Tuesday, December 21, 2010

blood clinic stuff..

So yeah I was late for work today. We got to the blood lab at about 7:15am. I handed the paper in and she mentioned something about did I know I had to be there for an HOUR!! AN HOUR!! They give me something to drink and after an hour take the blood so they can test it. It's the glucose test or whatever that is commonly done around 28 weeks.

So I looked at Chris a bit dissappointed since there was no one else in the clinic when we went in. I asked if he could call work because I would be at least 30mins to an hour late which was what I was trying to avoid! But it had to be done and there was no point in leaving without doing it considering we still had to pay four bucks to get out of the parking lot and even if we were there right at 7 on the dot I would still be late for work.

So she gave me this orange crap to drink. I had to drink it down fairly quickly it sucked and was so disgusting! I assume it was orange pop but not sure. It was gross anyways. Then we had to sit there and wait. Chris went and called work to let them know. The wait actually didn't take as long as I though, the hour seemed to go by quickly. I just wish that I would have known that because we both could have brought something in to read or something.

Anyways finally the timer went off and she sent me into a room and they came and took about three vials of blood. I think there was another test that he wanted to have done since there was something else checked but what that was I have no clue. I was super glad it was over though. At least she took the blood out of my other arm then the one that they did last thrus. Then it was work time. I wasn't looking forward to the day at all since getting up earlier then normal and not getting a lot of sleep then having to be at work all day just really sucked. But thankfully now it is over with and I don't have to worry about it. I would have waited until the week we have off at christmas but the doctor wanted me to get it done before christmas so yeah :(

Hopefully everything is normal. It sucks that I won't find that out until my next appointment in a few weeks.


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