Tuesday, December 21, 2010

blood clinic stuff..

So yeah I was late for work today. We got to the blood lab at about 7:15am. I handed the paper in and she mentioned something about did I know I had to be there for an HOUR!! AN HOUR!! They give me something to drink and after an hour take the blood so they can test it. It's the glucose test or whatever that is commonly done around 28 weeks.

So I looked at Chris a bit dissappointed since there was no one else in the clinic when we went in. I asked if he could call work because I would be at least 30mins to an hour late which was what I was trying to avoid! But it had to be done and there was no point in leaving without doing it considering we still had to pay four bucks to get out of the parking lot and even if we were there right at 7 on the dot I would still be late for work.

So she gave me this orange crap to drink. I had to drink it down fairly quickly it sucked and was so disgusting! I assume it was orange pop but not sure. It was gross anyways. Then we had to sit there and wait. Chris went and called work to let them know. The wait actually didn't take as long as I though, the hour seemed to go by quickly. I just wish that I would have known that because we both could have brought something in to read or something.

Anyways finally the timer went off and she sent me into a room and they came and took about three vials of blood. I think there was another test that he wanted to have done since there was something else checked but what that was I have no clue. I was super glad it was over though. At least she took the blood out of my other arm then the one that they did last thrus. Then it was work time. I wasn't looking forward to the day at all since getting up earlier then normal and not getting a lot of sleep then having to be at work all day just really sucked. But thankfully now it is over with and I don't have to worry about it. I would have waited until the week we have off at christmas but the doctor wanted me to get it done before christmas so yeah :(

Hopefully everything is normal. It sucks that I won't find that out until my next appointment in a few weeks.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ultrasound and Echo

Today was the ultrasound! I went in to work for a few hours - the ultrasound was at 11:30 so I worked until 11 then me and Chris went to the medical center and checked in at the desk for my appointment. We really didn't have to wait to long which was nice, she had me go in first and said that she would get Chris later. So for the first little bit it was her getting her stuff and measurements etc that she needed to get. Baby was jumping and moving around a lot. The technician was like woahh pretty active lol. Like she could feel baby kicking against her ultraound hand device thing. I guess baby didn't like being pushed on to much. Baby was in the same position as on thrus with the head down. I unfortunately could not see anything yet which sucked  but I was laying there hoping that she would bring Chris in and we would both get to see baby.

We talked about how the hospital doesn't give you photos nor tell you what the sex of the baby was. Here we can get photos burned onto a cd for 5 bucks. Which was totally worth it in our eyes. So for any other babies we may have I know where to go. The technician was super nice. She was trying to get a good face shot but baby kept moving his/her head away but she said she did manage to get a few. I guess basically they can offer the cd if they do get some good shots. Sometimes I guess babies just don't cooperate.

So then she got Chris and she turned the monitor so I could see as well and showed us baby cashew. We got to see the ribs and the spine where we could actually see the skin above it.. Also we got to see baby has a head of hair! There was like this frizzy fluffy stuff coming off of the head. We could see the eyes and nose and mouth. Also the two arms and the fingers and the two legs and feet. Baby had his/her legs all curled up with one arm tucked between it. One angle you could see the fingers from that arm perfectly.

I think the best shot that I loved the most was that in real time we could see babies face front on and she opened her mouth up and stuck her tongue out like babies do! It was soo cute. The technician was just as excited and amazed as we were. I really wish we could have gotten a video of that it was sooo cute!! She had asked earlier before when Chris came in if we wanted to know the sex and was a little surprised when I said yep we do. So of course baby cashew being stubborn and still had the legs all bunched up with the arm tucked between and in the way. She finally did get a semi good shot of that area. She showed us two lines one was smaller then the other one and said that in her guestimate she would have to guess it was a girl because boys just don't have that fold there. So it might be a girl!! Seriously though I  have the whole time been thinking girl, and anything I do - you know all those "predict your babies gender things" have all come out as a girl. haha I know they are just for fun but still and babies heart rate has always been around 150. So yep all signs point to girl. But it's still a good thing that we are painting and decorating the room with neutral colours - no all blue or all pink room for us. I like the idea of browns and earth tones. So it could be a girl! :)

She also said that the baby weighed 3 pounds and 2 oz. Quite a bit bigger then 7oz at our first ultrasound. Awwww now I can't wait for baby to come! Specially after seeing cuties face and chubby checks :)
So after that we paid for our cd at the front desk, got out of the parking lot went and had lunch and then went back to work I think I got back almost at 1pm so I had an hour to work before we had to leave for the echo exam. That was at 2:30pm.

So we left for that at 2pm. It was a good thing that on friday the receptionist at the doctors office mentioned that they moved locations! I would have went to where they were before and that would have sucked. So we get there and it's actually a good setup they have there. You go into the back of the building and go stand in line. The person there checks you in and gives you whatever she needs to give you and tells you what floor you need to go to. We had to go to 302. So that is floor 3 waiting room 302. Basically we got the floor went into the waiting room and sat down. I was surprised that I was in fairly quickly considering the waiting room was packed pretty well. I think we only waited about 10 mins.

