Tuesday, December 6, 2011

where did the last few months go?

I haven't really been blogging/journaling to much this past month or so. I've been trying to catch up a little bit and back dating a few posts that I should have added way before now. They are mainly just Monkey's first food posts though. I also still have 10 days left I think of the 30 days about me. I really can't wait till that is over! I feel like it is bumping any posts that I want to make since I don't really want to be posting like 20 times a day. Not that I have time to post 20 times a day, but you know what I mean.

I usually do my postings when Monkey is napping or after Chris gets home from work/after Monkey goes to bed. Unfortunately for any regular readers I have been gaming for the last little while, which eats up any free time of mine. :) I go through my phases, so I guess right now it is gaming. I think I have set a record on how many games I have actually played through these past two months since I have a REALLY bad habit of playing a game almost to the very end then losing interest. It's so annoying because once I go back to it I basically have to start over again because I forget what happened or what I was doing. Maybe that is why I like Warcraft so much. It is never ending! We purchased Dragon Age 2 not too long ago, it's an amazing, AMAZING RPG if you like those kind of games. The first game was awesome to! I have already beat DA 2 twice! Yep twice! We literally just bought it like 3-4 weeks ago. (I had to try a different class lol) Then Steam was having a super mega sale everyday in November and I picked up 3 games for less then $5 bucks each. I beat Mass Effect already and am currently playing Mass Effect 2, which I think I am almost done. This was my first ever sci-fi RPG. I usually like the medieval type RPG with swords, bows, magic, and auto targeting. (I may be a gamer but I really am not the greatest at it.) So this was different. Plus I really suck at first person shooting which is basically how the fighting goes in the Mass Effect games. I can at least pause though to get my bearings. I've gotten better but I still suck at aiming! I miss auto targeting! LOL! After that I have another RPG that seems interesting called 'The witcher', it was less then $5 so I thought couldn't hurt. Chris is currently playing Skyrim, the newest Elder Scrolls game, which looks good as well. I'm sure I will probably play that one at some point as well. Maybe once he is done with it.

Games suck up a lot of time! Even though they are fun to play. Mixed into that I have been reading any other chance I can get. I'm almost done the Eye of The World by Robert Jordan and there are like 13 more books in the series? I'm looking forward to finally knowing what happens because I think I only ever got to the 6 or 7th book. I'm sure by the time I get to the end of the ones I have the last book in the series should be out! As always I have a long list of other books I want to read. It really is never ending! To much to do, so little time. The above doesn't really even include all the craft projects I have floating around in my head, nor the stories I want to write (I totally failed at nanowrimo again this year) or working on my chain mail stuff. Then Christmas is coming faster then I would like! Time sure freaking flies by way to fast!

I definitely have some ideas for blog posts that are more then what monkey tried for the first time because I feel like that is all I ever write about anymore. Although I always fill them with tons of cute photos of monkey! :) Hopefully I will get to them soon.

As for me and monkey we haven't really been up to to much, just hanging out in the house. I have been actively trying to lose the last bit of baby weight from monkey but it is harder then I thought it was going to be. Tomorrow is weigh in again and I am scared. I sort of screwed up this past week and I don't want to see a gain! I've lost about 5lbs so far but still lots to go! Plus I have been really lazy about working out the last week or so. Seriously the sun goes down and it is pitch black outside by 5pm and with that goes any motivation of mine to do anything. Monkey has been crawling around to but more of an army crawl then the typical crawl. She is super fast as well! I have to guard the cat food dish, the computer area and now the Christmas tree. She hasn't actually bothered that to much but it is not decorated yet so I guess it's too boring at the moment. Other then that it is the daily routine. Not really that interesting. :)
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