Monday, July 19, 2010


Last night even though I was so tired, I couldn't get to sleep. There was thunderstorms going on but still. I woke up and really did not feel rested at all. I ended up laying in bed until 9:30. I felt not well and slightly sick to my stomach, but got up to call the doctor to make an appointment, but unfortunately they were not there until noon. So I went back to bed. I just couldn't sit up at all. I know I was having really weird dreams. The only thing I really remember about this one is that I was on a treadmill? lol I don't know.

I got up around 12:30 again and called the doctor and she booked me in for next wednesday at 11:30 am. So that's good. I still feel like sometimes that I am not prego anymore or was never to begin with. I don't know why. Even though I know that's not possible considering I haven't got my period so yeah. lol. I took a quiz thingo on the and it estimated that I would have a girl. So we will see if that is right. I think it would be nice to have a girl first, but really as long as the baby is healthy, I really don't care.

ugh I need to go get ready for work :( I am not looking forward to standing for 8 hours. Although I did get some new insoles so hopefully they help my feet. I want nothing more then to be able to stay home! I guess I will be able to do that in like 6-7 months? Seems weird that little baby cashew has a heartbeat already :) The only down side is I was not were I wanted to be weight wise before getting pregnant, and with my breasts so swollen feeling and huge and I just feel so fat and gross :( ugh :(


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