Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby's room wall progress..

I still need to finish the tree on the wall, which I plan to finish this weekend so we can put her crib back in the right spot. This is the progress of it though. I still need one more coat of brown I think before I will move onto the leaves, which I have decided to make circles. You can't see the chalk outline of them though unfortunately but I think it will look awesome once it's done. The Swiss cheese look is because I really wasn't sure what colour I wanted to do the leaves and I didn't want it to be hard to cover over the brown if I chose a colour that didn't cover it well. I think I am going to go with two shades of orange to match her Winnie the poo crib set. I can't wait to see it done though!

She found her toes!

Tuesday night when she was sitting with Daddy, Chris said she all of a sudden reached forward and started grabbing her feet. There was no keeping her in a sitting position. I thought that was cute :) Here is a picture:

Then yesterday while I had her sitting in her bumbo chair, actually directly after I put her in it she was all about playing with her feet. Even today when she is on her fun mat she now brings her legs up and has started grabbing her feet. I don't know if today and yesterday is because she notices them more since I had bright socks on both days or what but it's still cute.

She has been all over her fun mat the last few days and trying like mad to roll over but just still not making it. She just needs to learn to get her arm out of the way and she would have success. I thought yesterday for sure was the day and I sat there for a long time watching her with the camera but no such luck yet. At least now she know she can get around if she wants to by doing the butt slide maneuver lol. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10:15 am

Last night we got the no cry sleep solution and the no cry nap solution by Elizabeth Pantley. So far I like what I am reading. Night time is more of a problem getting her to sleep then it is getting her to sleep longer at night since I can handle the 1 -2 night feedings she wakes up for (depending if she is going through a growth spurt or not) and I have been dream feeding her at 11 again since that prevents her from waking up an hour after I go to sleep. Last night for instance, I dream fed her at 11:15ish and she slept until 5am when she wanted to eat again then slept until 7 something. So that was nice. Still was hard for me to get up for the day but at least I got enough sleep to have patience and function!

So today I am tracking how long she naps, when she naps etc since she says that her daytime sleep effects her night time sleep. I already knew that she wasn't sleeping enough in a day. She is supposed toget roughly around 15 hours of sleep and she is only really getting maybe 11 or so. I have to track naps and night time sleep for three days then look at the data and figure out a strategy and see how it goes. The books are easy to read. I should have started with the nap book though. Chris was reading that one last night. I am already half way through the one. I like what I am reading so far and I love that it's a no cry solution. I really don't think letting them cry it out is very nice :(. The author was successful in doing that and so have a lot of people. I am so glad that the books were both checked in at the library. I love the library. :)

awww monkey is currently napping in her swing (took awhile for her to nod off) but she is sooo cute!! It took about 30 -40 mins for her to fall asleep. She was cranky and yawning a few times when put her in there. I was shocked that she would be that tired already since we got up at almost 7:30 but I guess that was two hours?

11:21 pm

Monkey was a pain to get to sleep tonight. She was showing signs of tiredness so we went through her bedtime routine, we actually started it early as well but I was still in her room for over an hour before I had to get Chris to take over because I was just getting too frustrated. I ended up going back in there after 20 mins because he was still in there and she was crying. I had to nurse her to sleep. I really think part of the problem is that the curtains let to much light in. It might not be a problem later on when she can go to sleep on her own but until she is used to it I think it will be a problem. I had done everything I could think of to get her to sleep before I called Chris. I had her laying in the crib and I was rubbing her hand and tummy, stroking her head, rocking her, but she was to busy looking around. I thought she would have gone to bed earlier then 8 but she ended up not going to sleep until almost 9.

I think this morning I was having a dream that monkey was cutting teeth. Or rather that they were visible under her gums. Except it was like everyone of them at least on the bottom, were pretty pointy under the gums. Strange dreams I have I tell you.

She ended up sleeping for about 2 hours her first nap today and it was really hard for me to get her to take a second one. She only slept for about 30mins. This is so frustrating, not to mention tiring for me! Hopefully tommarrow will be better.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

11:59 am

I feel almost like I am going to have either a panic attack or anxiety attack. I know I'm probably being to hard on myself or stressing to much but this trying to get her to sleep even for naps is starting to get to me. I think tonight we are definitely going to the library to get some books on sleep and hopefully that will help. We have already establish somewhat of a routine for night time. The problem is trying to get her to sleep! It usually takes about an hour before she will finally pass out. The only time it's quicker is because she fell asleep while I was nursing her. It's really hard to know what to do. UGH! I've been reading a few things an various websites but it's all from things people have tried themselves. I think once I read a few books on the subject it will be better. Another problem now is trying to get her to nap in her crib. I tried today and it just didn't work. Then when I brought her back out with me and put her in her swing she fell asleep within a few mins! That just showed me how tired she was. I guess her naps aren't scheduled enough. She showed tired signs around 10 but it isn't until now that she finally fell asleep! ahhhh.

