Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So the last time we were home, I think it was for my last doctors appointment, awaiting us at mom's house was a present from my Aunt. We didn't open it until we got back to the apartment but inside we found this!

A mouse piggy bank! I have no idea where she finds these things but it's the cutest thing ever. So right now (now that we are in the house) it is sitting on baby's baby dresser. She addressed it to Chris and me (the mouse) and baby (future mouse). lol :) Mouse is my nickname in the family.

It's the cutest and I totally love it. It is also the first 'mouse' thing baby has received. I definately can see more things with mice on it for baby in the future. :) The card read that it was a start to our baby fund. Thanks Aunt B! :)


  1. I think this is the most adorable piggy (mouse) bank I have ever seen!! Such a cute idea to pass down the mouse nickname

  2. @Barbie I know! I have no idea where she finds cute things like that! Unfortunately at least from us she gets monkey more then mouse. I have a feeling a future brother or sister will get baby mouse more often :)


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