Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monkey's first foods: A bit of orange

Today Chris gave Monkey a tiny piece of the orange he was eating. She seemed pretty interested at first, that was of course until she actually tasted it and the following are what you would expect. She is so cute. We definitely won't be trying oranges again for a long while.

First bite.

First taste.

'Definitely not what I thought it would taste like'

'I don't like it!'

'Daddy I am not impressed!'

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monkey's first foods: Rice Rusks

Today we gave monkey a rice husk for the first time. They are long skinny flat wafer like things that melt in your mouth. She had a good time chomping on that, she is getting to be such a big girl that she likes trying to feed herself. The only downfall to these things are that by the time it was mostly gone the rest was mush in her hand and all over her face and it was sooo sticky that it was super hard to get off! At least she had fun eating it though by the grin on her face. :)

First bite.

"hmm this is really good!?' I love this expression :)

LOL we laughed so hard at these since we jokingly called them her teeth! I know we are mean.. she still looks cute though!

"I think I like them"
I guess we need to start letting her feed herself or 'try' to feed herself more. I just cringe every time I think of the mess she will make. Then I also cringe at the thought of having a 6 year old that I still have to feed because I never let her make a mess in figuring out how to do it herself. lol. ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Monkey's first foods: Oat Cereal and Butternut Squash

November 1st 2011 - We gave monkey oat cereal for the first time today. Before that she had just been eating rice cereal. Unfortunately after a day or so she started getting patches of really dried rashy skin and also lots of red dots all over her back. The only new thing that we had tried was the oat cereal so we reverted back to rice and only gave her other food that she had already tried to see if it was the oats that was causing it. 

After a week or so there was no change, so we pretty much ruled out oat cereal being the cause. Instead we looked to baby eczema information on the internet. Chris said that he remembered our pediatrician that we were taking her to before we found a family doctor said that we might have to watch for that because she might have a touch of it. I don't remember him saying that at all but I am sure I was worrying about other things like was she eating enough, did she weigh enough, was she growing enough.

All the information we found pretty much points to that and we followed some of the suggestions like keep bath water not to hot, bath baby ever few days instead of every day, use gentle laundry detergent, make sure her skin is moisturized etc. It seems to have helped so that is a relief. We do have a weight check near the end of December so we will ask the nurse or doctor about it then. It doesn't seem to bother her at all so that is a relief to me.

She ate the oat cereal up though no complaints :) Such a good little eater!
November 19th 2011 - We gave her butternut squash. She has had squash before but this one said butternut on the jar. For the sake of logging her new foods I decided to include it just in case there was a difference. The other jar could have been butternut squash for all I knew but it was such a long time ago that she tried it and I only wrote down squash so who knows. :) Plus any picture of monkey is just so cute. At least we think so.

Food face!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy 8th month birthday Monkey!

Happy 8 month birthday!!

Weight: ~ 17.6 pounds. Weighed on our home scale.
Height: ~26.5 inches long. Measured at home. She is going to be tall like the both of us I think!
Hair colour: Still Dark Brown like daddy's. Looking at pictures from when you was born I am shocked to see how little hair you had then compared to now!
Eye colour: Your eyes are still a dark brown.
Diaper size: You are still wearing size 3 diapers and still using the cloth diapers. We added to the collection at the last mom 2 mom sale here since the all-in-one vendor was there again :)

Clothing size: You are wearing clothes in the 9-12 month size now. I still find it strange how one cloth item can be too big and one can be just right and they state the same month size. Strange. Mommy finally went through your closet and dresser and took out any summer clothes and/or things that are to small for you now. We also got some new warm jammies for you because it's winter now and gets really chilly at night.

Sleep: You are so much better at sleeping and napping! What a different baby you are. I had to finally let you cry it out for your nap a while back and it was so hard to do. You surprised me and only cried for less then 30mins the first time and after that I have not had any problems putting you down for a nap. You don't cry or fuss you just close your eyes and go to sleep. I think that has helped night time sleep time because daddy no longer has to stay in there for a long time to get you to go to sleep. Now he can leave after a little while and you go to sleep on your own. You also just love to sleep on your tummy. It makes mommy nervous but I guess you are strong enough to roll over sleeping on your belly so it isn't an issue anymore. You look totally cute and we have found you in some weird positions already. You sleep with your purple sock monkey that Aunt Lindsay got for you from out west. Sometimes you even cuddle up to him. You still sleep straight through to the morning. Mommy just needs to learn to go to sleep earlier so she isn't tired at 7 am lol.

