Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 months old! Where did the time go!?

Happy 5 month old birthday Monkey!

Today you turn 5 months old! I can't believe how fast time has flown by! It seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital in labour telling myself over and over again that before I knew it you would be here and this time would be past.

Weight: ~You are roughly 15lbs (Daddy over the weekend weighed you on the home scale)
Height: ~You are roughly 25 inches (also measured at home)
Hair colour: Your hair is dark like Daddy's, with a red tint to it when in the light.
Eye Colour: Your eyes are dark, almost black.
Diaper size: You are in size 2 now or M in Bummis Cloth diaper covers
Clothing size: You still fit into size 3-6 months, but we mostly put you in 6 month old pj's since your feet seem to be always squished in smaller sizes.

Sleep: You sleep pretty well at night...when we get you to sleep. You are in bed by 7, asleep by 8 and sleep until either 2am or 4-5am, then back asleep after a feed until 7am. So you only wake mommy up once or twice a night. Naps are another story since you are stubborn and will fight sleep but are much more fun to be around when you do nap :) We are both learning the best way to get you to sleep and stay asleep.

Feeding: You are still fed on Mommy's milk, with the very odd formula supplementation and only when we need to go somewhere and I was unable to express enough milk. You have also tried strawberry and cucumber but that was more to see if you were interested then actually getting you to eat any of it.

Favorite toy: Crinkle bug is your favorite toy that Uncle JP got for you when you were born. You take him everywhere with you. (He is so dubbed crinkle bug because he has a crinkly tail and is long and skinny with wings.)

Nicknames: Mommy and Daddy call you Monkey, it was Little Cashew before you were born, but turned to Monkey when you were able to kick and punch in the womb. You are also called baby mouse sometimes.

Funniest moments: When you giggle at the funniest things, (like crinkle bug being made to hop around your swing by daddy, or mommy shaking her head up and down).

Favorite moments (mommy): I love when I come get you in the morning when you are up for the day and as soon as you see me you smile. Love you monkey!

- You can hold your head steady when in an upright position, actually that is all you ever want to do. Being on your back on the floor is no longer interesting to you because you can't see anything.
- You can raise your chest when on your stomach, supported somewhat by arms. You in fact do the superman move. Your legs are lifted off the ground and your chest as well with your arms flailing about trying to reach and touch everything in sight. If only I had that kind of ab strength!
- You can roll over one way, although you haven't seemed to want to do this the last few days. You were once able to roll back to your back as well, but haven't seen that repeated yet.
- You follow objects when they are moved around in front of you.
- You squeal in delight and giggle more often.
- You reach for objects.
- You love to feel anything and everything in front of you.
- You smile spontaneously and when seeing mommy, daddy and other people.
- You can hold items, like a rattle and shake them, also you can hold objects with both hands, especially to put them in your mouth.
- You have started to jibber jabber, mostly saying ma-ma-ma or da-da-da (so cute).
- You also like to try and reach for things out of your reach and sometimes depending where you are, you sort of scoot on your back to get to them.

- You tried strawberry and cucumber for the first time. It was only a few licks but it's a start. You seem to like the strawberry but made a funny face when you tasted the cucumber. Very soon we will actually start you on some solids.
- You went into your Jolly Jumper for the first time. At first you weren't sure what to think but once you were in there for a few minutes you really loved it.
- You rolled over for the first time!
- You also have your first tooth! It has already poked through the gums a little bit. We can feel its razor sharpness! It's the bottom front one on the left side.
- You also found your feet for the first time and never waste any change to grab onto them, especially when you are on the changing table and mommy or daddy are trying to change your diaper.

I can't believe this much time has past. We are looking forward to seeing our little one continue to grow!
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