I also want to get some books to read to her before bed time. Our routine right now consists of bathing her, getting her reading in her jammies for bed, feeding her, then putting her to bed. So I would like to add in there maybe rocking her so she is drowsy while reading to her before she goes into her crib. I think if it works out that she is falling into a deep sleep while nursing her I might either have to nurse her before her bath or bath her 30 mins earlier or something so she doesn't do that and have more time to read and rock her? I don't know though if it's bad to bath her after feeding her though. To me that sort of seems like the whole don't swing your baby etc to much after feeding he or she will spit up.
~shrugs. I just feel so hopeless right now :( like seriously how do other people do it?!?! I don't expect her to just instantly go to sleep when I put her in there I just don't even know how to get to the point where she can do that. I don't know if what I am doing at the moment is just getting her dependant on it to go to sleep. Like her soother or me holding her hand and soothing her or me sitting beside the crib reading or whatever!

Monday, July 25, 2011

9:18 pm

So Saturday night started out okay. I was going to skip dream feeding her at 11 to see if she would be okay till later on but she woke up herself at 11 pm to eat. After nursing her she went back to sleep easily...until 4am that is. She woke up to be nursed again and then was wide awake! Nothing we did put her back to sleep it was horrible. I also made the stupid mistake of not going to bed until 1am. When will I LEARN that I can no longer be a night hawk and sleep in! So we were up for the day after trying to get her to go to sleep for 2 hours and only getting 3 hours of sleep. Chris and I were both cranky, I think she was the only one that got enough sleep since she passed out in her bouncer around 8 and then again later on. I remember at 11 am thinking because I was so tired that it felt like 5 pm and then looked at the clock and was like nope its only 11 am :(.

The sucky thing is that Chris's parents phoned and invited us to go for a picnic with them and his sister's kids but we were soo tired that we didn't. It sort of sucked since it would have been nice to get out of the house and to see them. I ended up falling asleep on the couch at 3 pm, well all of us did really. Chris said I passed out then he waiting for monkey to fall asleep in her swing so he could take a nap on the floor as well. We all woke up a few hours later. I felt better, I still didn't get enough sleep but I could at least function again.

I also had Chris bring up the top mattress from the bed downstairs and put it on monkeys floor. I am such a first time mom I know, but I am not ready for her to be alone in her room! At least for the first few nights anyways. I hope that sometime this week or the weekend that I will be back in my own bed. It will be hard but I think I will just leave the mattress in her room for a bit just so I have the option of curling up on her floor if I really need to. I think I'm getting better at not freaking out all the time when she is asleep and constantly having to check in on her. Before when we started her routine I checked on her a lot now it's not as often. It's only a few times :) The other bad part of her not being in the same room as me is when I have to nurse her. I can just see it being hard for me to fall back asleep if I have to go from my room to hers and back again. I wish we could leave our doors open but we have two cats so that isn't an option. If I could I probably would feel better about not sleeping in the same room anymore. It's not even about thinking I won't hear her since we do have a baby monitor. I just don't like feeling like we are closed off from each other. I wish our basement was done because then I would just put the cats in there for the night but I can't. UGH. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, I guess. We will see how the rest of the week goes.

Last night was better. I tried not dream feeding her but she woke up a few hours later. It was weird since I woke up, I was dreaming as well but I can't remember about what now, I could have sworn it was 4 or 5am but when I looked at the clock I was shocked that it was only 1am! (we went to bed shortly after 11pm) I must have had some good deep sleep or something. She didn't go back to sleep easily at all. I had to sit in the rocker beside her crib for a little bit before she was sleepy enough that I could lay back down. I think the 4am session she went back down easier. All in all me and Chris had a better sleep then we did the night before. I think I will go back to dream feeding her before I go to bed again for awhile.


