Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have a doc appointment on the 24th (next friday) so hopefully he can think of something to do for the exhaustion. I need to talk about how bad it was before we conceived although it's much better then it was. I was also at that time not losing weight but that could be cause I was eating more then I should but still. Don't know what to think? I want to work out through the pregnancy but so far haven't since I've been tired or just don't have enough time between when I wake up and go to work. UGh I can't wait until I am off on mat leave. Come on december!! and come on Novemeber!

My baby belly still isn't that big although I am into the bigger size clothes again. Although I really should go look for some mat pants soon. At least a couple. I want to get the jeans with the elastic top thingy. But to have the time and energy to do so ugh. :)

I guess I should go get ready for work since its 2:30 already! :( I have been also having some weird dreams the last few nights. I really need to write them down in my dream journal soon before I forget them! I was having one today to I think but I woke up so fast that I forgot it almost instantly!


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