Monday, August 29, 2011

catch up...

So I haven't written in my journal in the last week. I haven't really felt much like blogging or doing anything really. I really didn't feel all that well last week. Mostly tired and felt pretty sluggish and no energy. Today has been much better. I don't know what changed but I sure am glad.


Last Friday the 26th we had our appointment with Heidi. We booked it at her suggestion the last time we saw her, so we could make sure that she is on track weight wise since we don't go see the doctor again until she is 6 months. Her weight was 14lbs 7oz (with clothes and diaper), so she estimated she probably was around 14lbs 4oz. She has dropped of her weight curve but Heidi said that is normal at this age. So in a few weeks it will be good to see if she is staying on that curve or if she is still dropping. She still is only getting about 2oz each feeding but she seems to be okay with it and has had enough diapers.

I haven't been logging when she eats anymore and I think it's helped me with my sanity. I felt like I was feeding her all the time, which I was, but I was always watching the clock. I think I am feeding her maybe 10 times a day instead of 12 but that is only because we are trying to get her into a nap routine. Not recording her feedings though is such a relief. A few times I needed to do so again just to make sure I was feeding her enough, but like Chris said, I can bf her anytime I want to. I don't have to wait until she wants to since if she isn't hunger she won't eat. 

Before seeing Heidi I was pretty convinced I wanted to ween. My original goal was to nurse until 6 months then switch to formula and start to feed her solids. I was just worried about how I was going to get her to sleep for naps since I always bf her to sleep. Plus I am taking donperidone and I wasn't sure how to ween while still taking that. But after talking to Heidi I've decided that somewhere between 6-12 months I will wean but only after she isn't dependant on breast milk as her main source of food. Heidi mentioned that eventually she would only need to bf about 3 times daily. That sounds pretty easy and she mentioned that eventually we will be able to give her cows milk. She made me feel like once again I can do this. In a few weeks we will have her 6 month checkup and shots and be able to discuss solids with the doctor. I seriously can't believe I have made it this far! It's so unreal to me since I remember when I was in tears crying on the couch because I didn't think I could continue but knew that in my heart formula wasn't an option. I am pretty stubborn like that :),


I am still having problems with her sleeping. The victory I felt last week was short lived. Today I am logging basically everything we do. Every time she yawns, gets cranky, rubs her eyes, eats, goes for a nap etc. Hopefully after a few days or a week or so a pattern will develop. So far today I have had her go to sleep easily with nursing and stay asleep when I transfer her to her crib. That in itself is a victory since usually between standing and trying to put her down she wakes up. She still woke up after about 20 mins. Both times I was able to lull her back to sleep. I was out of there again within 10 minutes.

I am doing something that Chris said to me over the weekend. He was trying to get her to nap because I needed a break from doing it and sometimes when someone else does it they find something that works. Well at one point he said to me that she was going back to sleep until I stuck my head over the crib and she saw me. Then she was all smiles and wanted to play. So today every time I had to go back in there to lull her I stuck my arm through the slats on the side to sooth her and that way we couldn't make eye contact nor could she see me. It worked! It actually worked.

 I still need to do a few things to make her room darker though, especially with the door. It's fairly dark in there now but anytime we go in or out the light from outside lights her whole room up. I might need to put two nails above the frame of the door so I can hang a dark blanket on it and open and close the door between the door and the blanket to minimize how much light from the hallway/front door goes into her room. I also think if I can ever find my book light I might have to spend a few days in her room while she naps so that at any sign of movement I can touch her / sooth her so she never wakes up enough to not go back to sleep. According to the no nap solution eventually she won't need you to do that so here is hoping. I don't mind staying in there to do that if I can read and sitting on the floor beside her crib I doubt she would see the light from the book light so it won't wake her up. It sucks staying in there in the dark and staring at the wall!

Simply amazing:

I have mentioned this to my mom before but I still find it amazing that every night I go to sleep and overnight I am always awake 5-10 mins before Monkey wakes up wanting to eat. This is never the same time so it's really neat how the mommy instinct kicks in after you have a baby, even if it doesn't feel like it. :)

Here's hoping that tommarrow and her naps are better yet again. Today I feel like there has been some progress but I know I have felt that before. Only time will tell I guess!

Monday, August 22, 2011

She sleeps!