Weird that she woke up at 9:30pm screaming. I only got her to sleep at 9pm so I don't know what that was about. I couldn't sooth her so I ended up feeding her so maybe that was it since she ate off of both sides then fell back asleep. Hopefully she stays asleep now :( I don't know now if I should dream feed her before we go to bed or not now, since that will be in an hour or so.

The worst about this trying to get her to sleep etc is that I am afraid of doing the wrong thing and having something of a bad habit to break later, like always nursing her to sleep. I mean will she become dependant on that and not sleep easily when she is weaned? Do babies that are bottle fed generally fall asleep while eating their last bottle of the night before bed? I think we might go to the library tomorrow and get some books on the subject. I just really don't know whats normal for a four month old and if they just naturally get better at going to bed themselves and not have us either nurse/rock/hold/standing over their crib to go to sleep.
10:15 pm

Argh she just woke up again crying. I have no idea what is with that and of course it has me worried. I was able to sooth her to sleep quickly though at least. Hopefully this time she stays asleep for awhile.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

not a fun night..

1:43 pm

Last night was not fun. It started out normal. We could see that she was getting really tired around 7 (which makes us think that maybe we should put her to bed earlier then 8) so we gave her her bath and I fed her. She passed out pretty quickly while I nursed her - which showed me how tired she was. I really don't like when that happens though since I don't want her to get used to falling asleep that way. Chris was able to pick her up and put her in the cradle and she stayed asleep. We thought we were home free but she woke up crying abut 30mins later and it took him a bit to get her to sleep finally. Then like normal I dream fed her before we went to sleep except for some reason last night she woke completely up. When I was done feeding her and Chris put her back in her cradle she was smiling at me and doing her cooing noises which has us both chuckling because it was so cute. I was trying my hardest not to since I didn't want her to think it was play time. It was around 1am! She finally sort of fell into a shallow sleep after me sitting beside the cradle but ignoring her. I was so tired that I ended up laying down in the bed since she was almost asleep but she ended up waking up and crying.

Chris went to try and get her to sleep. Eventually he did but geez! She woke next at 5 something to nurse and went back to sleep afterwards easily then didn't wake again till 9 am.  After nursing her Chris took her out so I could sleep a bit more and came and got me at 10:30 to nurse her again. Every other time I have tried to nurse her after this has been complete hell. I think it's a combo that she is super tired since she wouldn't go down for a nap, she is warm laying on the pillow on top of me (even with the a/c on since the great room is always 6 degrees warmer then the thermostat, while the rest of the house is even with it).

We were going to go out but I think we might have to wait until later or tomorrow. We finally put her back in her swing to see if she will stop fighting sleep and take a nap and then hopefully eat when she wakes up. If not I am going to have to fed her the expressed milk that I have in the fridge that we were going to use when we were out, since I don't know what else to do. I'm glad I have that little bit though.

I think I need to go to the library and get some books on sleep for babies because this is becoming tiresome and it's not really fair to her that she is always so freaking cranky. :( She is right now fighting sleep!! why won't she just go to SLEEP! ?

Today I need to clean her room and finish the tree (at least the trunk part) and get her room ready for her sleeping in there tonight. She might have a better sleep in there since there is more room in there then the cradle. It's going to be hard but i'ts the best for her. I just don't know how nursing her is going to be. It's going to suck that I will have to pretty much wake all the way up to go nurse her. Hopefully she sleeps through the whole night soon and drops the night feedings. I think  tonight I will just left her to sleep instead of dream feeding her. Heidi says the only way to tell if she won't wake up a few hours after you normally dream feed her is to just skip that nursing session and see if she will sleep until 5 in the morning. We will see. Once she gets used to her crib then I will start to try putting her in there for naps so I don't have to tip toe around here like a mouse when she is napping. That way I might be able to get some things done. This is so hard :( I fear that we might have to use the cry it out method :( which I really want to avoid!

2:02 pm

She is FINALLY asleep. Now we just have to not wake her up for at least 30 mins :( I'm surprised she dozed off considering Chris is cooking hamburgers in the kitchen.

