Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby mouse onsies! awww :)

Baby Shower..

The baby shower was yesterday Sunday Jan 30th, Mom and Tam organized it for me. We had driven home on saturday and I was really relieved that it was a nice day. The weekend before was horrid and I didn't much like the thought of having to go home in really crappy weather. It would have been just to stressful. I hate winter to begin with and even though I wouldn't have been driving, just with snow all over the roads and them possibly being slippery and then having to wonder about other drivers - yeah just to stressful to me. Thankfully it was a bright and sunny day out. We went and spent the day and most of the evening at Chris's parents house and then left to spend the night at moms. We got up and hung out with mom until it was time to go to the shower. Chris came to the hall at first since we got there around 12 to set up. There was a lot of food etc to bring so Chris ended up putting some of it in our car. Once there Tammy and Steve were there shortly after and we started to set up. Chris blew up the ballons for us.

These ballons were scary! The first time one of them hit the floor and burst scared the crap out of me! Probably everyone as well that was there at the time. They were loud! Tammy was having a hard time getting them to stay taped to the tables. There wasn't to much to set up really. We put some blue and pink table cloths on the present table and the food tables. We put out some trays of munchies on all the tables and the pop in the fridge. Mom made some coffee and really that was about it. Sounds simple right? lol not really it seemed to take forever to get it all set up. Mom and Tam had made some crock pot chilli and it smelled so freaking good!

By this time people were starting to trickle in. It's a good thing mom rented a hall considering there was no way we could all fit in a house! It wouldn't have been so bad if we could have had it outside but considering it's the middle of winter that wasn't going to happen! After everyone was there we played bingo. We almost didn't have enough cards but it all worked out in the end. Thankfully Cindy was calling the cards considering everyone was all talking etc at there tables and it was super loud! She was screaming at the top of her lungs lol.

After that I opened all the cute baby presents. Tammy sat beside me and wrote on all the cards for me while William was bringing them to me and Danny was taking them to one of the tables so people could pass them around. It was sort of ackward and like me and Tam were at the one end of the hall by ourselves. We should have moved the tables and put all the chairs in a circle before people got there so that when we did open the presents I didn't feel like I was out in the middle of nowhere with everyone watching!

It seemed to take forever to get through all of them. At one point mom started bringing stuff out and getting the food tables set up so that once we were done we could all eat. Cindy was taking photos for me which was good. It's nice to have some memories of the day. I took the odd picture when we first got there, especially the cake mom got. She had this toy squeaky mouse that she put on top of the cake. I got a few pics before I cut into it. It was cute.

We got a lot of stuff that we needed. Lots of different sizes of clothes for the baby, a big diaper bag, two smaller ones, some stuffed animls, a monitor, a thermoter, a baby care kit (with brush, toothbrush, nail clippers in it), lots of receiving blankets and fuzzy warm blankets, a baby bath tub, lots of baby lotion and baby powder, some diapers which were all different sizes. It's good that we got some newborn stuff but not a whole lot considering baby will just out grow it pretty much in a short amount of time, lots of cute onsies, a stroller/car seat, a baby carrying thing, what to expect in the first year book, a Robert Munch book ( 'i will love you forever' love it!!) a few floor mat play things and a baby bouncer thing which will come in handy right away. Also a jolly jumper from Jen, JP and the girls! Lots of other stuff as well but definately all stuff that we needed. It's pretty awesome that we didn't get hardly any doubles so that is really good. My favorite has to be though a three pack baby onsie set that has mice on it!! There sooo cute! I have no idea where Aunt Barb finds these things! So cute can't wait till baby can wear them :) awwww pretty soon.

Chris's cousin Melanie and his Aunt were there as well. She is due just a few days before me!  I guess she is going with a home birth. I think she is nuts but then again I probably can't picture giving birth anywhere else but a hospital because I am afraid of complications. It's understandable considering my heart went all nuts on me about five years ago now, so yeah I don't think anything will happen while I'm in labor but it makes me feel so much better knowing we are at the hospital in case something does and it's good for them to be able to check the baby right after birth. My doctor doesn't think I will have any problems either since my last echo came back fine. So that is a relief. Melanie is definately braver then me :)

Then once everyone was leaving it was a challenge to get everything in the car! I had told Chris I would call him when we got back to moms and mom was waiting for him to come back so we could put the stuff in our car. A little miscommunication there and I never really though about what we were going to do with the presents afterwards! So Chris's mom loaded as much as she could in her car to bring back to the house and we put the rest of the stuff in moms car and went home. Took a few minutes to clean up. I think Landon and Tanner had fun popping all the rest of the ballons that were around. We had the hall until 4 or at least that was when the shower was supposed to end but we didn't get out of there until 5 something.