Feeding: You are completely weened now and eating more and more solid food as well as bottles of formula. It took less time and was easier to wean then I thought it was going to be. I was a little sad that I had to give up the morning nursing session before I wanted to but without the donperidone to help me keep up my supply I just sort of dried up. Oh well I am glad that I nursed you for as long as I did and that we made it past 6 months. I am honestly happy to be over that because it really wasn't a fun experience for me. I gave you the best food for as long as I could. 

You eat about half a jar of baby food per meal and about 4 oz of formula. I also have been giving you 4 oz of formula before naps and before bedtime. Right now it is working but as always as you grow we will have to change and adapt. I know at some point I will need to cut out the feeding before naps and nighttime but for right now its working so I don't want to mess with it and plus I need to figure out how to proceed. Parenting definitely has a huge learning curve!

Since last month you have also tried peas, pears and sweet potato. You of course ate them all with no complaints. We did try to give you oat cereal but you seemed to have a reaction on your skin or what we thought was a reaction. So we switched back to rice cereal to see if you got better. It didn't so we researched baby eczema and we figure that is what you have. We followed the suggestions and it seems to have gotten better with a bit of a flair up here or there. Daddy said he remembered that the pediatrician we took you to at the beginning said that you might have a touch of that. It doesn't seem to bother you so we haven't taken you to the doctor yet, however, you do have an appointment for a weight check near the end of December so we will mention it then. I'm sure there is a few others foods that you have tried but since I have been lax in my blogging/journaling I can't remember what they were. Then again maybe that was all? It makes sense since I don't think there were to many new things we tried because we wanted to see if the reaction was due to the oat cereal or something else. Starting new tastes just wouldn't make that process any easier.

Favorite toy: It's really hard to tell now what is your fav toy. Crinkle bug still is the travel favorite though and your little purple sock monkey is your bedtime buddy. You still love the jolly jumper although you are getting so big that you are approaching the top ring so we might have to put that away soon. You also love to jump and spin in circles while you are in the jumper now. I don't know how you don't get dizzy!

Nicknames: Your still Monkey most of the time. I hope that you don't think that is your name though. I try to remember, as well as daddy, to call you by your real name every once in awhile. You also get potato beard sometimes to.

Funniest moments: Seriously what moment isn't a funny one. I do love how you try and bounce while your in your exersaucer and your head bobs up and down. It's pretty darn cute if you ask me! We have this on video and I love re-watching it for a giggle here or there. So cute!

Favorite moments: I just love when you look up at me when I go get you in the morning or after naps and you get this big grin on your face. Or when you jibber jabber but move your whole chin and you can see your teeth. You always sound so serious it makes me wonder what is going through your cute little head!

Milestones/things you do:
- You have expanded your new tastes a bit more.
- You have mastered the rolling over both ways and have no problems at all doing this. You also do the army crawl to get around. It started out with just using one arm but now you got your technique down well that you can use both arms and your feet to propel you frontwards or backwards. You are pretty quick to! I spend my days chasing after you before you get to either the hairy cat house or the cat food dish (we are going to move that soon but not sure where to put it yet). You can push up onto your arms and push back so that your on your knees. You just haven't figured out you can crawl super fast this way. You just flop down on your belly and your on your way. You have also been doing this impressive plank move and you stay there for a lot longer then mommy can do planks. lol. Maybe your super baby?
- You prefer to sleep on your belly now and we never now what weird position we will find you in. The other day I found you after a nap with your legs sticking out of the crib. lol. I don't see how that was comfortable but whatever works?
- You still only have your two bottom teeth but you have been slobbering a bit more again and you like to run your tongue across the top so maybe you will cut some more soon?
- You can bear weight on your legs when held upright but most of the time you think your in your jolly jumper so you try to start to bounce, fun for you, but tiring on mommy's arms.
- You still haven't mastered sitting up by yourself totally but you are getting better at it. At least now you can most of the time center yourself if you are going to tip over.
- you like to try and pick up small debris from the carpet. I don't know where you find this debris either! you must have eagle eyes. I know if your quiet all of a sudden that your trying to get something. At least so far you haven't tried to put anything in your mouth!
- You definitely like music, you will stop what your doing and turn to see where music is coming from, and you love anything with babies or young children on it. (IE some of the baby Einstein or any commercials featuring kids) At first we thought it was just the theme song from 'the office' but it seems like it is any music. Your a little cutie pie.
- You like to throw your toys on the floor when in your exersaucer and then try to look down at them, or lean to look and see where either daddy, me or the kitties went when they leave your line of sight. Your getting more inquisitive every day and have even shown interest in trying to get whatever is on top of the coffee table. I guess that means that we have to drop your mattress down in your crib so you don't fall out if you decided that you want to pull yourself up for the first time in the middle of the night.
-You also love LOVE LOVE playing with the remote. If your on the couch with mommy and daddy and you see it you lunge for it! So far any button mashing damage you have done we have been able to redo, hopefully that trend continues lol. With three remotes though its hard to keep them all out of your little hands.
- Mommy has to now play guard the cat food dish/dvd stand/under the computer desk/cat house from you. I'm sure the Christmas tree will be included in that list very soon. Your fast as lightning to. All I have to say is thank god for the playpen! 

