Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monkey's first Christmas

Monkey's first Christmas was great. I don't think she really had a clue what was happening but she sure did have fun tearing the wrapping paper off of stuff, tearing the tissue paper to pieces and of course playing with the empty wrapping paper tube. But I guess I can't really blame her since all of her presents where still tightly sealed in their own boxes and what fun is that? It was pretty fun seeing her opening her stuff and eventually playing with it.

It was a quick morning though, we pretty much had to get ready to go soon after she was done opening stuff. We had about an hour drive before we got back to where our families live. My family always has their holiday dinners at noon, which is sort of nice because then we don't have to choose which dinner to go to. This way we can go to both! Not so fun on the tummies though since there is always soooo much food, but it's all sooo very good it's hard not to over eat.

Monkey had a good time seeing both families and we were pleasantly surprised that she was okay at both gatherings. There are a lot of people she really didn't see very often we were afraid she might make strange but she didn't. In fact she never stopped "talking" the whole time! That is pretty much like 8+ hours of jibber jabbering. It was pretty cute though :) For some reason we didn't take hardly any pictures that day which was sort of dumb on our part but we did get some the next day.

She got to show off her sitting up all by herself skills and her semi crawling on hands and knees a lot the second day since there was no fear that she would get stepped on. She surprised me the week before Christmas when she just plunked herself backwards, sat on her bum and just looked at me and continued playing with her toys. It's so crazy how babies just learn to do things like that.

She was pretty tuckered out by the time we got back to Chris's parents house in the afternoon that she stayed asleep when we took her out of her seat. It was pretty cute that Oz jumped up on the couch and went to sleep to. Usually he gets jealous when she is around and growls and barks at her. I guess when she is not moving and in a dead sleep he can pretend she isn't there?

The weekend went by way to fast. I wish that we could have seen everyone more and visited more but we were glad for the time we had. We also wanted to get back home in the daylight so since it gets dark at 5pm it really didn't leave to much time for visiting the second day. I can't believe that Christmas was here and gone, although it's a relief because I hate shopping for Christmas presents the last week before. We can never seem to get it done before hand. We didn't have a white Christmas this year but the day after we got back to our home it snowed enough to make up for it. I think this weekend we might take Monkey out in the backyard and take her for her first toboggan ride. That should be fun (we got her a wooden sled for Christmas).

I hope that everyone had just as good of a time for Christmas as we did. :)

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