Wednesday, October 13, 2010

18/40 weeks

Well I think my belly is starting to look like a baby belly! At least in shots like this. I think if you didn't know I was prego you might not clue in it's a baby belly. Shrugs it's starting to get big though! None of my original jeans fit anymore :( Be nice to eventually get back into them after little cashew is born. That is a long way off though. lol.

I'm due for week 19 pics today as well. We took these week 18's last friday but didn't have a chance to post them till now. I believe according to my baby book that baby will double in size for a bunch of weeks now. So I think one day I will wake up with this huuuge baby belly and wonder where it came from lol. :) I'm still awaiting the first time I feel the baby move! I might have already but not really to sure? It wasn't fluttering like before so I have no idea. But soon hopefully!


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