before or during labour I wasn't really to clear on that but I'm sure on my next appointment he will let me know what those results were and what will happen if it is present. So it was a pretty quick appointment. He said the growth and heart rate seems to be good. So now my appointments are every week until baby is born.

After the appointment we went to zellars to pick up our reincheck baby change table mattress (woot 15 bucks instead of 30). We saw that they had a safety first playpen on sale for 80 bucks that we really like. That's really a good price. We were going to pick it up as well or probably really consider it more but there was none in stock. Really though doesn't surprise me since it's hard sometimes to find anything in store that is in there flyer (unless it's food items). I figured if we decided on it we could always go back before the flyer was over and get another raincheck for it. 40% off is amazing :) and really great timing for all baby stuff to be on sale!
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