Thursday, October 28, 2010

baby dream #2 and baby rambles

I don't think I wrote about this dream yet? Anyways it happened in the last week or so. All I remember now is that me and Chris were still wondering if the baby was a boy or a girl. We were getting frustrated because nobody that we saw would tell us. They kept saying things like "we don't do that here" or just ignored the question. The funny thing is the baby was already born!! I remember holding the baby and just out of the blue told Chris why don't we just look? He got this like thoughtful omg we are stupid look on his face/are we allowed to check ourselves? Probably the same look on my face. When I mentioned it I had said it really slowly like all the doctors had radar that would tell them that we were going to check ourselves. I guess it was a big bad thing not to wait until they told you. LOL. I woke up and was like 'ummmmm???" haha. I have weird dreams sometimes.

As for me most days I really don't feel pregnant. I'm still exhausted at times, especially when I have been standing at work for about 4 hours but really that isn't anything new then what I was feeling at the start of the year. Right now my thyroid is normal so I guess this exhaustion is due to pregnancy? I think so far I have been lucky that I have had a pretty calm pregnancy. I never really had morning sickness, just felt a big nauseous at around 10 -11 every night for awhile, but having hard candy really helped me through that. Other then my belly starting to get in the way, and having a hell of a time sitting up from bed (I feel like if I get up to fast or wrong I will squish the baby) I don't feel any different. Well to I guess my clothes not fitting (thats depressing!!) and the new bras I just bought! GRR how can THEY have gotten bigger! They were big to begin with. :( Geeeez. I can't believe its only about 4 months until baby is here!! So it's been about 5 months already or close to it! That's insane. I don't know where that time went. I am however, looking forward to mat leave. That cannot come soon enough. I figure anywhere from 9 - 12 weeks left of work before I stop. It really depends how I feel as I get bigger. Also trying to pick stuff off the ground that I drop at work, which is all the time, sometimes is a challenge to cause if I swoop down to fast like I normally would I hurt my belly. Poor baby lol. But if I go slow getting back up makes me feel like a 95 year old woman. Hopefully in about 7 weeks we can finally find out if baby is a girl or boy, this ultrasound should show pretty clearly since baby will be 28 weeks.
I haven't felt the baby move either yet. There have been a few moments where it was like, was that the baby?or just my stomach? So I am still looking forward to that. It was my book that said 18-20 weeks, but my doctor said 20-22 weeks. So soon hopefully.

I also really haven't had any strong pregnancy cravings. Nothing that I would call abnormal. I used to crave random foods (like big macs or grilled cheese) before I was prego so I don't think that is any different. That might be a good thing though. So far I have gained 18 pounds!! Ewww seriously. I know it's due to baby but I don't think my endless starving earlier in the pregnancy helped any. Although I seem to be back to normal with the way I used to eat. Although I am sure I am eating more calories in general since I am drinking more juice (Apple and random other ones) and trying to drink at least a glass of milk a day for calcium. So right there that is more then normal. I also takie my prenatals of course, my diet is horrid since I really don't feel like eating a "supper" at lunch time most days.

I was really hoping to that my belly peircing would grow over. I had gotten it done over 10 years ago (geez I feel old lol) but at one point it randomly got infected and sort of tore out a bit (gross sounding I know and I don't know WHY it got infected since I followed the instructions to make it perfect to the T!) and I was left with a very small section of skin between where the loops came out. I honestly normally just forgot it was pierced so thats probably why I never took it out. I was hoping it would grow over so I could get it redone sometime after the baby was born but I don't think that is going to happen. It probably has been in for to long now. But then again I haven't exactly tried to put the ring back in in a while so who knows. Maybe I will just have to get a smaller ring? I still am pretty mad that it screwed up on me though.

Right now I am 21 weeks along. We didn't take photos last week. I know I know, we have. just been so busy that by the time I remembered I was already in bed. So for realz this time, in the next few days baby belly at 21 weeks! lol.


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