Here is to another birthday month and another month closer to your first birthday! Love you monkey!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 20/30 - My medieval inspired Wedding

When I was younger I always thought weddings were always fun to go to. Especially when it was a close family members wedding, since I was around when they were preparing for it. My mother almost always made the faux wedding cakes, (just think the three teared intricately decorated cakes with lots of scroll detail and even hanging strands of icing) and always helped with making and wrapping fruit cake favours that were cut in long skinny pieces and wrapped in saran wrap and doilies and tied off with the wedding parties colours. I also remember making tissue paper flowers to decorate the cars the that bridal party would be traveling in.

So when it was time to plan my wedding I was excited. I did none of those things above but starting to plan made me nostalgic for those times again. Chris and I got married two years ago in July of '09. We had a medieval inspired wedding. We got married in our home town with family and friends helping to celebrate our union. I made a lot of the decorations and hand made our invitations. The bridal parties attire was also made with the help of my mom, my sister and Chris's mom. I had debated on making my own dress as well, but at the same time I didn't want to miss out on being able to go around and trying on dresses. I happened to find the perfect dress at the very first store we went to. It was exactly what I had imagined it would be. It had the split in the front with a splash of colour, it came in ivory and it had intricate embroidery along the edges and was just beautiful. I wish that it fit better then it did and I still think to this day the ordered it in a size that was WAY bigger then it needed to be ordered in since even after they "took it in" it did not fit me properly, but that is a rant for another time. (sorry that is one of two things that really still grinds my gears).

Being a crafty person that I am I made a lot of the decorations myself and tried to keep with the theme as much as possible. Our card box was a castle, our center pieces were castles, even our fake cake was a three tiered castle. Our invitations where sealed with hot wax, and were hand coloured by me and a few family members, (who I love for helping me do that since there was a lot of invites) and then finally highlighted with metallic gel pens in red and gold, our wedding colours. I even made a wedding program with lots of interesting facts about medieval times and medieval wedding traditions so my guests would have something to read while waiting for me to arrive. 

I loved our wedding, it went by so fast that I honest can't remember half of the day. I can't believe that it has already been 2 plus years since the day we got married! There were some things that I wished were different or better but I am thankful for the pictures I have (another rant for another time) and for the great memories that were made that night and am thankful that so many of our friends and family were able to come out and help us celebrate. There were some photos that we missed out on since when we went to our picture location it was sooo windy out that I was stressing that the photos wouldn't turn out and honestly now seeing the ones that we took outside you can barely tell that the wind was whipping our hair every which way.  We moved to the basement of the hall which had a really nice decorated room so the rest didn't turn out as bad.

This is my invitation assembly space. You can see in the folder the invites. They had a woven vined border that had flowers on it. The vines were coloured with green pencil crayon and the flowers were coloured with gold and red metallic gel pens. They took a lot of work but they turned out so beautiful! The return cards were made to match with a small segment of vines and flowers. You can also see the stamp I used for the impression on the hot wax on that ice block as well. This was the tedious part of it since I could only impress about three or four before the stamp got to hot and I had to wait for it to cool down again other wise the wax stuck to it and was really hard to get off. I had found a place online that sold coloured wax sticks that you could put in a glue gun. With the amount I had to do I doubt that I would have sat there and dripped wax on that many invites :).

Here are some of the envelopes newly sealed and waiting to cool down enough to stack. Sadly I just wax sealed the ones that were being hand delivered since I didn't think the post office would appreciate wax going through their systems.

This is our marriage program that was given to everyone at the church. The font you see is the font that we used on the invites and everything else with text. It was quite big having about 4-5 full sized sheets of paper. So they were pretty thick once they were folded and assembled but I love how they turned out!

