Thursday, July 29, 2010

first doc appointment...

Yesterday I had my first doctors appointment since conceiving :) I went and visited with Mom and Aunt Lena who was down until my appointment. They dropped me off then went over to Metro to get some food or something. I went in and had my first baby appointment. He asked me a bunch of questions etc standard stuff I guess for baby, like how my diet is, if im eating enough milk products etc. I had to have a physcial to. Blah not fun. He confirmed that the baby is 8 weeks. Well he said he would guess 8-10 weeks but since my period and numbers are pretty exact I am 8 weeks. He also guessed that my due date would be march 8th. Weird though eh if the baby comes out that day since I am born on the 8th and so is Chris. He also said that my uterus was tilted and then was like lets see if we can find the babys heart beat. He was like but you have to promise not to get upset if we can't. He was like I don't normally try but since yours is so close to the surface we might be able to find it. So he tried and I got all teary eyed and emotional when I though he had found it but nope. So I have to wait until my next appintment next month to hear it. I will be 12 weeks then! I just have to get some blood work done before then. I guess it's standard stuff for pregnancy. It's nice to have him confirm that I am actually pregnant because I really beginning to feel like I wasn't.

The funny thing is that before I always thought it would be really weird to be pregnant and be strange to have a baby growing inside of me but now that I am it's not so. It never bothered me when other people were prego but to think that I would be at some point sort of freaked me out. I always thought of Aliens where the baby alien pops out through the stomach. But not so anymore :) Which is a relief to me lol.

So once we got back to moms house I told her that she can tell people now. She was like you know how hard it was not to tell people! Aunt lena was really shocked I think when I told her why I was going to the doctor. I think that was the last thing she expected me to say. But she was really happy and got up and gave me a few hugs. :) So she was like so when I talked to my kids I can tell them right? lol.

I told Chris that he had to call and tell his mom now because I would hate for her to run into mom and mom say something thinking that she knew! lol that wouldn't be good. He called her last night and she was excited. I guess she said she was wondering when we were going to think about having kids but she didn't want to ask. She said the girls will be so excited.

Ugh I have to go get ready for work and I really don't want to. I just want to sleep or lay and relax on the bed. lol.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8/40 weeks - baby belly shots

Photos of my baby belly. I'm 8 weeks and not showing at all. lol

Thursday, July 22, 2010

cranky and sick feeling..

ugh why couldn't it be one of those days that I thought it was almost time for work but really I still had an hour :( I really don't want to go! But it's thrus so after tonight there is one more night then the weekend. I'm soo looking forward to the weekend. This baby thing is still making me feel nauseous although today and yesterday wasn't as bad as the day before. I'm glad at least I am not vomiting though. But still I have to force myself to eat enough before work or I will be starving by 5 like I was the other day. Sucks especially when your break isn't first but third or something. Ugh :( I really wish I could just be prego and be at home :( Soon enough I guess.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this past weekend...

So last saturday (the 17th) me and Chris went home to attend Tammy and Steve's surprise 25th wedding anniversary. Just after we got there Steve asked me if I was really prego. I said, 'yep' and he was like all happy and said congrats and gave me a hug. Steph (my niece) had just walked into the garage just then, she made a funny face and was like, 'okay?'. She was like 'oh nevermind, well I can probably guess'. So I was like, 'yep'. She got excited and was like really??!?! Then was like, 'Don't worry I won't tell anyone'. I did mention that I haven't gone to the doc yet because he is on holiday for two weeks. I couldn't call to even make an appointment until the 19th. It was so hard that night and day not to say anything to anyone. Especially at one point when Aunt E and Christine (cousin) were bugging me asking when we were going to have little ones. Mom said she has already almost slipped a few times. So she will probably be relieved when she can finally say something and tell people.


