Saturday, April 28, 2012

She walks!

I don't know what is more amazing, the fact that I was home from work (to sick to my stomach that day to go to work) or the fact that Chris happened to be filming her when she took her first steps by herself! This kid catches on to things so fast! We couldn't stop her from trying to walk after she realized she could do so without holding on to stuff. I still am so happy that I got to see that for myself and even more happier that we can continue to relive that moment since its on camera! Monkey is growing up to fast!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

So exhausted...

Omg I am so freaking exhausted today. I had a feeling that by the end of the week I would be like this. I really wish I didn't have to work so I could take a long nap when Chris gets home from work. I have a headache and that will only get worse when I get to work and have to wear my safety glasses and being under the flourescent lights. Ugh 8 more hours till the weekend. :( At least tommarrow I can sleep in a bit!

I am also still freaking out about weight gain. I want to keep it to a min since I dont want to go over what I was at the worst at the end of the last pregnancy but I am like famished all the time!! This weekend we need to get a lot of good stuff, fruits etc. and salad stuff so I can make huge salads for either lunch or supper. It's so crappy, I hate it! I don't want to feel like a whale and I am pretty close to feeling that way already. My stomach is still big from monkey and I'm only 9 weeks. I shouldn't be showing yet should I? I am so embarrassed to leave the house let along have to go to work. This time around work has been super exhausting since I can't sleep in till whenever like I was able to with Monkey. Being prego with a little one and working afternoons really sucks!! 6 months plus a week to go :(

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some more Monkeyness..

Monkey started to stand with her head on the ground and her bum up in the air. Almost like she is going to do a somersault but thankfully actually doesn't try yet. She's been doing this off and on for the last two days the silly kid. (It's like the downward dog yoga pose just with her head on the ground). She usually then just rolls to her side so she is on the ground or like buckles her legs and lays on the ground. She never stops making me laugh :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

I hate days like this!

I feel like I am going to have a break down today. I was unhappy with my weight to begin with and really it wouldn't be so horrible if my belly was flatter but I still looked prego to myself before I got pregnant again. I still had the stupid tummy. It still sticks out sooo much and I hate how I look in profile view because of it. I am only 8 weeks I definitely should not be showing yet! On top of that I have gained weight (I know I'm going to gain but being at the weight I am now is depressing). I still had about 25-30 pounds to lose from Monkey! I want to try and minimize how much I gain but I still have a lot of months to get through before I reach that highest number. I don't want to be there already in 2 more months. I feel like I don't have enough time in the day to workout, clean house, watch monkey and have some me time as well. I am going to lose it soon. I just want to cry. I can't stop eating either. It was the same before when I was trying to lose weight and working afternoons. I eat a bunch during the day because I don't want to be starving by my first break and then I eat more because I am starving anyways and I am famished by the time I get home afterwards. I don't think eating before bed is a good idea. I have no idea what to do! I know I can't lose weight now but I need to try and stop gaining so quickly. I can't wait till this baby is born and I can go to weight watchers to lose the weight! I should have done that after Monkey and then I wouldn't be in this depressive state right now. I feel like a fatass and I hate it. The sweater I wear to work doesn't make my belly look any better either.  I feel hopeless and I don't know what to do. I think I ate to much today as well :( this is so depressing!! I'm sure this is normal with expecting mothers but I wasn't like this before monkey but probably because I was at a healthy weight range for my height. blah :(

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cute things Monkey did :)

A short entry but monkey did a couple cute things today. First she started crawling around with her sock monkey in her mouth hanging by his tail. That made me laugh. She did it for awhile to! I wish I got a picture of it but by the time I got the camera she had already dropped him. She is the cutest.

She is also able to now turn her toy walking stroller in another direction when she gets as far as she can one way. She is one smart cookie!
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