Sunday, May 27, 2012

BabyBelly #2 - week 14!

My big belly! Just starting week 14! So glad that I made it out of the first trimester with no problems. I can't believe the size of my belly this time around. I was looking at belly shots with monkey at 15 weeks and I was barely showing then! Gah :) I'm wearing one of the shirts I got from my maternity shopping spree. Love it and the colour! Actually I guess the black capri pants I'm wearing is also from that day to. :)

I mean looking back my belly is as big as it was when I was at week 24 the last time! Yikes :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Chair sittings and other rambles..

Over the last weekend we got her a foam chair with the disney fairies on it. She had been trying the last few weeks to get into her bumbo chair which really she is to big for. It's actually quite funny watching her attempt it since she would stand in it with her facing the back of the chair then try to sit down, which really doesn't work. She was starting to get really frustrated though so we decided a foam chair was in order. I showed her a few times, actually even Chris did which was really funny in itself since he doesn't even come close to fitting in it, how to get in it. Not that I tried sitting in it either but rather I turned her and then set her back into it. So of course being the big girl that she is she got out of it then faced the back, stuck one foot in there, did sort of a turn and worked her leg out from under her until she was sitting in it properly. She was so proud when she finally got in it and so cute! You can judge for yourself!

I have been very lax in writing in my journal and in my blog lately. I just never seem to have enough time to do everything I want :( So far I have had two doctors appointments, well actually I just saw the nurse both times. The first was to confirm pregnancy, the second one was to do the urine test, blood pressure, weigh in and bloodwork. He did come in to do that since she had a hard time finding my vein and was unsuccessful in getting it the first jab. Since I told her I am not good with needles and considering they had to take like 6 vials of it she just went and got him and he got it the first try. Thankfully I didn't get queasy or almost pass out like the last time I had 5 vials taken from me.

I was dissappointed that I didn't see him and he didn't check for the heart beat. I could have sworn that by this time (I am 13w6d) with monkey that my doctor back home had found it but I guess every doctor is differnet. My next appointment is the first week in june so I will actually see him, so maybe we will hear it then. He will also go over my blood work etc. So far I think I have only gained about 5-6 pounds which is good I think?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maternity clothes shopping

We went to a near by town today to go to maternity store to get some clothes for me to wear since I have been uncomfortable in most of the clothes I normally wear to work for awhile now. Its so hard working opposite shifts with Chris since the weekend is the only time we can get things done, but at the same time its the only time I have to totally be able to relax since I know that I don't have to go to work and Chris is around the help with Monkey.
We have been trying to go the past few weekends but didn't because there was something else we needed to do or we ran out of time. I tried looking at stuff in Value Village but the stuff they have in there is so outdate and HUGE that I was pretty disappointed. There is another store that is supposed to have used mat clothes as well but I couldn't find it! Walmart's section consists of tops that are just XXL. seriously? with some mat jeans that are just horrendous looking!

So off we went. Probably not the best weekend to go since it was the long weekend and the roads were busy but I wasn't going to wait another week to get something to wear! We were in the store for a long time and I tried on soooo many things. I found a lot of stuff that I liked, my only complaint is that they have short freaking sleeves!! So when I am at work I have to be careful not to jiggle my arms around or else UGH~ shudder :( I can't believe how much my belly is showing! I never showed this much this early with Monkey but I have read that you show faster with your second.

Another thing is that I actually found a bra that fits pretty good! So I bought two. The girls working there were super nice and helpful and the one told me that she sold a few bras to a customer earlier and she liked it so much better then the one she was wearing that she wore it out of the store. I did the same thing! Once I put it on there was no way I was taking it off! I have been wearing two bras lately just to keep the girls under control. None of mine were fitting properly anymore. So after finding this one it was soooo much better and more comfortable. HA I told Chris that I might just buy my bras from there from now on since any that I get at stores like la Senza just never fit right and the ones that you find at Sears are so freaking ugly they make me feel 90 years old!

So after forever I finally had gone through everything that I had wanted to try on (at least with the first pass around the store) Chris asked if I wanted to look around the store again. I have to say that I was tempted because I knew there were other tops that I liked that I didnt try on but I also knew even if they were having an amazing sale (buy one get the second 40% off) the bill was going to be expensive. I was right! wooo I was so shocked at the price but in reality it was worth it and I knew that the two boutique stores here that sold mat clothes had crazy prices. Like 60 bucks for one top crazy. There were clothes in here that were the same but they had a good selection and a lot of stuff was on sale. Chris told me that we would have to have a third baby just to get our moneys worth out of these clothes. LOL. I told him we will see. It definately made me wish that I had gotten clothes when I was prego with monkey, but it was winter when I was huge and I could get away with wearing a baggy oversized shirt and sweater. I can't do that this year since it's summer and it gets so hot in the plant. Can't hide behind my sweater thats for sure!

So nice to have some clothing options now and tshirts that actually fit my prego body. Still cringing at the price of it but what can ya do.

Friday, May 18, 2012

She Climbs!

So this is what Chris caught her doing today! So we definately have to readjust that corner! We want to find a nice tv stand but we need one that has clear doors or something so that we can still change the channels etc but not have it out where little hands can hit the dvd player or cable box. Still though, just goes to show you have to watch little ones like a hawk!

What a little monkey. She still can't climb up on the couch or chair yet though but it might be because its still to high for her. We have been trying to teach her the proper way to get down though since anytime we have her up there with us she tries to get down head first.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monkey's first hair cut.

I really didn't want to have to cut her hair so soon. I really really really didn't. I don't know why. More then likely because then I have to admit that she is growing up even though she is still small and young. Still it was hard for me. After many attempts at trying to keep the hair out of her eyes, you know brushing her hair to the side when its wet, and pinning it back with barrettes, and nothing I tried was working, I knew I couldn't procrastinate any longer. It really wasn't fair for her that her hair was always in her eyes. So while Chris was feeding her supper I tried to cut her bangs. Everytime either of my hands came near her head she freaked out. It took a few minutes to get the first cut done but once that happened she was so distracted by the hairs that fell on her highchair that I was able to cut the rest of her bangs. She looked so cute after it was done and best of all she can actually SEE again :)

Hair before the cut.

Hair after. So cute!
Now that is over and done with I don't know why I was so hesitant or sad to do it. I guess it must be a mom thing?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tired's a pattern I think...

I'm not really looking forward to going into work tonight. I mean I keep going back and forth between if I should or not.  I definately feel better then most days so I probably will make myself. I probably will also kick my ass and regret it half way through. The shifts are so long and boring it sucks. All I want to do is stay home, relax, clean and work on my story! My birthday is next week as well which sucks :( I don't want to get a year older.

Is it the weekend yet? I'm so exhausted with all that needs to be done that nothing is getting done and that also sucks! I just want to feel okay otherwise it's going to be a really long f'n 6 months! On another note I weighed myself before taking a shower today and I was happy to see that I really haven't gained to much weight in the almost 3 months of the first trimester so that makes me really happy. I still wish I was back to my normal weight before I got prego again but at least this time I have a plan to lose the weight after this one is born and actually have the motivation to do it. I seriously really hate my under arm flab :( and why are all girl tshirts so freakin short in the sleeve department! I mean I hate the tops of my arms and unless I want to feel like big block of person wearing guys tshirts, the sleeves just show to much top arm :( you can never win!!
I know I need to stop whining.
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