Tuesday, October 25, 2011

12/30 - Mouse Ink Jewelry

Day 12- A talent/hobby of yours

I love making jewelry, especially chain mail inspired jewelry. I try and do at least one show a year at a local festival back home, and hope that next year I can add a few shows to my roster as well as getting my etsy store up and running again. I am sure anyone that gets a kick out of my blog name might be interested to know that my business name is Mouse Ink. The story behind that name is pretty simple. My nickname in my family is mouse since I am so quiet. When I was younger anything I made I used to do this logo on the back of it and sign it with Mouse Inc. underneath. When I registered my business name I changed the inc to ink since incorporating a business costs mega bucks. Thus Mouse Ink was born.

I haven't been creating anything since Monkey has been born though but now that things have started to fall into place I am hoping to start up again and start to get creative again. I could spend hours on the internet deciding what rings to buy, what colours and what sizes. I mostly work with anodized aluminum, because there are lots of colours and it's a pretty light metal. I also have done some things with heavier metals like steel but I have discovered that I am a weakling so it takes longer for me to get anything done. The last few years though, I have started to use sterling silver and adding a dash of Swarovski beads to the mix. I heart Swarovski beads! That's another thing I can spend hours on the internet doing - picking out beads! ( I mean how can you not love Swarovski beads? They are so shiny! ) Below are some pictures of the things I have created. I have even branched out into making chain mail ornaments and wind danglies with bells.

Jewelry isn't my only hobby though. I like to think of myself as a Jill of all trades (craft wise anyways). I also really like crocheting, painting, scrap booking and probably just about every other craft out there. I really hope that my daughter has some interest in art so we can have mommy daughter art time together.

Sterling Silver Box Chain with Swarovski donut

Sterling Silver with Swarovski heart.

Sterling Silver with Niobium.

Sterling Silver and Niobium.

Aluminum diamond earrings.
4-in-1 Anodized Aluminum bracelet

Anodized Aluminum box chain bracelet.

Triple Byzantine Bracelet.

Butterfly chain mail bracelet.
Stainless Steel Wallet Chain

Diamond key chains.

Flower key chains.

Whirly Bird key chains.

Star Pendant.

Triple byzantine necklace (I wear one similar to this all the time but blue and silver)
My ornaments

Sorry about the bad pictures of my ornaments. I was completing them last year for some Christmas presents and for some reason I only took a few pictures. They were a success though so I have plans to make more!
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