I *might* have found something that works with Monkey's naps. A few things sort of clicked and I really hope it's not just a fluke. It's really three things, room being dark, making sure she is warm enough and rubbing her hand to lull her to sleep.

Over the weekend my cousin Cindy mentioned that with her oldest he wouldn't nap unless he had a blanket on, even if he didn't feel cold. For the last week or so I have been putting a blanket on Monkey's crib sheet since it is cool in there most of the time and I keep the door closed to try and keep it cat hair free as much as possible. The front of our house is always cooler then the back where the great room and wall of windows are. We even closed one of the vents in there to try and warm it up a bit. Anyways I decided today on top of that bottom blanket to wrap her in another one. I also tried rubbing her hand to lull her to sleep. Chris told me a few weeks ago that that worked for him before he went to work once. I have been bringing her into our bed when she is up for the day and feeding her lying down soI can wake up slowly and maybe get a few extra minutes of sleep while she is eating. He rubbed her hand after she was done and she had went back to sleep. Even though she looked wide awake it worked! The best part was that she was already lying in her crib so I didn't wake her up when setting her down.

I really need to get her used to sleeping at certain times and to go to sleep easily since before long we will have to lower the mattress in her crib and I much don't want to be breaking my back trying to set her in there while asleep. She wakes up easily when it's at it's highest setting, I couldn't imagine what it would be like lower. I've had a bit of hope for awhile now that it would get easier since the last week or so at 4am feeding I am so tired that there is no way I am going to sit there and rock her to sleep when all I want to do is sleep myself. So I feed her, hug her, put her in her crib, give her a kiss, tuck the blanket around her, say good night and go back to my own room and you know what I never hear a peep out of her until the morning. That led me to believe that her room was not dark enough. So I have been on a mission to make it as dark as possible. I'm not totally there, there are a few things left i can do but it's 75% better then it was! So that is a start.
Tommarrow I am going to find my book light so that I can read in there while trying to get her to stay asleep. The no cry nap/sleep solution said that if your baby wakes up completely between sleep cycles you might have to sit outside her door for a week or so and run in there as soon as you hear them cry to help them back to sleep. Sometimes the don't cry right away so by the time you get in there it's already to late. If that is the case, and that is how monkey is, she suggested sitting in a chair right by the crib but out of sight. That way as soon as you hear them stir you can help them back to sleep and eventually after a week or so you won't need to help them. I look forward to that day, but today has given me hope! I have been in there a few times so far. I think a good time for her naps are 10am and 2pm although since her sleep schedule last night was messed up I held off her nap for a little longer and hope she will sleep until pm1 this time. I hope this really does get easier. It would be nice to get things done around the house!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 months old! Where did the time go!?

Happy 5 month old birthday Monkey!

Today you turn 5 months old! I can't believe how fast time has flown by! It seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital in labour telling myself over and over again that before I knew it you would be here and this time would be past.

Weight: ~You are roughly 15lbs (Daddy over the weekend weighed you on the home scale)
Height: ~You are roughly 25 inches (also measured at home)
Hair colour: Your hair is dark like Daddy's, with a red tint to it when in the light.
Eye Colour: Your eyes are dark, almost black.
Diaper size: You are in size 2 now or M in Bummis Cloth diaper covers
Clothing size: You still fit into size 3-6 months, but we mostly put you in 6 month old pj's since your feet seem to be always squished in smaller sizes.

Sleep: You sleep pretty well at night...when we get you to sleep. You are in bed by 7, asleep by 8 and sleep until either 2am or 4-5am, then back asleep after a feed until 7am. So you only wake mommy up once or twice a night. Naps are another story since you are stubborn and will fight sleep but are much more fun to be around when you do nap :) We are both learning the best way to get you to sleep and stay asleep.

Feeding: You are still fed on Mommy's milk, with the very odd formula supplementation and only when we need to go somewhere and I was unable to express enough milk. You have also tried strawberry and cucumber but that was more to see if you were interested then actually getting you to eat any of it.

Favorite toy: Crinkle bug is your favorite toy that Uncle JP got for you when you were born. You take him everywhere with you. (He is so dubbed crinkle bug because he has a crinkly tail and is long and skinny with wings.)

Nicknames: Mommy and Daddy call you Monkey, it was Little Cashew before you were born, but turned to Monkey when you were able to kick and punch in the womb. You are also called baby mouse sometimes.

Funniest moments: When you giggle at the funniest things, (like crinkle bug being made to hop around your swing by daddy, or mommy shaking her head up and down).