8:05 pm

She slept for almost 2 hours earlier, so that is good. She was getting super cranky again around 6:30 so we got her bath ready and bathed her, changed her into her jammies and I nursed her. Unfortunately it was to sleep but she needed to eat. Chris moved the CD player and the rocking chair in her room after I was done nursing her and I went and put her in her crib. She didn't wake up when I set her down which was a surprise. She usually does. I brought my book in with me since her room is pretty bright in there since the sun shines in her windows at night. I didn't mind staying in there for a bit since I could read. I'm glad I did stay in there for a bit since she woke up. I tucked a blanket around her and gave her her soother and then sat back down and read some more. The few times I glanced at her she was looking at me but I didn't hear a peep out of her. I read for a bit and when I looked over about 10 mins ago she was a sleep again. Aww so tonight is the first night she is going to be in her room in her own crib for the night. I don't think I am going to get to much sleep tonight! So far she hasn't woken up again. I think we are going to have to start putting her to bed between 7- 7:30 since I think keeping her up till 8 she just gets to cranky and over tired and has a hard time sleeping.

I also think I'm not going to dream feed her at 11 and see how long she sleeps tonight. Oh this is going to be hard. I can see that I will be up a lot going in and checking on her! She is so cute I don't want anything to happen to her! I think I am getting better about that though since we started putting her to bed at a certain time. It is still hard though.

Chris is currently gone to get some pizza, wings and potato wedges at the pizza place down the road. The make AWESOME pizza. I cant wait till he gets back since I am starving!

Friday, July 22, 2011

12:23 pm

omg she is finally asleep again! That only took another hour to finally stop fighting sleep and actually go to sleep. Sucky thing is now I have to tip toe around the greatroom/kitchen without waking her up! :(


wow two naps in one day, that is a record. Although her first one wasnt very long so I guess that makes sense!

Four month check up and shots

Wednesday Monkey had her four month shots. Chris had gone Tues night on the way home and picked up what we thought were emla patches. I didn't discover that it was emla creme until 2 hours before her appointment! Now it's the exact same thing just its application is different. Instead of just peeling the backing, sticking it on then pressing the middle down (the easiest), I had to take one side off so you could 'see' through the plastic (which is thin and flimsy), then apply half the tube of creme in a spot on her thigh, then peel the backing off the sticky side, be o so careful not to pull on the flimsy plastic to much while trying to get it over the creme and not let monkey's flailing hand get into the creme. One royal pain in the arse if you ask me. Chris said when I mentioned it to him when he came to pick us up that the person that got it for him at the pharmacy had looked around for a bit, asked someone where to find it then grabbed it, put it in a bag then stapled the receipt to it so he didn't get a chance to look at it. He said he saw the words emla and didn't think anything of it. I mean it wouldn't have been a big deal if we weren't dealing with a 4 month old that doesn't understand the meaning of hold still for one second! I ended up saying to loudly her name at on point because she almost got one of her little paws in the creme. She instantly started crying and I felt so horrible! Thankfully I got the patch on it okay and did the other side quickly.

Then I was like doh! how am I going to feed her/get myself dressed (yes I was still in my pj's) without her like pinching the cover. Somehow I managed and it wasn't until we were half way to the doctors office that I realized her seat belt in her car seat was squishing the creme to one side of the patch. So all that carefulness was for nothing. Pain in the ass creme! Next time we will make sure it's the patches. 

She weighed in at 13lbs 8 oz, her height was 62.4 cm and her head was 42.2 cm. This time thankfully the wooden measure thing didn't clank and scare her, so going into the doctors appointment she wasn't screaming at the top of her lungs. When the doctor came in she did make a bit strange and start crying, but sort of calmed down a bit. Chris and I both went to stand near her after he got the needles. I watched when he gave them to her (big mistake) and was shocked to see how far he pushes the needles in. Yikes! I wish I wouldn't have watched since I hate needles. She did cry during that but it wasn't that bad and once he handed her to Chris she calmed right down. I was so shocked, it was a completely different monkey then last time! We were actually able to talk to the doctor and we could actually hear each other. 

We really didn't have any concerns except to ask how she is doing weight wise. He said she is about 50 percentile in both weight and height for her age. We also asked about the rotovirus vaccine. It is supposed to be covered soon but he said with them there is no guarantee that when they say Aug it will actually start to happen in Aug. He suggested we get one dose of it and gave us a prescription for it, since we need to get all three doses in before she is 8months old and they have to be taken 6 weeks a part. Then he said to call the office within 6 weeks they will be able to tell us if its covered or not. One dose cost us like 80 bucks! So hopefully when it's time for the next dose it will be covered. We got to give it to her at home which was nice. I was nervous about doing it because if she spit it all out then there goes 80 bucks! I had some expressed milk in the fridge so when we got home we got that ready, got her to drink a bit of the milk then Chris squirted the vaccine into her mouth as per instructions. She had no problem swallowing it. She drank it down like it was a bottle! LOL, then we just fed her the rest of the bottle. She wasn't even cranky the rest of the day. It's like the needles and the other vaccine didn't phase her at all!