Our guest book was a photo mat with our engagement photo in it which is now hanging on our great room wall. I loved this idea so now we can see everyone that attended 365 days of the year. There was even some gold treasure in the treasure box to the left.

Our faux cake and the cake to eat with jousting knights on them! We actually totally forgot about eating the cake later and since we had the food catered we had no plates! We did have napkins though but no plates or utensils. So there was lots of cake left over.

My center pieces with little medieval army guys. They took awhile to make. I cut cardboard pieces, taped them together then used paper mache and then painted them.

Our card box that was totally secure and there was no way anyone would get into that thing without cutting open the bottom. I love how it turned out. Also a knight guard with my brothers chain mail armor, helmet and sword. I kept forgetting that it really wasn't a person standing over there.

Our head table. Part of the wedding parties gift from us was medieval tankards and goblets that you can see here in the picture. We had a slideshow being projected on the back of this wall throughout the night with pictures of Chris and I through out our lives.

These are the wedding favours. Since I make chain mail inspired jewelry and other things I made everyone chain mail key chains in our wedding colours. This is the flower version but I also made a diamond shape. Chris came up with the little rhyme on the tag which said "come celebrate our rein with this finely wrought chain".

The beautiful church that we got married in. This is the Catholic church I have attended since I was born.

I did not carry down the traditional bouquet of flowers. Instead I carried down the same bible that my sister carried down when she got married. Mom just changed the flowers and the ribbon that hung down from the bottom (and we even changed the few tissues that were still in between the pages from my sisters wedding). This was my something borrowed. I also added a picture off my father on the flowers since he passed away when I was four years old. This symbolized to me that if he couldn't be here at least he was with us in spirit.

One of my favorite shots. The one before was beautiful as well since it captured the stain glass window above the door.

 My beautiful ladies in waiting. I really wish that we could have had pictures like this outside.

The knights and one of our little squires. I love our wedding colours! The pictures picked up the material so well. The gold crosses were hand painted on by me a few days before the big day and I have to say I was SCARED TO DEATH of screwing them up! I had to take like two hour breaks between each one because I was afraid of not getting it centered properly or getting paint somewhere where it shouldn't be.

We even surprised our MC aka the court jester (my brother in law) with his own medieval inspired court jester outfit. He literally found out about it minutes before he was going to introduce the wedding party after pictures were done. You should have heard the roar of the crowd and the applause he got when entering the hall. :) The jester hat also played a part of our kissing game since anyone that wanted us to kiss had to go and get it from him and do something to entertain the "court", like juggling or hula hooping while juggling.

I think this is my favorite picture of the two of us! Love it! I really wish that we had all went back outside to take photos but I can't change the past. I am definitely thankful for the photos that we did get! I have heard horror stories of photographers never given brides their photos!

I love this one as well. It was a awesome day and it really is crazy just how fast the day goes by! It felt like it was never going to get there then it's two years later! It was a lot of work but it was worth it!  There are so many other things that I made for the wedding but these are just the highlights. I hope you enjoyed seeing our medieval inspired wedding!

Did you do anything special or unique for your wedding?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 18 & 19/30: Plans for the future and Nicknames

Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals you have

I am happy with where my life is at the moment, so I don't have a lot of long term goals or plans for the future. At least nothing that interesting. They are mostly just the normal things like, paying off student loans, paying off the house, making upgrades to the house, saving for our future. Pretty standard things.

Eventually some time in the future, hopefully not to far though, we want to have at least another child. I would love to eventually be able to just sell my jewelry and crafts for a living and be able to stay home with the kids. For right now my plan for work is basically going back when my mat leave is over and working until we have another baby. After that who knows. 

I would love to be able to stay home with them after the second one comes but it all depends on finances. I don't know if I want to work where I am for the rest of my life but for now it's a job and it pays better then the last few that I have had. I honestly wouldn't even know what I would want to do if I did want to find other work. I just basically want to be happy and I don't really need much to do that. I have my family and Chris's family, Chris, Monkey and my friends, that's all I really need. :) Not really the most exciting but we have already accomplished some of the goals we had set for ourselves a few years back like getting married, buying a house and starting a family.

Day 19 - Nicknames you have; why do you have them

I don't really have to many nicknames, but I do have a few.

Krissy or Kris - That has to be the most obvious ones really since my name is Kristina and they are the typical short forms of my name. I actually prefer to go by either one of those then my full name though.

Mouse - This is a nickname I got from the family. I have been called that ever since I could remember. I guess it's because I was so quiet and I liked cheese.