When I got home I called Chris and he came and got me. We chatted with mom for a bit then packed the stuff into the car and went back to his parents house. It was a good day. We got home late at night but somehow managed to squish everything except the stroller part of the travel system into our car. Chris somehow lost his keys while loading everything into our car though. He finally decided to start bringing bags back into the house so we could search them to find them since they were not the ground or anywhere else to be seen. He enlisted his two brothers to help him. Thankfully Robert heard them when he was setting a bag down and they had only brought in about five at that time so that was good. LOL at Chris for losing his keys yet again :) I refused to give him mine while he was looking in case he lost them to! LOL.

It was nice seeing everyone at the shower, especially some cousins and aunts etc that I don't see to often! It came and went so quickly it's insane!

Friday, January 28, 2011

baby shopping!

Well Zellars was a bust. We were looking at all the baby stuff and discovered that the Graco stuff that was on sale was just the 'olivia' collection, which is brown and a floral pink. The floral pink was just ugly. They must be discontinuing that collection or something. Also the pads for the change table were out of stock but we did get a rain check which is good for 60 days. So that is good. It's only 15 bucks on sale as apposed to it's reg price of 30. Hopefully they get some more in soon. I guess we weren't the only ones looking for it as well.

We were also looking at the diaper genie's and trying to figure out if it would be good to store our dirty cloth diapers in until we wash them. My only concern is that it might squish them down as they drop in and might be more of a pain in the butt. We could always just get a garbage pail that has a secure lid and use the bummis bags that are washable. I guess we need to research that a bit.

Sucks that we walked away from Zellars with nothing but it was good to go look. We also checked out the baby department in Wally world. They have a nice resonable priced glider there for 150. It would be nice to have a nice chair in the same room as me and baby when I go to feed him/her in the middle of the night. I can't see me sitting on the bed doing that nor bringing baby into the other room and sit on the couch or chair to do that either. Plus I want something padded and comfy. This is the first one that isn't way expensive. We will see. I like to that they had one out so you could sit in it and try it out.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The prenatal health fair

The prenatal health fair was bigger then I expected! There were tons of booths with lots of helpful info and lots of handouts. I am glad that we went. It was only near the end before we left that we finally found the booth that we were actually going there for. Although there really wasn't to much opprotunity to ask her about the cloth diapers. It doesn't really matter anyways since we have decided instead of the diaper service to just buy ours outright and wash them ourselves. Chris compared the price of the service each week for a year to how much it costs to buy them. It was something like over 1000 -2000 for the year as apposed to purchasing them and washing them ourselves. Sure we have to use more hydro and water etc but I think in the long run it will be cheaper. Plus we are hopefully getting the bummis starter kit for infants this weekend. They are hoping to get their stock in soon so on the way home this weekend I will call them to see if they have them in and we can go get it. It's wayyy cheaper to buy it in a bundle pack then individually.It is also much cheaper there then any of the other places I have found it at. It's good that we did a bit of research. Hopefully we can get it this weekend so we can wash them before baby comes and get used to having to wash them in the our front loader washer.

Tonight we are going to go to Zellars to look at their baby stuff since a lot of it is 40-50% off especially the graco baby playpens! I do know we are going to also hopefully get a baby change table mattress. They are half price as well. The sale ends tonight unfortunately :( I wish it was this week coming up that everything was on sale considering my baby shower is this sunday. Zellars though is a pain to find stuff in sometimes especially in the clothing department so I hope that the baby section is at least half way decent!

OMG I can't believe how soon baby is!!! 34 weeks right now! less then 6 to go. Hopefully baby at least waits until week 37 or 38 to come and hopefully I don't go to far over my due date. That would suck!