She was a bit stubborn when we tried to put her down for the night but that isn't anything new. What a cute little monkey! I'm glad that her shots went well. So next time she has to get any is at 6 months.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

perplexed face in her bouncer...

I just put monkey in her bouncer and went and got the bar thing that goes over it. We had it off before since she was so small and the things that hang off of it would like swing and probably would have hit her in the face. She now is in awe of them and has like a confused or thinking face on. It's so cute :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


HOLY BEJEEBIES! she is FINALLY asleep. That only took 45 mins of fighting it and being fussy. She is exhausting me all the time. First it was nursing her now it's getting her to sleep :( I can't even imagine what its going to be like when I try and put her down in her crib for nap time. ughhhh I hope it gets easier. I still have to finish the wall mural in her room!! This week for sure though. Hopefully she stays asleep for a little bit. I need a break! :(

Monday, July 18, 2011

monkey in a bathing suit :)

Yesterday we went to Tam's house for moms 65th birthday bbq. It was a good day but being out in the sun so much made me super tired even though I was in the shade the whole time. Lots of people there and it was nice to see some of them again. Poor monkey didn't really get her naps in since I have no idea how to give her naps when we are not here at the house. It's hard enough to get her to take them here :(

Chris brought her into the pool with him for a bit. She seemed to be okay in there. She didn't cry at least :) Chris said her bum was really floaty lol. I was worried about her in there considering she had no sunblock on (and only because I don't think it's recommended to put it on kids under 6 months or is it a year?) Chris stayed mainly in the part of the pool that was in shade so that was good. It was so bloody hot out but at least it was cool outside in the shade and there was a bit of a breeze. Inside the house was soooo muggy and warm. Thee basement wasn't so bad since I nursed monkey down there a few times. I fed her upstairs the first time and almost melted up there.

I also asked Tam and Steve if they would be Monkey's Godparents when we get her baptised. I have to call the church this week to set a date for that. Which means I will have to find something to wear :( I'm not happy about that part. I don't want to look like crap in the pictures. When we were getting moms bday present at the mall on Saturday we went into old navy to get Chris some swim shorts and I tried on a few tops and ugh I really need to lose the baby weight!! I don't want to be this big anymore! I'm also thinking of starting up my vids on YouTube to keep myself accountable, but we will see!  I just need to find the motivation.

I think once she is weaned it might be easier since then it won't be just me that can feed her. I'm not sure how long I am going to breastfeed for. Right now the plan is till 6 months. Well it will be longer then that since it will take a month to wean her, unless of course it magically gets so freaking easy then I will reconsider. Right now it sucks to have to cart my stupid pillow around with me and if we go anywhere we have to plan to be back home in an hour or so from the time we leave. It would be nice to just be able to nurse her without needing the pillow so I can nurse at the mall or wherever we are.

After we left Tammy's we went to Chris parents house for a few hours before leaving for home. We left Tams later then I thought we would. It was just to hard to get Chris out of the pool lol. That and I think he was having fun horsing around with Jeremy (one of my nephews). He enjoys picking on him I think. Monkey looked so cute in her bathing suit! :) We didn't stay to long at Chris's parent though since it was getting late. I was so freaking tired to. Being outside that long tires me out and I wasn't even in the sun!

Unfortunately last night at like 5:30 in the morning I woke up to this huge thunderstorm. Holy crap was it wicked out. I didn't go watch it or anything but Chris did, I stayed in the room with the baby. Thankfully she didn't wake up at all. I didn't get back to sleep until it passed us by and then of course an hour later I had to wake up to feed monkey. So no sleep for me. It's supposed to be super hot the rest of the week so I'm sure we will have more of those :(

Monkey is currently fighting sleep again since she is not taking a nap. I have her in her swing. I know she is tired since she is rubbing her eyes, yawning etc. Why is she so stubborn! Hopefuly she will drop off soon.

Yesterday monkey was four months old! I can't believe it's been that long already. It seems like just yesterday she was born but at the same time that she has always been with us! I'm sure we will have fun times ahead of us and lots of great memories. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

2nd wedding anni!

