Saturday, November 19, 2011

Monkey's first foods: Oat Cereal and Butternut Squash

November 1st 2011 - We gave monkey oat cereal for the first time today. Before that she had just been eating rice cereal. Unfortunately after a day or so she started getting patches of really dried rashy skin and also lots of red dots all over her back. The only new thing that we had tried was the oat cereal so we reverted back to rice and only gave her other food that she had already tried to see if it was the oats that was causing it. 

After a week or so there was no change, so we pretty much ruled out oat cereal being the cause. Instead we looked to baby eczema information on the internet. Chris said that he remembered our pediatrician that we were taking her to before we found a family doctor said that we might have to watch for that because she might have a touch of it. I don't remember him saying that at all but I am sure I was worrying about other things like was she eating enough, did she weigh enough, was she growing enough.

All the information we found pretty much points to that and we followed some of the suggestions like keep bath water not to hot, bath baby ever few days instead of every day, use gentle laundry detergent, make sure her skin is moisturized etc. It seems to have helped so that is a relief. We do have a weight check near the end of December so we will ask the nurse or doctor about it then. It doesn't seem to bother her at all so that is a relief to me.

She ate the oat cereal up though no complaints :) Such a good little eater!
November 19th 2011 - We gave her butternut squash. She has had squash before but this one said butternut on the jar. For the sake of logging her new foods I decided to include it just in case there was a difference. The other jar could have been butternut squash for all I knew but it was such a long time ago that she tried it and I only wrote down squash so who knows. :) Plus any picture of monkey is just so cute. At least we think so.

Food face!
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