Favorite moments (mommy): I love when I come get you in the morning when you are up for the day and as soon as you see me you smile. Love you monkey!

- You can hold your head steady when in an upright position, actually that is all you ever want to do. Being on your back on the floor is no longer interesting to you because you can't see anything.
- You can raise your chest when on your stomach, supported somewhat by arms. You in fact do the superman move. Your legs are lifted off the ground and your chest as well with your arms flailing about trying to reach and touch everything in sight. If only I had that kind of ab strength!
- You can roll over one way, although you haven't seemed to want to do this the last few days. You were once able to roll back to your back as well, but haven't seen that repeated yet.
- You follow objects when they are moved around in front of you.
- You squeal in delight and giggle more often.
- You reach for objects.
- You love to feel anything and everything in front of you.
- You smile spontaneously and when seeing mommy, daddy and other people.
- You can hold items, like a rattle and shake them, also you can hold objects with both hands, especially to put them in your mouth.
- You have started to jibber jabber, mostly saying ma-ma-ma or da-da-da (so cute).
- You also like to try and reach for things out of your reach and sometimes depending where you are, you sort of scoot on your back to get to them.

- You tried strawberry and cucumber for the first time. It was only a few licks but it's a start. You seem to like the strawberry but made a funny face when you tasted the cucumber. Very soon we will actually start you on some solids.
- You went into your Jolly Jumper for the first time. At first you weren't sure what to think but once you were in there for a few minutes you really loved it.
- You rolled over for the first time!
- You also have your first tooth! It has already poked through the gums a little bit. We can feel its razor sharpness! It's the bottom front one on the left side.
- You also found your feet for the first time and never waste any change to grab onto them, especially when you are on the changing table and mommy or daddy are trying to change your diaper.

I can't believe this much time has past. We are looking forward to seeing our little one continue to grow!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First tooth, Jolly jumping and Sleep frustrations oh my!...


Last night after Chris got home from work he was holding Monkey and he was letting her gnaw on his finger. He was like, 'wow there is something really hard in there since it hurts now when she chomps on my finger'. We put her on the ground to look. I washed my hands and felt along the bottom of her gums and sure enough I could feel her first tooth! We tried to get a picture of it but it was hard to get it to focus and take it fast enough before her tongue shot over it. This was the best I could get lol.

gnawing on Daddy's finger.

It's really hard to see but you can see the white line.


I also started to set up the Jolly Jumper before Chris came home so that we could put her in it for the first time. She didn't know what to think at first and kept looking down at her feet! It really didn't take her to long to get the hang of it after a little bit. She was having lots of fun. I'm sure it will only get more fun for her as she gets better at it. She was smiling and giggling. We only left her in there for less then 10 mins. I think we will continue that every night when Chris gets home. I didn't realize how much room it takes up though! I like that it's portable, since the only door frame we have are in the bedrooms and bathroom and that's no fun since it's not anywhere near the great room/kitchen.

Not to sure what to think.

Having lots of fun!


Tommarrow monkey will be five months old. Is it normal at this age for babies to be hard to put down to sleep at night/nap time? More often then not, at least at night, she is nursed to sleep or at least to a sleepy state since by the time I stand up to put her in her crib she wakes up almost completely. Just now after she woke up at the 30min sleep mark, I once again had to finally burse her to fall asleep. She was crying a lot so I gave her some tylenol to see if that helped. She was gnawing and pulling at her ears so I don't think the tooth is completely through yet. I should have giving that to her at the start. I did try some baby oragel but it was really hard to get onto her sore spot since she like licks your finger and puts her tongue in the way. So I nursed her and took her off once she stopped sucking to eat. I'm pretty sure she had a let down. I don't see how she was hungry though since I just fed her 40 mins before. Do babies go through growth spurts at five months? Even if she got a let down I think it was more of a comfort thing.

Anyways, after taking her off and giving her her soother I rocked her for a few minutes since I had to shift her and put her into my arms a bit better, I stood up and rocked her back and forth until I was right in front of the crib, put her down and she of course woke up. This time though, I read somewhere that you can sort of push on the mattress gently beside her and that might lull her back to sleep. Since she was still drowsy it freakin worked! So hopefully she will sleep at least 1.5 hours.

