Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy 8th month birthday Monkey!

Happy 8 month birthday!!

Weight: ~ 17.6 pounds. Weighed on our home scale.
Height: ~26.5 inches long. Measured at home. She is going to be tall like the both of us I think!
Hair colour: Still Dark Brown like daddy's. Looking at pictures from when you was born I am shocked to see how little hair you had then compared to now!
Eye colour: Your eyes are still a dark brown.
Diaper size: You are still wearing size 3 diapers and still using the cloth diapers. We added to the collection at the last mom 2 mom sale here since the all-in-one vendor was there again :)

Clothing size: You are wearing clothes in the 9-12 month size now. I still find it strange how one cloth item can be too big and one can be just right and they state the same month size. Strange. Mommy finally went through your closet and dresser and took out any summer clothes and/or things that are to small for you now. We also got some new warm jammies for you because it's winter now and gets really chilly at night.

Sleep: You are so much better at sleeping and napping! What a different baby you are. I had to finally let you cry it out for your nap a while back and it was so hard to do. You surprised me and only cried for less then 30mins the first time and after that I have not had any problems putting you down for a nap. You don't cry or fuss you just close your eyes and go to sleep. I think that has helped night time sleep time because daddy no longer has to stay in there for a long time to get you to go to sleep. Now he can leave after a little while and you go to sleep on your own. You also just love to sleep on your tummy. It makes mommy nervous but I guess you are strong enough to roll over sleeping on your belly so it isn't an issue anymore. You look totally cute and we have found you in some weird positions already. You sleep with your purple sock monkey that Aunt Lindsay got for you from out west. Sometimes you even cuddle up to him. You still sleep straight through to the morning. Mommy just needs to learn to go to sleep earlier so she isn't tired at 7 am lol.

Feeding: You are completely weened now and eating more and more solid food as well as bottles of formula. It took less time and was easier to wean then I thought it was going to be. I was a little sad that I had to give up the morning nursing session before I wanted to but without the donperidone to help me keep up my supply I just sort of dried up. Oh well I am glad that I nursed you for as long as I did and that we made it past 6 months. I am honestly happy to be over that because it really wasn't a fun experience for me. I gave you the best food for as long as I could. 

You eat about half a jar of baby food per meal and about 4 oz of formula. I also have been giving you 4 oz of formula before naps and before bedtime. Right now it is working but as always as you grow we will have to change and adapt. I know at some point I will need to cut out the feeding before naps and nighttime but for right now its working so I don't want to mess with it and plus I need to figure out how to proceed. Parenting definitely has a huge learning curve!

Since last month you have also tried peas, pears and sweet potato. You of course ate them all with no complaints. We did try to give you oat cereal but you seemed to have a reaction on your skin or what we thought was a reaction. So we switched back to rice cereal to see if you got better. It didn't so we researched baby eczema and we figure that is what you have. We followed the suggestions and it seems to have gotten better with a bit of a flair up here or there. Daddy said he remembered that the pediatrician we took you to at the beginning said that you might have a touch of that. It doesn't seem to bother you so we haven't taken you to the doctor yet, however, you do have an appointment for a weight check near the end of December so we will mention it then. I'm sure there is a few others foods that you have tried but since I have been lax in my blogging/journaling I can't remember what they were. Then again maybe that was all? It makes sense since I don't think there were to many new things we tried because we wanted to see if the reaction was due to the oat cereal or something else. Starting new tastes just wouldn't make that process any easier.

Favorite toy: It's really hard to tell now what is your fav toy. Crinkle bug still is the travel favorite though and your little purple sock monkey is your bedtime buddy. You still love the jolly jumper although you are getting so big that you are approaching the top ring so we might have to put that away soon. You also love to jump and spin in circles while you are in the jumper now. I don't know how you don't get dizzy!

Nicknames: Your still Monkey most of the time. I hope that you don't think that is your name though. I try to remember, as well as daddy, to call you by your real name every once in awhile. You also get potato beard sometimes to.

Funniest moments: Seriously what moment isn't a funny one. I do love how you try and bounce while your in your exersaucer and your head bobs up and down. It's pretty darn cute if you ask me! We have this on video and I love re-watching it for a giggle here or there. So cute!

Favorite moments: I just love when you look up at me when I go get you in the morning or after naps and you get this big grin on your face. Or when you jibber jabber but move your whole chin and you can see your teeth. You always sound so serious it makes me wonder what is going through your cute little head!

Milestones/things you do:
- You have expanded your new tastes a bit more.
- You have mastered the rolling over both ways and have no problems at all doing this. You also do the army crawl to get around. It started out with just using one arm but now you got your technique down well that you can use both arms and your feet to propel you frontwards or backwards. You are pretty quick to! I spend my days chasing after you before you get to either the hairy cat house or the cat food dish (we are going to move that soon but not sure where to put it yet). You can push up onto your arms and push back so that your on your knees. You just haven't figured out you can crawl super fast this way. You just flop down on your belly and your on your way. You have also been doing this impressive plank move and you stay there for a lot longer then mommy can do planks. lol. Maybe your super baby?
- You prefer to sleep on your belly now and we never now what weird position we will find you in. The other day I found you after a nap with your legs sticking out of the crib. lol. I don't see how that was comfortable but whatever works?
- You still only have your two bottom teeth but you have been slobbering a bit more again and you like to run your tongue across the top so maybe you will cut some more soon?
- You can bear weight on your legs when held upright but most of the time you think your in your jolly jumper so you try to start to bounce, fun for you, but tiring on mommy's arms.
- You still haven't mastered sitting up by yourself totally but you are getting better at it. At least now you can most of the time center yourself if you are going to tip over.
- you like to try and pick up small debris from the carpet. I don't know where you find this debris either! you must have eagle eyes. I know if your quiet all of a sudden that your trying to get something. At least so far you haven't tried to put anything in your mouth!
- You definitely like music, you will stop what your doing and turn to see where music is coming from, and you love anything with babies or young children on it. (IE some of the baby Einstein or any commercials featuring kids) At first we thought it was just the theme song from 'the office' but it seems like it is any music. Your a little cutie pie.
- You like to throw your toys on the floor when in your exersaucer and then try to look down at them, or lean to look and see where either daddy, me or the kitties went when they leave your line of sight. Your getting more inquisitive every day and have even shown interest in trying to get whatever is on top of the coffee table. I guess that means that we have to drop your mattress down in your crib so you don't fall out if you decided that you want to pull yourself up for the first time in the middle of the night.
-You also love LOVE LOVE playing with the remote. If your on the couch with mommy and daddy and you see it you lunge for it! So far any button mashing damage you have done we have been able to redo, hopefully that trend continues lol. With three remotes though its hard to keep them all out of your little hands.
- Mommy has to now play guard the cat food dish/dvd stand/under the computer desk/cat house from you. I'm sure the Christmas tree will be included in that list very soon. Your fast as lightning to. All I have to say is thank god for the playpen! 

Here is to another birthday month and another month closer to your first birthday! Love you monkey!
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