Thursday, December 16, 2010

doc appointment

Today we went for the last Doctor appointment with my doctor. I booked the day off from work because I would only have been able to go into work for an hour or so before we would have had to leave and of course make it back in time for only an hour or so before the day was done. Chris got up and went in though for about 1.5 hours. I liked the fact that I could sleep in a bit. Although really it really didn't feel like I could though. I haven't really been sleeping the greatest lately. Thankfully the drive down was okay since it wasn't snowing at all. My appointment was at 11:30, we made pretty good time. It was nice that it was a pretty nice day out or the drive down would have sucked.

I was weighed in when I first got there as usual. Ugh she weighed me as 202.something!!! I have never been over 200 pounds before :( Sucks but at least it's mostly baby weight so I might not actually weight that much. My doctor checked my heart rate, measured my belly and listened to the babies heart. This time he didn't tell me what the rate was though, although Chris commented that it was slower then it has been. He said the baby is probably sleeping. Baby is head down so I guess that would explain why I have been feeling all the kicks on the right side of my belly button and up almost under my ribs. It was a pretty standard straight forward appointment. We didn't have any concerns or anything so yep. He did give me a form to get my thyroid tested again although he did feel it while we were in there and said that it felt normal.

Both he and the receptionist had asked if the OBGYN had gotten a hold of me yet. The receptionist said she never heard back and had kept trying to call but kept getting an answering machine that said not to leave a message but to call back. I told her that they sent me a card saying he was full but refered me to someone else. I keep forgetting his name!! gah! I told the same thing to the doctor and he said that that's good. Since my appointment with him is tommarrow he got the recptionist to photocopy all the files he would have sent over and sent me with the originals just in case. He said that it would bug him if he didn't get the paperwork for a new patient before or at the same time that he was seeing them. So I just have to remember to bring those with me tommarrow.

We basically just went next door to the blood lab to get the thyroid bloodwork done. It is really much handier to do that there then it is back here since it's like right next door to the doc's office. Parking there cost less then .50 cents for the amount of time you need as apposed to here where it costs four bucks to get out of the parking lot no matter if you were there for 5 hours or 5 minutes.

So Chris dropped me off at the house before he went into work. I think we got back home around pm. I didn't really get anything done that I wanted to get done since by the time I was settled in the house it was pretty dark already :( I lose motivation when it's dark, even though I am more of a night hawk. If that even makes sense.

Seemed like a really long day but it was worth it to hear baby's heartbeat again!


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