Last night after we got fussy-stubborn head to sleep (after 1.5 hours!!!), I didn't hear her until 5am!!! I was in shock and at the same time worried that something was wrong, but I told myself that 'no you always wake up at least 5 mins before you hear her move around'. So I got up to go to the washroom and realized that my breasts were engorged and my left had leaked through my reusable breast pad. At that point I was like, 'awake or not I NEED you to eat'. She did and when she didn't drift right off to sleep after putting her back in bed I left the room to go back to ours. I didn't hear her until 7:15 am! She slept for almost 3 hours her first nap ( I did have to help her back to sleep a few times but I think she woke up more due to teething pain more then anything) and then another shorter 30- 40 min nap. According to the no-cry sleep/nap solution better naps during the day = better sleep at night. Now if I could just get her to go to sleep faster without crying most of the time that would be ideal. Anyone have any tips? I don't want to let her cry it out, at least not this young becaue I think she still is to young for that. Any opinions though are welcome :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


This past Saturday we went home to get Monkey Baptized. We got home a few hours before mass started to make sure the baptism dress we were borrowing off of my sister would fit her. If not, then we would have some time to go find one that did. Tammy said it went up to 20lbs so we all were pretty sure that it would.

Chris and Tammy got Monkey dressed while I got ready, I felt like I had a lot of time to get everything ready and I still was in a mad dash to do so before we had to leave! Good think Mom lives really close to the church!  We gave her some baby Tylenol just before we left because she is teething and the night before she didn't sleep at all (and neither did we, nor did she sleep hardly any that day) and we didn't want her to be in pain and cranky during mass. I think it helped considering she was really good throughout mass. Chris was bouncing her in his arms though which helped a lot. She did get fussy near the end but we gave her a bottle and she passed right out!

After mass was done we all moved to the front of the church where the baptism started. Monkey slept the whole time, well until we got to the part where he had to pour Holy Water on her head. The first time it startled her awake a bit since it was really cold! The second time wasn't to bad but the third and last time, it washed down her face and down the front of her. She started crying then but again surprisingly only for a minute or to then she was quiet again.  

Monkey was mesmerized by the priest. The whole time he was talking she was watching him. It was cute. She sometimes makes strange with people and cries. She was just full of surprised today!

After that we went back to Tammy and Steve's house where they had a BBQ. Everything was sooo good! It was a good day. I wish I would have gotten it done way before now since she is almost 5 months old but better late then never. :) I wish I also would have turned the flash on my camera! Some of our pictures turned out really blurry. 

Daddy protecting her ears from trains :) lol

I'm so proud of her :) She was so good and looked so cute in the little dress. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

I hate nap time usually but not today..


So today I started her nap time routine. I based it off our night time one. This is going to take awhile before it helps I think. I fed her then changed her bum, read her green eggs and ham then rocked her and she finally fell asleep an hour after I started the whole process. I was reading on line that some people found that when they waited until their baby showed tired signs that it was already to late and that at that point they were overtired so I thought maybe that is the case with monkey as well. She was awake for the morning around 8am this morning so at 9:30 I started everything and now at 10:25 she is finally in her crib napping. I think at the 20 min mark I am going to have to go stand outside her door waiting for her to make a noise because she always wakes up 30 min into her nap. Hopefully I will be able to lull her back to sleep before she wakes up to much.

After the day I had yesterday I need a good day! Hopefully she will sleep longer like she did earlier this week. Rocking her was a battle because I could see that she was fighting sleep but I refused to just nurse her to sleep. I basically had to distract her by snapping my fingers and rubbing her hand and she finally let the rocking put her to sleep. I know probably not the best thing to do, I don't want rocking to become a habit either but I really didn't want to even try to put her down in her crib when she was drowsy because I think I would have freaked out if she woke up completely. She is not a fun baby to be around when she doesn't get enough sleep. I think I might try that for her next nap.


She is going on 40mins! I stood outside her door reading for about 15-20 mins in case she woke up. If she passes the 50min mark I think I am safe to say she won't wake up until she wakes up from her nap. It's a relief for me since this makes each other time I put her down for a nap seem possible and not hopeless which is really good for my patience :) At least I am not tired like I was yesterday, or as tired. I still don't get enough sleep but it was better then yesterday. I can't wait for a time when she just goes for a nap and doesn't fight me or need me to help her go to sleep.