Brat - I used to get this a lot when I was younger by my oldest brother. I guess I was a brat? He hasn't called me that in a long time though so that is good. LOL.

Steen - I've been called Steen for a number of years when I used to hang out with a particular friend regularly. He liked to call people by the middle part of their names. (kris-steen-a)

To be honest those are really the only ones that I can think of. Not really a whole lot. I'm sure there have been some random ones along the way but nothing that really stayed around for a while. I think I elementary school someone started calling me giggles or something like that at one point because I was alway laughing, but that memory is pretty foggy lol.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 16 & 17/30 - Mainstream music and favorite websites

Day 16 - Your views on mainstream music

To be honest I really don't pay too much attention to what is mainstream music or not. I basically have two categories for music. Stuff I like and stuff I don't like. I'm sure that most of the artists or bands that I begin listening to is because they are popular at that time but I don't really pay attention if they are or not. If I hear something that I like I seek more songs out by that band/artist and add it to my collection. I pretty much still love the music I used to listen to when I was younger and haven't really branched out from that to much over the years but it is always nice to find new music to fall in love with.

Day 17 - Some of Your Favorite Websites

There are a few websites that I like to check out daily. Here are a few of my favorites:

[1] - I think this is my all time favorite website ever! They have a forum for just about every type of craft imaginable. Being a craftster myself I am in heaven when I surf their forums looking at the amazing talent of others and having so much inspiration to go out and create my own beautiful things. If your a craftster go check it out! You won't be disappointed.

[2] - Another site I could just browse forever. There are tons of crafty people out there who come up with very unique ideas to fill niches that you never think were possible until you come across their store and go 'why didn't I think of that!' I love that you can search by place - so if you want to support people in your immediate area you can. There are so many things on there that I would love to buy for myself. Sometimes it's really hard to resist! (I would be broke if I indulged all the time lol)

[3] - This site is a neat way to organize books by what you have read, what you are currently reading, what you want to read and is a way to leave and read reviews. I love reading :) My username on there steen if anyone wants to check out my bookshelf.

[4] - Since I am Canadian I check out this because it is a good site to find deals, coupons and even to read up on reviews on things you may be thinking of purchasing. There are tons of forums and I have found the people there to be helpful.

[5] - I live on this site pretty much daily as well. I found that it is a good place to find other like minded bloggers, gain exposure to my own blog and in turn expose other tribemate's blogs to others as well. It's a great community. :)

I might be doubling up days about me together. It is taking me longer to get through these 30 posts then I intended. I don't like posting more then one post per day to often and I find that when I have something else monkey related or life related this gets a push back. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

I am in nap time shock.

Yesterday for the first time ever I let my 7.5 month old cry herself to sleep for her nap. I knew that I probably would have to eventually do this but I was envisioning myself doing it when she was at a bit older. I only did it now because she has shown me that she could do it and because I needed her to start napping once again in her crib since she is so mobile now. She can't crawl yet but she can move herself around pretty good. Her naps lately have been in our bed since I could either take a nap with her or tip toe away after she was asleep. I could never master transferring her from my arms to her crib without waking her up. It was almost impossible to get her back to sleep after that. Since she is more mobile I am afraid that she will fall off the bed even with pillows surrounding her.

I used to nurse her to sleep for naps and at night and that was all fine and good until I needed to start weaning. For a time I was happy with half nursing/half formula feeding her. You only have to look at earlier entries of my blog to see all the trouble I have had with nursing so I thought I had finally found a happy medium that I was okay with. Any breast milk is better then none. I would have continued this for as long as possible if it wasn't for the fact that I need to go back to work at the end of January and that I seem to need to take donperidone to keep my supply up. Nursing to sleep had let me keep my sanity and our days were much better because it wasn't a long, long, long process to get her to finally drift off. Most days I ended up just skipping her nap altogether because after an hour of trying to get her to sleep I was exhausted. As I started to wean off of donperidone at the same time, I could tell my supply was decreasing. I got to the point where I was only nursing in the mornings and at night. Unfortunately for me getting her to fall asleep with the bottle was not working anymore and it was getting stressful for me again since if she did not sleep she was cranky and clearly tired and it made me upset so we both had not so good days. (Having said that I definitely did not give her her bottle and leave her to fall asleep with it, I would take it out when she was either asleep or switch to her soother. Maybe that is just as bad but it worked and I knew I wasn't going to do that for forever.)

