Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this past weekend...

So last saturday (the 17th) me and Chris went home to attend Tammy and Steve's surprise 25th wedding anniversary. Just after we got there Steve asked me if I was really prego. I said, 'yep' and he was like all happy and said congrats and gave me a hug. Steph (my niece) had just walked into the garage just then, she made a funny face and was like, 'okay?'. She was like 'oh nevermind, well I can probably guess'. So I was like, 'yep'. She got excited and was like really??!?! Then was like, 'Don't worry I won't tell anyone'. I did mention that I haven't gone to the doc yet because he is on holiday for two weeks. I couldn't call to even make an appointment until the 19th. It was so hard that night and day not to say anything to anyone. Especially at one point when Aunt E and Christine (cousin) were bugging me asking when we were going to have little ones. Mom said she has already almost slipped a few times. So she will probably be relieved when she can finally say something and tell people.



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