I'm in shock she is still napping! It's 11:55!! It may have taken me over 30 mins of rocking etc to get her to sleep but she is STILL asleep! Happy dance. It was well worth the time for her to get a good nap and nice to have some time to myself!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rolled over for realz this time..


OMG she just rolled over completely and even got her arm out of the way! Unfortunately when she was trying to roll back to her back the arm she had to go over was in the way, it straight by her side.  So I had to flip her since she was getting frustrated and cranky.


So after putting her back on her back I looked again and she was back on her stomach and then this time rolled again onto her back! sooo cute!!! OMG soon she will be crawling! YIKES!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Right now monkey is in her swing on the way to sleep. She was so cranky that I finally threw her in there with her ballerina dolly and it looks like I might have caught the sleep wave at the right moment since she is almost asleep! It just sucks that I will have to tiptoe around until she wakes up. Hopefully once she starts taking regular naps we can move them to the crib, then I will be able to get stuff done!


Knock on wood but she is still asleep! Just past the 30mins mark which is when she usually wakes up! Today might be a better day then I thought it was going to be, which really is good because I am TIRED (going to bed to late, monkey waking up 2 times before getting up for the day = 1 cranky mommy).


She slept a good amount of time I am surprised. She didn't wake up until 11:26am. So that was about 2.5 hours of sleep! Now that's a good nap. I thought today was going to be better, she woke up in what I thought was a good mood. I took her out of her swing and to the couch so I could nurse her. She was okay on the left side. I was going to leave her on the right for a while longer since I have a plugged duct again(!!) but she was having non of it! She kept pulling off and screaming. So I thought she had gas. I did get a few burps out but she was still screaming. The only time she wasn't was when I was holding her with her back to me and standing up. I was freaking out at this point because I thought she was starving since she had not ate anything since this morning. I have about 4oz of expressed milk in the fridge so I made a bottle and fed her that. Except even though she probably was hunger she was still really fussy and crying a lot. This was different from anything any other time. I then tried to give her cold teether toys thinking if she is teething maybe she is in pain but she would either frantically suck on it or drop it and then just cry. I was SO confused and at one point was ready to just break down and cry myself! If only she could talk!

I finally called Chris asking if he thought maybe I should try giving her some gripe water. All I could think of was that it was a long time till he got home. It's so frustrating not knowing if it was teething, hungry (which at this point I highly doubted since she had 4oz of milk) or gas. I had tried after feeding her, to express some milk and only got about 1.5 oz. I didn't know what I was going to do if she wouldn't nurse the next time! I did boil some water just in case I needed to give her formula. It also didn't help that my duct is plugged again on the right side. I don't know what is going on with the left either since it's been hurting when she has been latching and the top has seemed to be almost white. Last night a piece of skin like flaked off so I hope that doesn't mean an infection or anything!

I sterilized the medicine dropper thing then measured it out and gave it to her. I think maybe half of it she spit out but I'm sure some of it went down. I tried the cold teethers again and a cold face rag but nothing would stop her from screaming. So I walked around with her talking to her about things in the house. While we were in her room she burped I think. I had been trying to burp her all along our walk. Her burps are really hard to hear anymore which is annoying, before they were big belches.


OMG I am so relieved that she actually nursed off of me and *maybe* unplugged the duct partially. After our walk we sat on the couch. I put her down and was making her laugh and she was chomping away on her sucky and playing with her dolly. I was relieved to see her smile again. Then she started rubbing her eyes so I knew she was tired but when I put her in her swing to sleep she was having none of that. Since it was almost 2 hours since she ate last I sucked it up and tried to nurse her despite the fact that I was really nervous about her throwing a fit again. But to my relief she was fine! PHEW! She fell asleep though but that's okay! Anything is better then that fit. I was even able to put her back in her swing and she didn't wake up. So I am in complete shock because that is the second nap today! So far its been 15 mins but I don't expect her to sleep more then 30 mins since her first nap was so long. But wow! That is a first! I could never get her to nap the second time if by chance she did the first time. I really though today was going to be shitty since her inconsolable screaming match but it has gotten better thankfully.