She called my name and I went in. I forgot how sucky an echo is. I had to hold my breath a lot and a few times I didn't think she was going to ever tell me to breathe again. Plus it was more of that gel goop on my body :( not so fun. Glad it's over with though. I have no idea what any of what I saw means just like the first time I had one done. So I will find out I guess when I see the doctor next.

Now it's getting up an hour early tommarrow to be at the blood lab at 7am to get my blood taken before work since they are not open on weekends and they close at 3 everyday. Geez. Hopefully it won't be freaking busy when I go in there at the start, I really don't want to be late for work :( Ugh not looking forward to it we should have went and did it right after the doc appointment on friday but I felt bad that Chris was gone from work so much on thrus and friday. Actually now that I think about it that wouldn't have worked since they close at 3 anyways and it was probably after that that we were done at the doctors. :) Can't wait for this week to be over - three more shifts then the holidays!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

first OBGYN appointment

Today was yet another appointement. But at least this time I didn't have to miss too much work. Everyone at work thought that yesterday was the day that I went to my ultrasound so they kept asking me if baby was a girl or boy. lol. Oh well they will have to wait until monday :) My appointment was at 2 today. We left work at around 1:40pm. I knew were it was but not sure exactly where in the building it was. Parking there is weird. You drive up and get a card thing from the machine and then the gate will go up. Before you leave you have to insert the card and pay the fee - so $6 for up to 2 hours and $3 dollars every hour after that. Then go to the exit stick the card into the machine and the gate will rise (well only if you paid at the other machine) sucks that it's so much but oh well.

So we went up to the office. Now I see why the original obgyn that I wanted referred me to = they share the same office space. I was told that any other visit just to come to the desk and check in then grab a urine bottle from a basket on the counter and go get a urine sample, come back hold onto it and have a seat until I am called in where the nurse will check it and do the other stuff she does before I see the dr. Seriously though holding the urine bottle until I go in is sort of gross :( I don't want others to see my pee! Geez :( When I was finally called in she weighed me ( I was 197 there woot) and then checked my urine sample, then took my blood pressure. Chris had to wait in the hall while she did those two things since the room was so small. He was allowed to come in after that. We didn't have to wait to long before the doctor came in. He seems really nice so that is good.  He did the same usual stuff, measured my belly, listened to the babys heart etc. We really had no major concerns though so it was a fairly quick meeting.

He asked about my heart going out of wack and asked if the cardiologist was aware that I am pregnant. Which is a no. So he got the receptionist to schedule an echo exam to make sure that I will be okay during delivery. That is really good. I hope that turns out okay since it will actually put a load off of my mind since I am sort of worried about that. The first echo I had like three to four years ago, came back fine as did all my heart tests so I guess I am not that worried about it. Altough it will be nice to hear that they don't see anything wrong with it again after so many years.

Other then that he wants me to get checked for something so I have to go to the stupid blood labs here. They have stupid parking there as wel. I think it might be to check for high sugar levels or something. He mentioned gestectular diabetes. I don't I can't remember which is horrible lol. He also asked if anyone had talked to me about the testing for those disabilities or whatever in babies. I said no, he was like well we are sort of past that point anyways, and the first ultrasound everything looked normal. So that was basically all he said about that. Honestly even if anyone did mention it it is something I would not want done. Seriously? To take a test to see if there is a CHANCE something major is wrong with your baby. I can't think of the specific disorders but yeah, even if it came back as it's positive that baby could have that really doesn't mean they won't be normal and healthy. Ugh. I will accept our baby for what he or she is :) I am horrified to hear that some people said had that been offered that and it came back that there was a good chance that it would be they would have aborted :( That makes me sad but to each there own I guess?

Anyways that was about it. So the echo is scheduled for monday at 2:30 (busy day all of a sudden considering my ultrasound is at 11:30 the same day). My next baby doc appointement was scheduled for three weeks from now so around Jan 7th I believe. Crazy stuff though how soon it is!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

doc appointment

Today we went for the last Doctor appointment with my doctor. I booked the day off from work because I would only have been able to go into work for an hour or so before we would have had to leave and of course make it back in time for only an hour or so before the day was done. Chris got up and went in though for about 1.5 hours. I liked the fact that I could sleep in a bit. Although really it really didn't feel like I could though. I haven't really been sleeping the greatest lately. Thankfully the drive down was okay since it wasn't snowing at all. My appointment was at 11:30, we made pretty good time. It was nice that it was a pretty nice day out or the drive down would have sucked.