Monday, January 24, 2011

unfortunate discovery

bah! So I had a discovery the other night. I think it was Saturday night. I was laying on the couch and Chris had come over and mentioned some marks on the bottom of my belly. Now it's so big I can't see it myself unless I look into a mirror. I thought it could be just couch or pants or shirt marks but I was a little bit doubtful. So when I did look into the mirror it looked like there are stretch marks there!! Not a whole lot but still. :( I feel stupid being upset by this considering lots of women who have babies get stretch marks. I just also kick myself because I have been lax about putting lotion on my stomach because I thought that I wasn't going to develop them because it has been fine till now. ARGH. I know the lotion doesn't or hasn't been proven to stop them from forming but it could help and yeah at least if I had been and I still got what I have now then oh well. Hopefully they don't get worse and they fade away a lot after the birth. :( They just seemed to appear out of no where!!

Tonight we are going to the prenatal health fair that the hospital puts on. Be nice to at least talk to people about cloth diapers.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

week 33

Baby belly at week 33. It's getting bigger! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

doc appointment...

So we had our doc appointment today. It was fairly quick since we didn't have anything that concerned us or any questions really at this time. He did mention straight away that he got my results from echo test back and that everything that they looked for turned out normal. So that is a big relief, a HUGE relief. Also for the fact that my heart hasn't been palpitating nearly as much as it did. Maybe a few times every once in a while. That makes me feel so much better for sure!

The nurse had also taken my weight, urine sample and blood pressure. I was happy to see that my weight was the same as two weeks before. I was beginning to worry just how much I was going to gain!! It seemed for awhile to just keep going up and up and up! So hopefully it has leveled off. Only 7 weeks to go roughly! OMG.

He listened to the babys heart beat and measured my stomach and basically everything is going along good. I am super excited to meet this baby! I can't wait. But I'm hoping baby doesn't come before the babys room is done! or before we have all the stuff we need for baby since we have not a whole lot at the moment! I have to go see him again in two weeks and then after that it's every week until I go into labour.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So it's been really weird being home all day long. My last day of work was last friday. Last week seemed like it would never end, but now it's like I almost (almost!) feel like I could have or should have worked this week at least. But then when I stop and think how I felt last week and the week before it just seems like it wouldn't have been pleasant. Still seems really weird. I have been not as tired as I have been the last few weeks since I can actually sleep in now so that has helped. I love being at home right now. I have been just puttering around cleaning, straightening up, getting some stuff done that I would like to get done before the baby is here. Mainly my scrapbooking stuff since I have everything in the babys room right now. We want to paint that soon so I need to get it done and out of the way.

I was worried the other night since I wasn't feeling baby move at all and my belly felt less hard then normal but thankfully baby has been kicking and punching again. I think I'm just getting really anxious and can't wait till baby is here since it's so close now. At the same time though I am freaking out since I have no idea what to expect with labor etc. Especially with the whole will Chris be home when it starts. Right now I'm trying to relax and not think about it to much. Whenever it does freak me out I just think about the moment when we get to see our baby for the first time :) and now that any pain that I go through will be worth it.

We have booked the first monday of Feb at the hospital to go on the prego ward tour. I am relieved that they have room for us still since they only do it once a month. I will feel loads better knowing where to go etc and what it looks like when we actually go there to deliver. It still is really nerve wracking.

Mom and Tam have set a baby shower date for the 30th of Jan. I'm excited for that. I can't wait to see all the cute little baby stuff. :) I have my next doc appointment this friday. I expect it to be okay since everything seems to be going okay and we don't have any real concerns. I still feel very unready. I'm worried baby will come early and we won't be ready for her/him at all. I need to read up on what to expect more. It will be nice though not to have to get up and pee every five mins. At night, when I wake up, especially if I fell asleep on my right side it hurts so much to roll over get out of bed and get to the bathroom. It's just the most uncomfortable feeling ever. Soon enough I guess. I should enjoy this alone time while I can. It just really sucks being at home by myself all day long without Chris. I much like the weekends better because he is here to! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby dream #4

I just remembered that I had another baby dream near the start of Jan sometime. This time I think we were getting ready for bed or at least getting ready to put baby to bed. I was in the front room and Chris had taken the baby down the hallway. When he came back I asked him where he put her. He said that she was okay and that she was on the floor by the cat pillows. For some reason the hallway was full of bags and other random stuff. In the middle was the baby on top of the two blue cat pillows kicking and giggling and petting or trying to pet the cats. She was also pulling Gimli's hair. I was like Chris! Baby is going to get hurt! to which he was like 'no'. The thing was that Gimli was fighting with Mantisaur right beside baby. I was walking towards them as fast as I could when I seen where he had put her because cats fighting and baby pulling their hair means it was only a matter of time before one of them tried to scratch or bite! Sure enough when I was close enough Gimli lunged (Mantisaur as well possibly) at baby and my hands came out and I caught both of them by the neck before they came anywhere near the baby.