So much for that nap. The power went out for some reason and came on again a few minutes later. But since the smoke detector is in the hallway right by the kitchen it beeped REALLY LOUDLY making me jump ten feet in the air, monkey start screaming, and both cats racing for under the couch. So thank you HYDRO ONE, thank you very much!! ~shakes fist. I finally get her to sleep for a second nap of the day and this happens. At least it was a 20min one, but still!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

She rolled over! She was playing on her mat and we looked over and she was on her belly! Her underarm was still in the way but she was completely over and on her belly. She tried to get her arm into a more comfortable position for a bit and then got frustrated so Chris helped her a bit. She seems to have no trouble rolling back to her back but that might be because she had her arm in a way that was easy for her to do so.

Yesterday after Chris got home from work we went for a walk around the area. We went and got the mail and then just sort of winged it the rest of the time. We were out for about an hour so it was a good walk. I thought maybe it would tire Monkey out but it really didn't to much. It's nice because here you can go around where its flatter or go up some hills to get a better work out just depends what you want to do. I can't wait until the have our front yards done and have sidewalks in and there won't be big huge stones everywhere! Poor monkey gets bounced around all the time. Once we got back and before she went to bed, Chris pulled the mattress out and put it back downstairs. We have been sleeping in her room for the last few weeks because I wasn't ready to have her not in the same room as me. Also it was the first time she was in her crib so I was nervous. I was just going to sleep in our room and have it there just in case but I changed my mind and figured I shouldn't even give myself the option of being able to curl up on the ground in there. So he brought it downstairs. I think having her in bed by 7-8pm everynight has really helped me though since I am used to not being beside her all the time. Although some nights I still go in and check on her a lot and some nights only a few times. So it just depends.

I also dream fed her before we went to bed last night to see if it helped. The few nights before I have been having a hard time getting her to go back to sleep in the middle of the night. That was the only thing we changed so we decided to try it again and last night was so much better. Also Chris wasn't like shifting on the bed/or me and waking her up with our noise. I have to say it was nicer on my back not sleeping on the ground. I wish it would stop hurting. I almost died a few times on our walk yesterday because my back just would not stop hurting! I forgot how squishy our bed was :) She only woke up at 4am and then again at 7 for the day so that is good.

Today we went to JYSK and Home Outfitters while it was raining out to look for some darker curtains for her room since I think maybe it's too bright in there for putting her to sleep at night. By the time we were done in there it had stopped raining enough that we decided to go to the Celtic Festival! It was pretty good. Lots of bagpipers (although she started pouting and crying when we were near them, maybe they were to loud). We had fish and chips which were sooo good. We missed the sheep dogs unfortunately, we thought monkey would really like to see them. Oh well next year. Then we just walked around looking at the vendors. It was nice that the sun wasn't beating down on us but it was so humid and muggy out it sucked! I got a nice ring from one of the vendors with a Celtic trinity knot in it.

Monkey at the fair :) (Sqeee she's so CUTE!)

Love my new ring!

I think i will have to look into this fair and possibly have a booth at it next year. I did not see any chain mail there so that could be good. Even with the weather being so shitty they had quite a good crowd so I am excited about that now!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

So she has been sleeping in her swing for 1 hour and 15 mins so far with one waking and she fell right back asleep. I think her sleep cycles must be about 30mins long or something. This is a long nap then she has had in days!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

She almost rolled over!! Closer then ever before...

9:44 am

She almost rolled over!! I just happened to turn and look at her and she was trying her hardest but her arm underneath her was in the way. It was straight out from her body so prevented her from getting over. She was turning her head as much as she could to flip herself over but because of that arm it just wasn't happening. This is as close as she has been ever. Over the weekend she was pretty close as well but this is closer! She is on her play mat right now. Awww sooo sooon!! She will get it soon!


So not to jinx it but monkey was getting really fussy at 10:30 so I took her to her room and tried to rock her to sleep. She was having none of that so I thought maybe she was hungry. Well she ate and fell asleep so back to her room and into her crib where has been sleeping with her music on. So far about 40 mins? Counting the bit where she was sleeping while nursing. Hopefully she gets a good nap this time. A few hours would be good! I think if she does the only reason would be because its dreary and raining out today so her room is fairly dark! :/ we need darker curtains in there.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The long weekend..

The long weekend went by way to fast like it always does, which sucks but at least Chris has a short work week this week.

Saturday we got moving later then I thought we would since Chris got up with the baby and let me sleep a few hours extra. (aww so nice :) Then by the time we got everything ready and I fed monkey again it was almost 2 before we left the house! I had hoped to be able to almost completely finish monkeys wall and a few other random things I wanted to get done but that didn't happen. We went to Wally World then Canadian Tire since Chris needed a drill bit that we didn't have to be able to put up the toilet paper holders and towel racks. We were going to go get some more cat litter and go to the small mall but it was getting late by this time and I had to fed monkey again soon. I will never be a comfortable breastfeeding in public and will avoid it at all costs. I would have brought some expressed milk but I was saving it for the next day.

