Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doc appointment!

OMG! I had my doctors appointment today and we heard the baby's heart beat for the first time! It was amazing! It's crazy to think that the little cashew already has a heart beat that is beating constantly and that we can hear it. Just doesn't seem possible!

I only got about 3-4 hours sleep last night. Then we got up and drove to the doctors. Chris came with me so he could hear it too. The doc appointment was pretty quick. He just went over my blood work and urine sample etc. He said that my thyroid was still high, lower then before but still high. So that could be why I feel so exhausted allll the freaking time. He said we will just have to watch it. Unfortunately the three main signs that it's acting up are the same ones for pregnancy so yeah. I had actually forgot about my thyroid. Here I was thinking that getting old sucks and how am I ever going to have the energy to chase after our kids and how other people my age seem to me more lively then me. But it's probably due to my thyroid. I said that my exhaustion was the same though and he told me to tell him to let him know if it changes. But after I thought about it it really is worse. I mean some days I have to drag myself out of bed and the only reason I do that is because I have to go to work. Being at work sometimes sucks because I just want to let go and collapse on the floor. So now I am kicking myself about that. I have another appointment on sept 24th so I will definately be mentioning it to him them. I thought maybe I was just burning out with work (being on straight afternoons, hardly ever seeing Chris etc) but my thyroid is probably the culprit. I mean my exhaustion is the same now then it was before I was pregnant so yah that is prolly why I said what I did. Only four more weeks to get through then I can talk to him about it more.

But hearing the heart beat was amazing. It was super fast but he said that is normal for babies which are much faster then ours. He said it would be even faster if the baby was awake. So the little bean must have been asleep. Awww! I cannot wait to meet this little person. You hear that baby. I love you tons already :) I really can't wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy. 8 more weeks on that!

Chris said that he was excited to go to the doctors last night and said today that he was really glad to have gone. That's just a big awwww. hehe Daddy loves you too little cashew!

I can definately feel that my stomach is different. It's gotten bigger but it's not just fat I can definately feel something different in there. More then likely it's the placenta. He said I probably won't feel baby movements until 20-30 weeks I guess. I'm only 12 so yeah! I am so excited. Just wish I didn't feel so run down all the time. I want to work out but it's hard to find the energy when I know I will be standing for 8 hours everyday! :(


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