Talk about a not so nice dream! I think I might have thrown the two cats across the floor to get them away from her. I guess it's not unfounded since I am worried about the cats scratching or biting baby once she is here. Although I am sure that we will not see the cats to often for like the first month after she is home. lol.

doc appointment

I had another doc appointment on the 7th of Jan. This time we got in fairly quickly. We got there about 15 mins before my actual appointment time and got in right on time. Last time it was almost 45 mins after my scheduled time before we got in.

So the nurse person did the whole testing of the urine, blood pressure and my weight. Ick, I peeked at my weight and have to say I am not happy :(. Hoping that maybe I just have lots and lots of fluid. Once she was done Chris was able to come into the room again. We only waited a few minutes until someone came in. I was so confused at first because it wasn't my doctor. But once he explained himself it made sense. He is a third year med student who was helping the doctor that day to get experience etc. So he did the belly measurements and checked baby's heart rate. Then we talked about any concerns me or Chris had. He then went and talked with the doctor about them (out in the freaking hallway to!). I mean we could hear ever word they were saying :( I had some concerns that well I just wouldn't want like everyone to hear! Geez. Although anyone in that office probably has heard that a million times or are in the same boat but still :( He did tell the doc that he gaged monkey's heart rate at about 130.

Anyways after they finished talking, they both came back in and we talked about my concerns. Nothing real major and all common during pregnancy. He also told me that my ultrasound results were good. There is enough fluid around the baby, the baby looked healthy, no visible defects etc. He did say that baby was ahead of the game weight wise, but he said that it could slow down. It is just something we will have to see. I hope that doesn't mean that baby is going to be a 9 pounder!! I didn't think 3lb20z was to big at this stage! He also said that the placenta had grown upwards so it is not covering the cervix. Which is a big relief! At least now I can at least try delivering normally.

He also got my results back from my glucose test or whatever it's called. It came back normal so that is good. I did ask about my echo test which was what I was most interested in but he said that he had not recieved the results yet. He assured me that that wasn't uncommon and considering it was the week of christmas that it was done it doesn't surprise me. He did say though that if there was something to worry about they would have made it a priority to get the results to him. So hopefully by my next appointment he has them though. I'm sure if he doesn't they will be calling them and bugging them for it. I have to go back and see him in two weeks. At about 36 weeks he said it will be weekly then. When I was talking to mom on Sunday she said to if there was something wrong with the echo they would have called me back in for a retest to double check the results. So that made me feel better. Still nervous about the delivery part but who isn't the first time around! I really hope that I am not home by myself when it starts though. At least Chris is pretty close if that does happen, only about 10 mins away.

I have decided that this is my last week of work. I wanted to go to the end of Jan but I don't think that is going to happen. I'm having a hard time sleeping, then waking up a million times at night  and then having a hard time going back to sleep just isn't fun. Plus by the end of the day my back is killing me even if I get up and walk around every hour. I'm going to miss the paycheck each week since mat leave pay sucks but I think I will be relieved once I am done. It will give me a chance to get stuff ready for baby, and get some things done and out of the way before baby arrives. Chris is jealous of course but I don't blame him. Who wouldn't want a year off of work lol.


week 30!

Wow time seems to be flying by but at the same time it seems to be taking forever. Anyways baby belly is getting huge and getting in the way! I think I have now started referring to little cashew as monkey now considering she is like kicking and punching and wigglying around a lot now.

(this photo was taken on Jan. 2nd - about halfway through my 30th week)

christmas holidays!

One thing that I was really excited to do during our break from work at Christmas was get this scrapbook kit from michael's. It came with paper, stickers, embellishments and the scrapbook itself. I had fun creating this even though they gave you ideas for pages and most of the sheets of paper had lots of decorations on it anyways but still. I just used some of their ideas and went my own way. Either way it was really fun making and I can't wait to start filling it in with photo's and info :)
Here is a pic of the cover and a few of my fav pages.

christmas baby gift

During our time at home with the fam's Lindsay gave me this cute little baby frame. She said that when she saw it she just had to get it :) So hopefully now baby really is a girl lol. One of the first things I did when we got home was put our little cashew's ultrasound pic in it! So cute :)

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