It came to the point this week that she would eat all of the bottle and be cranky because she wasn't asleep. I was frustrated one day and had to put her in her crib and leave her for a five minute break to calm myself down and refresh my patience batteries so I could go and try to get her to sleep again. Well she cried for a few minutes then there was silence. I checked on her and she was fast asleep in her crib and actually slept for longer then she normally EVER does. I was in shock but relieved because I really did not have the energy to fight with her to get her to take a nap.

Yesterday was the first day that I let her cry it out and it was SOOO hard. She cried for almost 20 -30 mins straight with only a few slight pauses. I did everything I could not to go in there and get her. I twittered, I rambled on in a email to my hubby and my friend. Finally she was silent and when I checked on her she was asleep! It worked! It actually WORKED and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. She really surprised me. I was relieved and so happy that she had stopped crying because that seriously broke my heart to have to listen to her go through that! The kicker is that she slept for almost 1.5 hours!! Her max used to be 30 mins at a time which never was enough and when she woke up she was happy and not crying. I was also relieved that she had a big smile for me when I came in to get her. I thought she was going to hate me. She was content and ate lunch and played on the floor without whining or crying because she actually had a decent nap for once. Her second nap came and I have to admit that I delayed it as much as I could (but only for about 10 mins) because I was afraid that I would have to listen to her cry again and it would break my heart again.

I did her nap routine, (which is pretty short, basically wave to ourselves in the mirror, change her bum, turn on her music, shut the door and then feed her and kiss her night night and walk out) and the second nap there was not a single peep out of her and she again slept for 1.5 hours.

Today for her first nap she only cried for less then 20 mins with long pauses and slept for over an hour again. I am in COMPLETE shock! She woke up again and was happy. She was actually jibber jabbering to her little monkey for a bit after she woke up. I am so happy that she is finally getting decent amounts of nap time sleep and that she is happier in general! It was the same for her second nap today. A little bit of crying but you know what the little monkey butt is actually asleep. I now might be able to get some house work done if she continues to take decent lengths of naps! I just can`t get over it! I don't know if it's just because it had to be done, or if it's because we were trying to be consistent in her sleep routines, or if it's because of her age or what. I just know that I am happy that nap time is no longer a emotionally draining heart breaking fight! 

Sadly yesterday morning was the last time I am ever going to nurse my little monkey and despite all the problems I have had with nursing and how much I hated it, I have to admit that I am a bit sad. I had dropped the night nursing session last week sometime and was planning on keeping the morning one for a bit but being completely weaned off of the donperidone and her not nursing hardly at all, I have dried up. I could tell all this week in the morning that she wasn't getting too much. So as of today she is completely weaned and I am sad that it's over but happy that I was able to nurse her for as long as I did. Despite all the problems I have had, I do plan on nursing any future kids for as long as I can and hopefully the next time it will be a much better experience because I will not make the same mistakes again and I will know what I am doing.
As for now I am going to go enjoy my quiet time while monkey is still soundly asleep and just have to say that 'Victory is mine!!'  ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Last night we handed out candy with monkey. We didn't bother taking her around considering she is only 7.5 months old and has no need for candy. Although we were considering it just to introduce ourselves to the neighbors except it was really FREAKING cold out. So we opted out this year. We did dress her in her monkey costume though and she had fun looking at all the little kids who came to the door. We had about 36 kids. There really wasn't to many duplicate costumes which was great to see and I am shocked that each and every kid that came to the door said thank you! I don't know why I expected them not to but it was a nice surprise. This is our first Halloween in the house so we haven't really handed out candy before. The apartment we used to live in handed out candy but they did it themselves. We also didn't really get to many older kids and no teenagers/high schoolers so that was also good. It was a good night although we found out that our house layout is awkward to hand out candy from. We can't sit in our great room and watch tv until we get a knock on the door because then we have to run to the front of the house and then down our stairs. So we sort of hovered in our hallway at the top (it's an elevated house so we have a short set of stairs to the main floor and the basement with a small landing as you come into the house).

Monkey's bedtime is usually around 6:30pm but because of the knocking and door bell ringing and because her room is at the front she stayed up until around 7:30pm when she passed out with a bottle. She was entertained by all the kids though so it wasn't like she was too grumpy. By the time she passed out though we hadn't had anyone come for 10 mins so that was the end of our night. Next year I want to decorate the house a bit more then just three pumpkins on the stoop. We did turn our outside lights on as well so that the kids would know that we were handing out candy. That is what most of the people down the street did as well.

Love the attitude!

A monkey in a monkey suit with a....monkey!
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