Friday, August 17, 2012

Glucose test

Today I was planning on getting up shortly after 7am to go down and get my blood tested the doctor. I had mentioned to him about being super itchy everywhere at my last prenatal appointment (2 Fridays before). I pretty much decided Thursday that there was no way I could get up that early since I was exhausted. I thought if I went early I could avoid long line ups/waits. I hate having to sit there but because I was so tired I decided I didn't care. So Chris left work and came home to watch monkey around 10. I had called the day before to make sure there was a labratory  in the same building my doctor is in. I was pretty sure there was but I couldn't remember for sure. I was glad there was because you can pay with debit of visa to get out of the parking lot there instead of coins at the other one. It was $3 or $4 bucks the last time I was there so who knows how much it is now.

The next time I need blood drawn I am just going to go the same day that I get the sheet instead of having to go back and paying for parking again (it's $6 bucks there). I really didn't want to go but I left it till the last minute so I had no choice. I should have went the Friday before when Chris was still home because he had his wisdom teeth out. I was so tired that day that the last thing I wanted to do was leave before I had to especially since I had to go to work later.
Thankfully I brought a book with me. I got there and it was pretty empty so I was like sweet I will be in and out quickly. Unfortunately I had to get the glucose test done as well and having to drinking that small bottle of orange stuff that looks like orange pop but really isn't sucked big time. It is so horrible but I downed it as fast as I could. I figured the faster I got it down the faster my timer would start since I had to sit there for 1 hour before they took my blood samples. The last thing I wanted to do was sit there for 1 hour though since I was sooo tired. I was so glad to have my book. The worst thing was there was no clock anywhere!! So I couldn't even see how much time was passing. I couldn't even call Chris to tell him since I couldn't get a cell signal in there and was unable to see what time it was from that as well. No signal on my phone also means no clock. I wished I had my ipod with me. I thought the requisition was only to test my blood because of the itching. They took like five vials from me. I thought the glucose was for the next appointment but I guess it's over with now so that is good. I was so glad when my timer was up and I could go!

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