Today is our second wedding anniversary! It's so crazy how fast these last two years have flown by! It just seems like yesterday we were planning it all out! Unfortunately we really aren't doing a whole lot to celebrate it tonight considering we are driving home after Chris gets off work, dropping monkey off with Aunt Tammy and Uncle Steve and then attending a prep course thing at the church to get her baptized. Then tomorrow I have a doc appointment. UGH just thinking about all that traveling has me exhausted. Plus I have no idea what I am going to wear. I need to get some better shirts/ t-shirts. I like old navy ones since they are so long but they are really thin and having a belly (still!!) really doesn't make me feel comfortable just wearing them. So three cheers for it being shitty hot outside and feeling fat and shitty and unsupported with nursing bras tonight. Oh joy.

I also realized last night that Steph's wedding is on Sept 24th which is the same day as Applefest so I won't be at there this year. Maybe I can find a craft show around here or something. It would be nice to try out a different one and then who knows maybe next year I can do two instead of one.

Holy crap is monkey ever cranky today. She will NOT go down for a freaking nap. Gawd! It figures since she will be left with Tam and Steve for about an hour tonight. I'm sure if she is super tired she will cry the whole time. Hopefully she sleeps all the way home.

Friday, July 8, 2011

10:00 am

Holy screaming fit monkey just had. We were in her room and she was on the floor on one of her play mats and I was going through her dresser sorting out clothes that are two small for her when she just started wailing. I changed her diaper since she was in a cloth one and she was wet but she was still crying afterwards. Usually she is all smiles and giggling whenever we put her on the change table even if she is crying before hand but it didn't work this time. So we went back out to the front room so I could nurse her and she still cried through most of it. Breaks my heart to hear her cry like that! Especially when it seemed like she wasn't getting anything :( She did eventually sort of fell asleep so I thought maybe she needed a nap. Currently she is in her swing chomping on her hand, so not sure if she is still hungry, just tired or teething. I sort of see a sharp bump on the lower part but I haven't felt it yet to see if it is or not. At least at the moment she is not screaming so she might fall asleep for a nap.

Yesterday she slept in her swing in the morning for almost 2 hours then around 3pm she slept again for almost 2 hours (this time in her bouncer). I think once I get her room completely done I will try and put her down for naps in her crib. That way I won't be so afraid to make noise out here and wake her up.

We had a lactation appointment on Wednesday that went okay. I decided to only take 5 pills on Tues (which was a mistake) since I am going to see the doctor next Tues and thought I could stretch my pills out until then but just with that one pill I noticed a drop in my milk production again. Heidi said the same thing that it's crazy how much of a difference one pill can make sometimes. Stupid me though shouldn't have done that considering we were going to see her the next day. It would have been nice to see how much she was getting while taking the donperidone at the level that I found was working. As it was she took about 2.5 - 3oz so it was better then last time. She weighted 13lbs 4oz. She still is on her weight curve but almost at the bottom end since she is gaining about .5 oz a day. Heidi assured me that was still fine, she is healthy looking and happy. At least I know what she should weigh when we get her 4 month shots in a few weeks. It still surprised me that she continues to gain with all the trouble I have had.

I've also semi started to pump again as I want to build a bit of a freezer stash for a just in case scenario. We got a pack of 50 by Nukk which was cheaper with more in it then the 25 pack from Medela. I think the Nukk holds more as well. Not that I plan on having 50 bags worth of milk though but at least I can save them for the next time. They hold about 6oz which is what I plan on putting in each bag. We don't have a lot of room in our freezer anyways, so I plan on using the compartment that the auto ice maker (if we had it hooked up) would drop the ice into since we don't put anything in there except our ice trays. That way they will be safe.

It also sounded like I was very lucky to not develop mastis with that huge plugged duct or ducts that I had the other week! Heidi was like it's good that you were working to get it out since getting that is horrible and painful. So phew on my part! I think I spent those days nursing constantly on the couch and pumping to relieve it. Horrible! I hope that doesn't happen ever again. I DO NOT want mastis or a breast infection!!!

10:30 am

So she started crying again and I checked her diaper first and low and behold even though I just changed her like 30 mins ago had a dirty bum again. That in a cloth diaper = probably not a nice feeling. Okay then crying AGAIN. She is so stubborn to go to sleep when I KNOW she is tired. I don't want to nurse her to sleep all the freaking time that cannot be a good thing.

