Friday, December 17, 2010

first OBGYN appointment

Today was yet another appointement. But at least this time I didn't have to miss too much work. Everyone at work thought that yesterday was the day that I went to my ultrasound so they kept asking me if baby was a girl or boy. lol. Oh well they will have to wait until monday :) My appointment was at 2 today. We left work at around 1:40pm. I knew were it was but not sure exactly where in the building it was. Parking there is weird. You drive up and get a card thing from the machine and then the gate will go up. Before you leave you have to insert the card and pay the fee - so $6 for up to 2 hours and $3 dollars every hour after that. Then go to the exit stick the card into the machine and the gate will rise (well only if you paid at the other machine) sucks that it's so much but oh well.

So we went up to the office. Now I see why the original obgyn that I wanted referred me to = they share the same office space. I was told that any other visit just to come to the desk and check in then grab a urine bottle from a basket on the counter and go get a urine sample, come back hold onto it and have a seat until I am called in where the nurse will check it and do the other stuff she does before I see the dr. Seriously though holding the urine bottle until I go in is sort of gross :( I don't want others to see my pee! Geez :( When I was finally called in she weighed me ( I was 197 there woot) and then checked my urine sample, then took my blood pressure. Chris had to wait in the hall while she did those two things since the room was so small. He was allowed to come in after that. We didn't have to wait to long before the doctor came in. He seems really nice so that is good.  He did the same usual stuff, measured my belly, listened to the babys heart etc. We really had no major concerns though so it was a fairly quick meeting.

He asked about my heart going out of wack and asked if the cardiologist was aware that I am pregnant. Which is a no. So he got the receptionist to schedule an echo exam to make sure that I will be okay during delivery. That is really good. I hope that turns out okay since it will actually put a load off of my mind since I am sort of worried about that. The first echo I had like three to four years ago, came back fine as did all my heart tests so I guess I am not that worried about it. Altough it will be nice to hear that they don't see anything wrong with it again after so many years.

Other then that he wants me to get checked for something so I have to go to the stupid blood labs here. They have stupid parking there as wel. I think it might be to check for high sugar levels or something. He mentioned gestectular diabetes. I don't I can't remember which is horrible lol. He also asked if anyone had talked to me about the testing for those disabilities or whatever in babies. I said no, he was like well we are sort of past that point anyways, and the first ultrasound everything looked normal. So that was basically all he said about that. Honestly even if anyone did mention it it is something I would not want done. Seriously? To take a test to see if there is a CHANCE something major is wrong with your baby. I can't think of the specific disorders but yeah, even if it came back as it's positive that baby could have that really doesn't mean they won't be normal and healthy. Ugh. I will accept our baby for what he or she is :) I am horrified to hear that some people said had that been offered that and it came back that there was a good chance that it would be they would have aborted :( That makes me sad but to each there own I guess?

Anyways that was about it. So the echo is scheduled for monday at 2:30 (busy day all of a sudden considering my ultrasound is at 11:30 the same day). My next baby doc appointement was scheduled for three weeks from now so around Jan 7th I believe. Crazy stuff though how soon it is!!


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