Friday, February 18, 2011

mat room rant and doc appointment

I'm so upset right now. Chris just called me a few minutes ago to say that he was talking to someone in the office at work about the baby and he asked about our insurance coverage. We have no coverage unless it's outside of province then we have semi private insurance. So my only optionis to stay in the ward room which are 3-4 people. I don't want to be in a ward room! I wanted to be a private room so that Chris could stay with me. I'm pretty sure that the tour person said that if it was any room other then private he could only be there during visiting hours or at least he couldn't stay over with me if he wanted because there wasn't enough room. I wish I remembered. I also though the prices were cheaper then what they are stating on the form. Semi private is 200 a day and private is $235! So if I stayed for three days it's like 600 bucks!

I called the cashier's office and the person who answered said that she wasn't sure if there were ward rooms in the maternity ward, but she did know the prices of for the rooms. She did say though that to request ward room and if they don't have any then they will put you into a semi private and they won't charge you. So hopefully they have no ward rooms in that department.

Anyways, she took down my number and said that the lady that normally is at the phone was just out at a ward and should be right back and would be able to tell me. She said she would get her to call me back. She normally doesn't answer the phone but because the other lady was away from the phone she watches it for her. Hopefully she phones back. I hope they don't. I'd stay in a semi private room if I had to. I'd prefer private but I don't want to pay their prices. Considering it's like $200 and what if I have a c-section and have to stay there for 3 days!! I guess I'm glad we found out that we don't have coverage now then afterwards and get a huge bill!! I guess I can also hope that no one else is giving birth the same as me. If the price for a private room was like 100 and something per day it would be better then 200. Ugh I guess I am going to have to suck it up and deal with the fact that I might not have as much privacy as I would like. At least after delivery before they move you you have a few hours of privacy in the labour room with baby. I just want the option of Chris being with me all night long as I'm sure he doesn't want to have to leave or be forced to leave.

12:10 pm:

So she just called back and there are ward rooms there, I think only one. I'm so upset right now. I don't know what to do.


I've calmed down a bit. I called the maternity ward after talking to Chris on the phone awhile ago. She said that no matter what room I was in Chris wouldn't be able to spend the night anyways. She said it all depends on many factors but basically Chris would have more time and access then just visitors. So it's good to know that he isn't restricted to like normal visiting hours. I guess we can go ahead and get like the tv and internet card then so I have something to watch or whatever if he isn't with me or I dunno I do have a few books and my journal I am bringing with me. At least that way we might be able to talk on msn or through email or something. oooh msn through hotmail! That talk made me feel a bit better. Also there is only one ward room so if it's full I get a semi private with no charge anyways. So either I hope there is no one else when I go in or it's already full so I can go into a semi! The cost of semi or private is just way to much! :(

Doc appointement is soon. I will have to get a new freaking form to fill out since the one I wrote on I will have to scribble stuff out and yeah not good. I am also glad to find this out now before we get the office person at the doctors office to fax it to the hospital which she is going to do today. That would have sucked.


The doc appointment was normal. Same old same old. The same routine, weigh me,check my urine, take my blood pressure, measure my belly and listen to baby's heart. My weight thankfully has stayed the same:) phew!! I noticed today that walking around my pelvis was really hurting me. So when we went into the doctors and he measured my belly he said that is is down from what it was the week before so baby must have dropped. He said you will probably feel more discomfort in your pelvis. ummm yep! Ha I was like yep today in fact. Babys heart rate was 150 the first time he listened but then it went down into the 140's the second time he timed it, which was immediately after getting the first reading. It was nice to hear babys heart beat again :) Other then that there was nothing that was concerning us. He said that next week he was away so we would be scheduled to see his collegue. I jokingly said oh that will be the week that I go into labour because your away that is my luck. lol. He just sort of laughed and said well if you do it won't be a bad thing, sometimes it's nice to have a bit smaller baby, he said there are other doctors around that are good as well. Of course though he would like to have me not go into labour while he is away. He said if I make it to the appointment with him the following week (I will be in week 39) we will discuss how to proceed. I'm assuming scheduling me to go in to get induced if I don't go into labour myself by a certain date. I can't believe baby is so soon! Just over two weeks to my due date!

So with that we left and I booked my next appointment with the other doctor for thrus at 12:45 the next week. My doctor said that the other one might do a check on my cervix since I will be past 38 weeks or he might just wait and let my doc do that if I make it to that appointment. My doctor did say though like if my water broke to go to the hospital and let them check me out etc. I have been having a few light menstral type of craps here or there and sometimes my belly does feel weird and get tight and hard. So my body must be preparing itself for labour! Still not looking forward to that. Mostly I guess becuase I don't know what to expect and how bad the pain will be!
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