Monday, July 9, 2012

BabyBelly #2: 20 weeks

Half way there! 20 Weeks yesterday! I hope the last 20 weeks goes by just as fast!

How Far Along? 20 weeks

Weight Gain/Loss: I just weighed myself because I forgot to this morning and I was kind of cringing because I was afraid of what the number was going to be. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I thought. Actually it was a pound or two since I weighed myself last week. It seems like right now my weight is fluctuating up and down a few pounds. I really don't know why since I can't seem to stop eating :(. So so far the total weight I've gained is 13 pounds. Not to bad for 20 weeks I think. I just really don't want to go over the highest I was at with Monkey!

Feeling? So exhausted. I just want to sleep most of the time but unfortunately with a little one and working afternoons I don't get much sleep at all. I am really looking forward to mat leave in a few months. I just hope I can last that long! I did just come off of a week's holidays so that has sort of refreshed me but still dreading the long shifts in this terrible heat again.

Maternity Clothes: I think I need at least a pair of baggy mat pants to feel comfortable at work. The last thing I like is to be sweaty and hot and have clothes that are clinging to me. I have enough tops I think but I still don't want to buy any more mat clothes! I did get a belly band to see if it would help with a few of my low rise jeans that still fit but are a little tight under the belly when I sit down. Wearing a belt is out of the question since it digs into my bottom belly when I sit. We will see how that goes.

Sleep: I'm having a hard time sleeping lately. It might be partly the heat but also due to pregnancy. I am already at the point where trying to roll over is uncomfortable and my lower back is already starting to hurt whenever I sit or stand for to long. I really don't remember it being this bad so soon!

Food Cravings: I don't really think I have had to many food cravings unless you count red licorice but that might be because it's just chewy and good.

Movement? I'm pretty sure I have been feeling movement the odd time. A few times this past week, laying in bed in the morning I have had my hand pressed onto my left side of my belly and I felt a little kick or punch against my hand! Still not very strong but still there! I can't wait till chris can feel it as well!

What I miss? Being able to fit into my clothes and not feeling like a whale especially in this hot sticky weather! I look forward to the end of summer!

Best moments this week:  Feeling the new little bean(s) kicks and punches.

What am I looking forward to? Next monday I have my ultrasound. It will be the first time we see/hear the baby's heartbeat and find out if its only one. I don't really think I am having twins anymore but I still want to know for sure :) I just need to get through this week!

Next appointment: My next doctor appointment is next week as well. Then I have my first appointment with my OBGYN early Aug!

Milestones: Halfway there!

Gender: We are keeping it a surprise! It will be a nice early Christmas present!

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