Monday, December 20, 2010

Ultrasound and Echo

Today was the ultrasound! I went in to work for a few hours - the ultrasound was at 11:30 so I worked until 11 then me and Chris went to the medical center and checked in at the desk for my appointment. We really didn't have to wait to long which was nice, she had me go in first and said that she would get Chris later. So for the first little bit it was her getting her stuff and measurements etc that she needed to get. Baby was jumping and moving around a lot. The technician was like woahh pretty active lol. Like she could feel baby kicking against her ultraound hand device thing. I guess baby didn't like being pushed on to much. Baby was in the same position as on thrus with the head down. I unfortunately could not see anything yet which sucked  but I was laying there hoping that she would bring Chris in and we would both get to see baby.

We talked about how the hospital doesn't give you photos nor tell you what the sex of the baby was. Here we can get photos burned onto a cd for 5 bucks. Which was totally worth it in our eyes. So for any other babies we may have I know where to go. The technician was super nice. She was trying to get a good face shot but baby kept moving his/her head away but she said she did manage to get a few. I guess basically they can offer the cd if they do get some good shots. Sometimes I guess babies just don't cooperate.

So then she got Chris and she turned the monitor so I could see as well and showed us baby cashew. We got to see the ribs and the spine where we could actually see the skin above it.. Also we got to see baby has a head of hair! There was like this frizzy fluffy stuff coming off of the head. We could see the eyes and nose and mouth. Also the two arms and the fingers and the two legs and feet. Baby had his/her legs all curled up with one arm tucked between it. One angle you could see the fingers from that arm perfectly.

I think the best shot that I loved the most was that in real time we could see babies face front on and she opened her mouth up and stuck her tongue out like babies do! It was soo cute. The technician was just as excited and amazed as we were. I really wish we could have gotten a video of that it was sooo cute!! She had asked earlier before when Chris came in if we wanted to know the sex and was a little surprised when I said yep we do. So of course baby cashew being stubborn and still had the legs all bunched up with the arm tucked between and in the way. She finally did get a semi good shot of that area. She showed us two lines one was smaller then the other one and said that in her guestimate she would have to guess it was a girl because boys just don't have that fold there. So it might be a girl!! Seriously though I  have the whole time been thinking girl, and anything I do - you know all those "predict your babies gender things" have all come out as a girl. haha I know they are just for fun but still and babies heart rate has always been around 150. So yep all signs point to girl. But it's still a good thing that we are painting and decorating the room with neutral colours - no all blue or all pink room for us. I like the idea of browns and earth tones. So it could be a girl! :)

She also said that the baby weighed 3 pounds and 2 oz. Quite a bit bigger then 7oz at our first ultrasound. Awwww now I can't wait for baby to come! Specially after seeing cuties face and chubby checks :)
So after that we paid for our cd at the front desk, got out of the parking lot went and had lunch and then went back to work I think I got back almost at 1pm so I had an hour to work before we had to leave for the echo exam. That was at 2:30pm.

So we left for that at 2pm. It was a good thing that on friday the receptionist at the doctors office mentioned that they moved locations! I would have went to where they were before and that would have sucked. So we get there and it's actually a good setup they have there. You go into the back of the building and go stand in line. The person there checks you in and gives you whatever she needs to give you and tells you what floor you need to go to. We had to go to 302. So that is floor 3 waiting room 302. Basically we got the floor went into the waiting room and sat down. I was surprised that I was in fairly quickly considering the waiting room was packed pretty well. I think we only waited about 10 mins.

She called my name and I went in. I forgot how sucky an echo is. I had to hold my breath a lot and a few times I didn't think she was going to ever tell me to breathe again. Plus it was more of that gel goop on my body :( not so fun. Glad it's over with though. I have no idea what any of what I saw means just like the first time I had one done. So I will find out I guess when I see the doctor next.

Now it's getting up an hour early tommarrow to be at the blood lab at 7am to get my blood taken before work since they are not open on weekends and they close at 3 everyday. Geez. Hopefully it won't be freaking busy when I go in there at the start, I really don't want to be late for work :( Ugh not looking forward to it we should have went and did it right after the doc appointment on friday but I felt bad that Chris was gone from work so much on thrus and friday. Actually now that I think about it that wouldn't have worked since they close at 3 anyways and it was probably after that that we were done at the doctors. :) Can't wait for this week to be over - three more shifts then the holidays!!


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