I did manage to get some of the round leaves painted on in one of the orange colours before it was time to start her bedtime routine. We have been putting her to bed at 7 now, sometimes she nurses to sleep and stays asleep, other times she wakes up and it takes about an hour to get her to fall completely back asleep again. I am hoping once I read the no cry nap solution that once she gets a good amount of sleep during the day so that at night it will be easier to put her to sleep. We were putting her to bed at 8 but she just seemed way over tired then and it was even harder to get her to sleep so we moved her bedtime up. It's nice having 3 or 4 hours at night to ourselves just the down fall is that I am up now at 6:30 -7 and it sucks. I love sleeping in lol. I need to go to bed earlier, 11 pm is a little to late sometimes. It's hard though when I am used to going to bed between 11-2am so yep. Not only does monkey need to learn how to sleep, mummy also needs to learn to go to sleep earlier and can no longer be a night hawk!

Sunday we got up and got ready and went to see HARRY POTTER!  We have seen every other Harry Potter movie in the theater and we definitely wanted to see the last one there but we weren't sure how that was going to happen because of monkey. They do have parents with kids showings but that is on Thurs at 1pm plus we figured it would be to loud for her poor little ears. So Tam and Steve came up to watch her for a few hours. The movie was really good, sad of course but they didn't dwell on the deaths and we didn't actually see them happen like in the book so that was good. Since it's been out a few a bit and we went to the non 3D first showing of the day , there was hardly anyone in the theater. I hate sitting in a crowded theater so I was happy. I was worried about leaving her for a few hours and afraid that she was going to cry on them the whole time, especially since we had a hard time getting her to take a nap. She slept for maybe 20-30 mins, but she was okay. I fed her just before we left and Tam had 9 oz of milk for her that I expressed the few days before, so three bottles worth. They only needed to use one :) and I just fed her when we got back. I guess the only time that she got a bit grumpy and cried was around when it was time for her to eat.

Tammy also brought up the Dr.Seuss books so we have books to read monkey, well we did get a couple books from the baby shower. We had gotten a few board books from the library but they aren't the same as Dr.Seuss. They bring back memories :) My favorite was always Go Dogs Go! Especially when they go up into the tree. LOL. Not really sure why it was my fav. I'll have to ask mom.

Monday we stayed in the house and did a whole lot of nothing. I don't even know where the day went! We spent a fair chunk trying to get monkey to take a nap geez! I also read a bunch of the Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. (sooo good! I've read it before and with watching the HBO show I felt the need to reread them and also considering a new one in the series just came out!) We also cleared a space in the basement and put the carpet thing we got from Chris's boss on the floor and made a workout area down there.

And now it's Tues :( already... 


So Monkey was being cranky and it had only been an hour since I fed her last. She wasn't going to sleep in her swing so I thought what the hell, I will go into her room try rocking her for a bit and turn on her sleep music and you know what?, in less then 15mins the little monkey was asleep! I even was able to transfer her to her crib without bringing her fully awake! I am in shock. I have no idea how long she will sleep for but we will see! This is the first time she is taking a  nap in her crib! I hope she doesn't think its nighttime. That is the only thing I am worried about with her music playing, but I think she needs some white noise since there is still construction going on down the road. I'm still in shock! I hope she gets a good amount of sleep and none of this 30 mins nap crap. Cat naps for babies = not good.


So her nap earlier was short lived. She did sleep for about 20-30 mins but then I heard movement. I waited for a min but still heard it so I went in quickly hoping to catch her and lull her back to sleep. Nope, she was playing with her blanket. So I tried rocking her again and it worked but I think I tried to put her into her crib to soon because she was wide awake again. I tried rocking her again but she got to cranky so I gave up and brought her out. She played on the floor then got cranky again so I tried feeding her. She of course fell asleep on both sides so I know she was tired. I tried putting her back into the crib and that lasted about 2 - 4 mins where she started crying again. So now she is back out in her swing. I will see if she will nod off. I can't wait till Chris gets home because I am getting frustrated. I just need like an hour to myself!! ahhh
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