Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monkey's first foods: Peas

Today I gave monkey peas for the first time. A book I got from the library on weaning your baby to solids suggested that when introducing new foods that it is best to do it at some point early in the day so that if she does have a reaction to it you will notice it. I really never thought about it and really it does make sense. I really doubt she will be allergic to anything since there really isn't any allergies on either side of our families but it never hurts to be cautious. We feed her pretty close to 5pm and that only leaves us with an hour before she is in bed so if she did develop any sort of reaction too any new food we really wouldn't notice it. So today I tried the new food at lunch time and gave her her rice cereal at night. Chris said he was a bit disappointed that he wouldn't be here to see her take the first bites of peas but I took lots of pictures and sent them to him at work. I have to say that it is a bit awkward when trying to take photos and feed her at the same time. If you leave the bowl unguarded her little hand shots out to try and grab a hold of it. Or she tries to grab the spoon, which is cute but not good at the same time since she like jams it into her mouth and as far as possible. I might have to look for some bigger plastic baby spoons for her to chomp on. It might actually be fun for her to try and feed herself sometime soon. I'm sure she will like at least making a mess.

Today she also for the first time was ready and waiting with her mouth open for each spoonful. I don't know if she was more hungry today or if she just really liked them or what. Having said that I don't force feed her or anything, she lets me know when she is done eating.  It was cute none the less. Here is some cute little pictures of her first bites. I took so many of them I'm sure she was just thinking 'mommy less photo taking more feeding!'

This is her favorite bib ;) haha

After the first bite.



Also she is getting to be such a big girl that she can hold onto her bottle all by herself!

11/30 - My Favorite Band...

Day 11- Favorite band/artist

This is really a hard one since I love various artists for different reasons. Through most of high school my favorite band was silverchair. At least until their sound went in a totally different direction then from what they started with. I still liked there music it just was no longer a favorite.

Then enter Deftones who I would have to pick as my all time favorite band if I really had to choose (and since I suck at keeping up with any band or with the times mostly I would have to limit that statement to the first three albums). The first two albums where awesome, the third, White Pony, I can only call an experience. It is rare that I ever find a band that I like each and every song. You know how you pick up a new CD and there are some songs that you really love (and probably are the same ones that made you go out and get it) then there are some songs that are okay and then the ones that you really hate. I loved each and every song off of these albums. White pony when I first listened to it just blew my mind. It's still my favorite album to just sit back, throw on the ear phones and let it take me away. There really isn't any other way to describe it. 

I have listened to their fourth and fifth album and there are a few songs right away that I really like as for the rest I really haven't listened to them enough to really say what I think about them. I prefer to listen to music by earphone because I find I pay more attention to everything when I do. If I listened to music from my computer or CD player I am listening but I am too distracted by whatever I am doing at the time to really hear the music. If that makes any sense because I do hear the music just can't take in the whole effect with everything combined I guess (vocals, drums, guitars etc). Deftones are definitely my go to music, especially when I really don't know what I want to listen to. They have songs for pretty much every emotion, some are hard, some are soft and some are both.

What is your favorite band or artist?
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