Wednesday, December 5, 2012

off to the hospital again..and the doctor..

(written 22/03/2013)

We went to see the lactation consultant at the hospital today. I really did not want to have to go and was sort of angry that I was just there the day before! This time I had to walk all the way up by myself and I was only 3 days after giving birth. That wasn't really fun but at least mom was still down so she watched the monkey. We also had to go to the doctors to get chlobug checked out which also was not fun either.

Anyways the consultant really helped me. She suggested using a simple sns system that did sort of what the nurse the day before did. This time it was a tube that was attached to a syringe. She just sucked up some formula (although she said of course I could use expressed milk as well but since I didn't have any with me we just used that) so we got the baby to latch then she slipped it into her mouth and every time she stopped nursing she pushed the plunger and then the baby would start eating again. I was so amazed! I couldn't help but think why the hell the other consultant that was at the hospital before not suggest this to me with monkey? This not only helped her to keep eating and thus not having to fight with her for hours on end at feeding time (which was really exhausting with monkey) but also stimulated my body to know that it needed to produce more milk. She said that we probably would only need to do that for a few days until she wasn't as sleepy as she was.
She also answered my question on how to know if you have a good latch. I mean I knew to look for the flanged lips but I hated that everything stated to get as much of the tissue in as possible. That always confused me because how do you know you have enough? She answered me but I had to specifically ask her that as long as the lips are flanged it is all good. I knew that if I hadn't asked again in a more direct fashion like that I would be at home worry constantly that she wasn't getting the proper amount or whatever. She gave us the simple sns kit and we were on our way. I felt like this time that nursing had to be better and I was totally confident but at the same time I didn't know if I wanted to do this. I set myself a goal of 6 weeks again first and see how it went.

Then we were off to the doctor. Everything was fine here. I really wish I could find where I wrote down how much she weighed. I need to find that because I know I have it somewhere along with her other measurements
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