Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby dream #3 and other stuff

So this dream happened about a week or so ago. Since I have been slacking with both my online and offline journal I have forgotten a lot of what happened in it or at least the details, colours and background stuff.

Anyways what I do remember is that we had the baby, except the baby was about the size of my thumb and all I wanted to do was cuddle the baby but my mom was like, 'no you can't just yet, the baby needs to be warm'. So she filled one of our green bowls with warm water and put the baby in it. I was just sitting there watching the baby inside the bowl and wondering how long baby had to stay in there. The baby was soo tiny. I did have a thought about how the baby would not drown but I don't think that was a main concern to me. So I guess baby wouldn't? For some reason the bowl was sitting on the ledge that over looks the stairs to the basement and the front door landing at the house. Yeah that's a really safe place to put your newborn who is tiny and in a glass bowl! What was my dream self thinking!?

That is about all that I remember unfortunately. I have to remember to journal more. I have been so tired with not sleeping at night and then working during the day that by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is sit in the uncomfy chair I am using for a computer chair and type.

Last night was especially brutal since I passed out I think as soon as my head hit the pillow at about 11:30 but woke up around 3am. I laid there for a bit before finally getting up and going to the washroom, thinking that was probably why I woke up. Well I couldn't get back to sleep! After two hours of tossing and turning I ended up waking Chris up and then he also couldn't fall back asleep. I tried everything. I thought maybe it's because my throat was really dry. I have a cold again, or at least a start of one and my nose was really stuffy so breathing through my mouth really dried it out. I even tried drinking some cold water but that didn't work. Nothing was working it was so annoying considering 7am is when the alarm goes off! So finally I got Chris to pass me my baby book and looked up insomnia. Most of the suggestions I couldn't really do in the middle of the night (ie take a warm bath - I mean I could have but yeah wasn't going to! lol) except they suggested lots of pillows. So Chris went and found me the body pillow and I curled up to that. We also turned on the tv and I sort of half watched Home Improvement since the screen was to bright for my eyes I think after about 30 mins of that it startted to lull me to sleep, that and being wedged between the body pillow and Chris finally pulled me under. Of course only to be awoken by the stupid alarm about 1.5ish hours later.

I reallllly didn't want to get up. I was so tired and I was finding the bed super comfy. Of course that is how it always goes though right. If I didn't have to get up at 7ish I wouldn't be able to sleep in or something. geez .Work was brutal today. The chairs that we can sit on out in the plant suck ass - even with the cushion I bought last night at wally world it still killed my back and tail bone eventually. But it was slightly better at least. I was almost falling asleep at my station though. Horrible. I really can't wait till mat leave. :( Soon enough I guess. Also last night baby was kicking like mad. I don't really think that woke or kept me awake but it's like geez baby! The kicks never really hurt. There have been a few near my ribs that felt kinda funny but no pain. So that is good.

Tommarrow it's montly check up time at the doctors then another doc appointment on friday. Then on monday the ultrasound! Hopefully this time we will get pictures annnd get to see if baby is a girl or a boy! I can't wait to see the little tyke again!


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