Friday, October 8, 2010

bad dreams...

I think I had my first horrible baby dream last night/early this morning. One of those dreams where nothing goes right and you can't get to where you are going and just end up running around in a circle!

It was one of those I lost the baby dream. It was horrid actually. In the dream we just had the baby, and for some reason the baby was able to walk already. We were at some sort of family gathering and we were mostly outside. Where it was I have no idea because this house, or what I remember of it resembles nothing I have ever seen before. The baby was with me and we were chatting to people, then the baby was with someone else (my sister at first maybe?) and they were I guess circling around so the baby was farther and farther away from us. But you know it's family and figured who ever had the baby would watch the baby. 

Well when I went to look for the baby, nobody had seen baby cashew, nor did they seem to really care! They were all indifferent and just didn't get why I was freaking out. I was thinking "Great you just had the baby and you already lost cashew!!" Finally my Aunt Barb finally mentioned that the baby was in such and such a bedroom taking a nap. I was somewhat relieved and went in search of the room. I think I orginally found it but the baby was not in there. So then I was trying to find my aunt again to get more info since she was the only one that said anything about where the baby was. This house was crazy! I was wandering around in circles. I kept finding rooms but could never get back to the room the baby was supposed to be in. At one point I was following this kid with some sort of electrical thing in his hand. A gizmo I guess, he said he could bring me to the room, but was more interested in whatever he had in his hand. He was trying to make it work or something. We ended up going down some stairs into a hallway that on one side had like all these contraptions on it. When, if they were on and extended would make this one big hallway of death, or like a dangerous obstacle course. The ceiling was way above us as well. It was semi dark down here and really creeped me out. I was like ummm I'm going back, getting a sense of whatever he had in his hand was the controls to this hallway! The kid turned around and we headed back up the stairs. I have no idea who this kid was either! It seems this family gather was full of strangers. The only two I regonized was my aunt and my sister. The kid to was like unconcerned and really didn't care. I really don't even know if anyone actually saw me, they did a good job of ignoring me and only saying as little as possible to me when I was asking them questions about cashew.

At one point I think someone was going down the road in this really bizzare costume, he may have been on stilts and in a big plastic bubble (dressed like a tall skinny clown, his costume was bright anywas). I got a sense that we were gathered for a parade or something that was supposed to be going on soon and we were watching it? But why a parade would be going down a semi back road out in the country is beyond me. The whole thing was frustrating! No one was willing to help and they all let the baby dissappear!

I woke up finally and was relieved that it was just a dream and that baby cashew was still safe in my belly lol.


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