Friday, October 1, 2010


The ultrasound went great. Chris got up and went to work for an hour and since I worked till midnight I got up shortly after so I could shower and get the plastic smell off of me and then sit and prepare to drink 5 glasses of water in less than an hour. I was told when I booked the appointment to bring my form, health card and drink 5 glasses of water. Now I like water, but that early in the morning to sit and make myself down it was not fun. Then of course after the first couple I had to resist the urge to go to the bathroom. I mean it's pretty automatic, you feel like you need to use the bathroom you get up and go! I had to stop myself a few times from doing just that. It was sort of horrible lol.

So Chris came back and picked me up about 9:15 and we went on our way to the hospital. It was really chilly outside to which didn't help. Of course the parking lot is like a mile away from the hospital as well. We got in there and found the right floor fairly easily even though I think it's strange that the floor we walked onto was floor 4?. Anyways, so we get to the ultrasound department and I get in fairly quickly which was nice. We only had to sit in the waiting room for a few mins. It's a good thing cause there was a bathroom right across from us that was like taunting me! LOL.

So the ultrasound person came and got us and we went in. I layed down on the bed thing and Chris pulled a chair up. She said it's nice now that the gelly stuff they have to put on your belly is heated. So she did her few things she has to look at at first then turned the monitor so I could see better. She still had lots of measurements etc to take but it was really neat seeing our little cashew for the first time. I am relieved that baby has two arms, legs, hands and feet and that there is only ONE of them. lol. I don't know if I could handle twins!

Anyways baby was pretty active, jumping and moving around. She had to keep chasing cashew around to do whatever she needed to do. She showed us his/her heart. It was neat you could actually see it beating! She said the beat was about 140 which is good.

At one point she stopped and asked if I wanted to go to the bathroom. I was like can I? She was like yep your far enough along that you didn't need to drink water. It was such a relief I tell you. When I got back I mentioned how it was hard to down 5 glasses of water. She was like I don't know why they still tell people that, really only a few is enough. So she continued taking shots etc. I asked if we are able to get printouts, to which she said unfortunately because they are all digital they don't. There are a few clinics/places that do their's in digital but still back up the old way so they are able to. I was really dissappointed, I wanted something to show off to people, and really look at now and then and of course have something to add to my scrap book. The only thing I have from that day now are memories and our ticket stub thing that we had to pay to get out of the parking lot lol.

After a bit I also asked her if she was able to tell us what sex the baby was. She again said they don't do that here, and there is one clinic and one doctor who does his own ultrasounds that will tell you. She said it might still be a bit early anyways. It was still dissappointed though. We both want to know if it's a boy or girl. Maybe when I am farther along we can find out or my doctor will tell us what he thinks. I just don't get that, they don't tell anyone anymore? I can understand maybe the hospital  because they don't want to get sued etc but still. I want to know lol. All in good time I guess. Regardles though it was really amazing seeing the baby. We could see cashew's eyes and nose and the little head and spine, legs and arms etc. It was really amazing and really neat that you can see the baby move as he/she moves! She mentioned to Chris while I was in the bathroom that there appears to be lots of fluid around the baby which is good. She also mentioned at the end that baby is about 7oz. I don't know if that is big or not. According to our baby bible around this time baby is around 3.5 - 4 oz. I know that is a guideline so I guess baby is progressing okay. It will be nice to hear what my doctor thinks of the results the next time we see him. Hopefully everything is okay.

It sucked when it was done though. It was to amazing seeing the little tyke floating around in there. I had to go to the washroom twice more before we left though. We had a few min wait will she was sending the images to someone else to check before we left to make sure everything was clear and she got everything. We got the a-okay to leave and that was that. We were there for over and hour! It's crazy for me to think I am carrying baby around with me everywhere I go. That's another human with me now for another fiveish months. Pretty soon I should be able to feel baby kicking and punching :) lol


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