Monday, October 4, 2010

Diaper service..

So I just emailed the diaper service here in town. I always knew I was seriously going to consider using cloth diapers. I don't like the cost of the plastic store bought ones, nor the fact that they just end up in our landfills stinking it up :) I'm not totally against using those, I'm sure they can be handy when we travel or go home for the weekend, but in general I really want to use cloth diapers. I wasn't to excited about having to clean and wash them myself however. BUT thanks to my friend Marie, when her and her little guy came to visit and told me about her diaper service she used I was like "OMG that is perfect!" So I researched here in town and thankfully there is one company that does this!. The give you what you need for a week, you don't have to pre wash or preclean them, store them in the handy seal tight bin they rent or sell to you and each week exchange them for new clean ones. I am excited about that. So much better for the environment! So now I just have to wait to hear back from them on their pricing. I'm assuming its going to be roughly around the same price that my friends is. $25ish a week? I totally love saving money :)

Speaking of saving money. I have recently refound the website which is all about store deals, freebies and coupons! They have a list of tried and true places that are reliable so I am starting with them. I just ordered a few coupons from which totals $6.50 in savings when I use them and a freebie trial sized sample of the new pantene hair shampoo/conditioner from :) haha I'm such a geek but you know what people save lots of money by searching and using coupons! I'm shocked by some of there posts on smartcanucks! It's even better when you can use the coupon on things that are already on sale.

I'm also happy by the number of coupons offered for baby related food/diapers/wipes. Something I will be looking at more closely when the little cashew is born! :) Chris was laughing at me last night when I was reading the smartcanucks forums but hey 'a penny saved is a penny earned!'



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