10:51 am

Yep definitely tired. I nursed her on one side and she was completely out. So I burped her and she was falling asleep again while I was doing that, so I just put her back in her swing glanced over right now and she is out like a light and ooo so cute! :)

2:02 pm

Seriously WTF is up with my supply. I fed her around 12:10 then went to pump and had a bad feeling since the nursing session was horrid. She cried between sides and afterwards and during was making these crazy noises that I associate with not getting enough. After about 20 mins of that I put her down on her mat where she got distracted by the toys and then tried to pump and got like nothing. I would get a let down and only get like two drops then that was it! I had like not enough to cover the bottom of the bottle before I quit!! I just finished nursing her not to long ago. It might have been better but I don't know since she fell asleep and is conked out on her bouncer. Maybe that was why she was really cranky earlier?

Chris emailed me to say that he might get to leave work early! yeah!! I can't wait. (They are on shut down so it is just them in the office this week) He is going to stop on the way home and pick up the zumba game for the Wii. It looks fun!!  :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monkey's first Canada Day was pretty boring, or at least nothing special. We just hung out around the house mostly. We did however discover that we can see the fireworks from our backyard. We didn't actually go out and watch them since monkey was in bed sleeping but we have a pretty good view of them. If only we had a deck! We could be watching the fireworks all summer long. We sort of mashed our head against the window to see to the right and discovered how well we could see them since we can only open our patio door like two inches right now. So that will be cool.

Saturday we went to wally world to search for a bunch of things. Chris wanted to get a sprinkler and hose so we can water our grass a bit since it is burning everywhere. We also looked for water wings for monkey, some sort of cupboard thing for the laundry room but they only had ugly ones and we got a few teether rings for monkey. There were a few other things I wanted to look at but we went at the wroong time that's for sure. It was super busy and she was getting cranky. It just wasn't fun at all. Plus I didn't have any expressed milk to give her so we just left. I want to get some sort of cupboard storage thing for the laundry room so we can have more places to put things. The closet in there is jammed with stuff. That is the only thing about this house there is no storage space at all! Now I'm thinking though maybe it would be nice to have custom cupboards in there with ones over top the washer/dryer and have it connect to some in the space beside the washer and dryer. We really need too switch the washer and dryer around so that it's easier to put stuff from the washer into the dryer without running into the door all the time.

I drew a outline of a tree on monkeys wall so I can start to get that done. I haven't painted it yet though but I think I am finally happy with the outline. I hesitate to actually paint it because I think I might have to also draw the circles/leaves and where they are going to go before I paint the brown. I think it might be a pain to paint over the brown colour with a orange or light green or whatever colours I use for the leaves. Ugh so that should not be fun :(

We have been trying to be consistent with bathing her at 7pm then letting her play/ hold her for a bit /feed her then put her to bed by 8. She is super cranky by then anyways. So far it has been somewhat successful except she usually fights sleep until around 9-9:30. Sometimes I have to nurse her to sleep as well if she has been up for an hour before fully falling asleep. The annoying thing is that if I feed her before we put her to bed I can get her to bed and out of the room without her waking up and I think I am home free and it was all quick etc but then like 5-10 mins later she wakes up! That is when the hour long battle begins. I basically find that I have to hold her hand etc and ignore her even if she is wide awake and smiling at me and eventually she nods off. The last two nights I've tried to not have to hold her hand as long so that she doesn't get used to that. We usually have the CD mom got her playing in the background thinking that maybe if she does wake up it might soothe her to go back to sleep. That hasn't really worked but we thought it would be good to have some sort of constant noise in the background. Who knows maybe she won't take as long to go to sleep when she is in her crib. I need to get the tree done so that we can start to put her in her room at night since she is too big for the cradle. She is almost as long as it!

Sunday we didn't really do a whole lot. Chris watered the lawn and then trimmed around the steps and house since the grass is impossible to get with the lawn cutter. We then realized that we need to get a rake lol. So that will go on our list of things to get for the house. It was a nice relaxing weekend that went by way to fast. It was nice to have Chris home for three days though.

Yesterday monkey was attempting to roll over a few times but never actually managed to. Today she was doing it a lot and almost got over a few times but her arm was in the way and her bum eventually pulled her back down. So cute! I got a few videos of it to! It won't be long I don't think until she gets herself over, I think maybe in a matter of days to a week!!
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