I was weighed in when I first got there as usual. Ugh she weighed me as 202.something!!! I have never been over 200 pounds before :( Sucks but at least it's mostly baby weight so I might not actually weight that much. My doctor checked my heart rate, measured my belly and listened to the babies heart. This time he didn't tell me what the rate was though, although Chris commented that it was slower then it has been. He said the baby is probably sleeping. Baby is head down so I guess that would explain why I have been feeling all the kicks on the right side of my belly button and up almost under my ribs. It was a pretty standard straight forward appointment. We didn't have any concerns or anything so yep. He did give me a form to get my thyroid tested again although he did feel it while we were in there and said that it felt normal.

Both he and the receptionist had asked if the OBGYN had gotten a hold of me yet. The receptionist said she never heard back and had kept trying to call but kept getting an answering machine that said not to leave a message but to call back. I told her that they sent me a card saying he was full but refered me to someone else. I keep forgetting his name!! gah! I told the same thing to the doctor and he said that that's good. Since my appointment with him is tommarrow he got the recptionist to photocopy all the files he would have sent over and sent me with the originals just in case. He said that it would bug him if he didn't get the paperwork for a new patient before or at the same time that he was seeing them. So I just have to remember to bring those with me tommarrow.

We basically just went next door to the blood lab to get the thyroid bloodwork done. It is really much handier to do that there then it is back here since it's like right next door to the doc's office. Parking there cost less then .50 cents for the amount of time you need as apposed to here where it costs four bucks to get out of the parking lot no matter if you were there for 5 hours or 5 minutes.

So Chris dropped me off at the house before he went into work. I think we got back home around pm. I didn't really get anything done that I wanted to get done since by the time I was settled in the house it was pretty dark already :( I lose motivation when it's dark, even though I am more of a night hawk. If that even makes sense.

Seemed like a really long day but it was worth it to hear baby's heartbeat again!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby dream #3 and other stuff

So this dream happened about a week or so ago. Since I have been slacking with both my online and offline journal I have forgotten a lot of what happened in it or at least the details, colours and background stuff.

Anyways what I do remember is that we had the baby, except the baby was about the size of my thumb and all I wanted to do was cuddle the baby but my mom was like, 'no you can't just yet, the baby needs to be warm'. So she filled one of our green bowls with warm water and put the baby in it. I was just sitting there watching the baby inside the bowl and wondering how long baby had to stay in there. The baby was soo tiny. I did have a thought about how the baby would not drown but I don't think that was a main concern to me. So I guess baby wouldn't? For some reason the bowl was sitting on the ledge that over looks the stairs to the basement and the front door landing at the house. Yeah that's a really safe place to put your newborn who is tiny and in a glass bowl! What was my dream self thinking!?

That is about all that I remember unfortunately. I have to remember to journal more. I have been so tired with not sleeping at night and then working during the day that by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is sit in the uncomfy chair I am using for a computer chair and type.

Last night was especially brutal since I passed out I think as soon as my head hit the pillow at about 11:30 but woke up around 3am. I laid there for a bit before finally getting up and going to the washroom, thinking that was probably why I woke up. Well I couldn't get back to sleep! After two hours of tossing and turning I ended up waking Chris up and then he also couldn't fall back asleep. I tried everything. I thought maybe it's because my throat was really dry. I have a cold again, or at least a start of one and my nose was really stuffy so breathing through my mouth really dried it out. I even tried drinking some cold water but that didn't work. Nothing was working it was so annoying considering 7am is when the alarm goes off! So finally I got Chris to pass me my baby book and looked up insomnia. Most of the suggestions I couldn't really do in the middle of the night (ie take a warm bath - I mean I could have but yeah wasn't going to! lol) except they suggested lots of pillows. So Chris went and found me the body pillow and I curled up to that. We also turned on the tv and I sort of half watched Home Improvement since the screen was to bright for my eyes I think after about 30 mins of that it startted to lull me to sleep, that and being wedged between the body pillow and Chris finally pulled me under. Of course only to be awoken by the stupid alarm about 1.5ish hours later.

I reallllly didn't want to get up. I was so tired and I was finding the bed super comfy. Of course that is how it always goes though right. If I didn't have to get up at 7ish I wouldn't be able to sleep in or something. geez .Work was brutal today. The chairs that we can sit on out in the plant suck ass - even with the cushion I bought last night at wally world it still killed my back and tail bone eventually. But it was slightly better at least. I was almost falling asleep at my station though. Horrible. I really can't wait till mat leave. :( Soon enough I guess. Also last night baby was kicking like mad. I don't really think that woke or kept me awake but it's like geez baby! The kicks never really hurt. There have been a few near my ribs that felt kinda funny but no pain. So that is good.

Tommarrow it's montly check up time at the doctors then another doc appointment on friday. Then on monday the ultrasound! Hopefully this time we will get pictures annnd get to see if baby is a girl or a boy! I can't wait to see the little tyke again!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week 27th belly shots

So I have been slack with taking belly shots :( my belly is definately getting way huge though! Here is week 27th belly shot! Not the greatest one but it was the best one out of the bunch that we took. It's still hard to capture just how big the belly is in pictures. In person it looks huge, well at least to me :)

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