Monday, July 19, 2010


Last night even though I was so tired, I couldn't get to sleep. There was thunderstorms going on but still. I woke up and really did not feel rested at all. I ended up laying in bed until 9:30. I felt not well and slightly sick to my stomach, but got up to call the doctor to make an appointment, but unfortunately they were not there until noon. So I went back to bed. I just couldn't sit up at all. I know I was having really weird dreams. The only thing I really remember about this one is that I was on a treadmill? lol I don't know.

I got up around 12:30 again and called the doctor and she booked me in for next wednesday at 11:30 am. So that's good. I still feel like sometimes that I am not prego anymore or was never to begin with. I don't know why. Even though I know that's not possible considering I haven't got my period so yeah. lol. I took a quiz thingo on the and it estimated that I would have a girl. So we will see if that is right. I think it would be nice to have a girl first, but really as long as the baby is healthy, I really don't care.

ugh I need to go get ready for work :( I am not looking forward to standing for 8 hours. Although I did get some new insoles so hopefully they help my feet. I want nothing more then to be able to stay home! I guess I will be able to do that in like 6-7 months? Seems weird that little baby cashew has a heartbeat already :) The only down side is I was not were I wanted to be weight wise before getting pregnant, and with my breasts so swollen feeling and huge and I just feel so fat and gross :( ugh :(

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last night I think I actually got some good sleep. Even though I didn't go to sleep until almost 4am and I then bolted awake early in the morning as soon as I became conscious because I knew something was wrong. Chris was still sleeping beside me. I looked at the clock and seen that it was blinking (the power must have went out) and then looked at my watch and it was like 9:15ish. So he basically bolted out of bed and got ready quickly and went to work. Just after he left I started to feel sick. I layed in bed until almost one when I made myself get up. I didn't want to but really I had to since I have to work tonight anyways. So I got up and made something to eat even though I really didn't feel like eating. I did finally start to feel better just shortly before 2. I don't know if this is my first sign of morning sickness or not. I really really don't want to have to go to work. I feel so exhausted all the time and this is nothing new so it's not due to being prego. I haven't felt the need to throw up so far so that was good.  I'm so glad today is thrus though. Just today and tommarrow then the weekend. I am looking forward to saturday. HA we will see how long this "I am prego stays under wraps" since I talked to mom tues night and she said that she did tell Tammy (my sister) and told her she could tell Steve (my brother-in-law) but no one else since I didn't want anyone else to know, at least until I went to see the doctor. LOL mom said she almost let it slip sooo many times. hehe :)

ugh time to go get ready or work. I lied, my stomach does feel a bit queasy still. Can't wait to be past this part. :( I wish I could be a stay at home preggers. lol

Monday, July 12, 2010


So When I called the doc office on the 5th they had a message saying that they would be gone for two weeks and we can call to make appointments on the 19. So that sucks.  I hate waiting!

I did tell mom on saturday that I am prego but haven't been to the doc yet to officially confirm it. She was pretty happy saying that there hasn't been a baby in the family in a while. So now I am pretty excited. Although I am still worried about all the crap I breathe in at work. It's something else I need to ask the doctor about. So far though it's only been my boobs getting huge and swollen and aching although today they seem to have stopped hurting so that is nice. Every once in a while I get lower stomach cramps that last maybe a minute and go away. I don't know if it's stomach cramps related to my body changing in preperation for the baby or what. Thankfully either way they don't last to long and aren't like all the time. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

YES!! Success!!

Soooo I took a test this morning since I should have been due for my period this week but still haven't gotten it. My boobs for the last week or so have been HUGE and hurt like hell and I have had slight cramping for the last four days and no period. So today I took a test and almost right away I seen two lines! So I am prego!! Wow I really don't know how to feel. I am happy of course but also freaked out at the same time! So Monday I have to call the doc and make an appointment to confirm! I just want to tell people now or at least mom. ahhhh hehe. I know past periods I thought I was pregnant before so I was trying not to get my hopes up this time. MY stomach feels super weird and I just feel fat which sucks :(

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