Monday, February 28, 2011

Doc appointment..

Today I got showered and got ready and tried calling the doc office at 12:30 to see if he was going to be in but got a busy signal. So I was just going to wait for five minutes and try again, but two minutes later the phone rang. It was the doctor's office, she was calling to say that he wasn't going to make it in today and that she needed to reschedule me for tommarrow but it was going to be like at 4 or something. Which was fine.

Mom called around 8:30 or so to see how I made out lol which of course I had nothing to tell her since I hadn't gone. I told her what happened and that I had to go in tommarrow. She told me that Jeremy said I will have the baby on the 5th since that is his birthday lol and my Aunt was saying that the full moon was on the 17th so I will have it then! Mom was like I don't think she will want to go that long! LOL NOPE! hehe :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doc Appointment...

Today I had my doctor appointment with the other doc since mine was on holidays. It was nice to meet him. He is quite chatty/joky, I found it a bit awkward but okay. It was the same old same old really. The nurse checked my urine, my blood pressure and my weight. He measured my belly and listened to the heart beat and checked to see if baby was head down. He asked if baby was moving and said that if I was ever worried to do the whole 6 movements in 2 hour thing and if it's less then that to go to the hospital for a stress test. Seriously I am always worried about this and constantly think baby is not moving as much as before. But so far everytime I do the test baby moves more then 6 times. So yeah. I've been worried about that for along time and everytime baby's heart beat is the same so must be okay.

He said that the heart rate when he was checking went up to 140-150's and that is a sign of a good strong healthy fetus. So that made me feel better, although I am still worried about baby movements. I think mostly that we are so close I don't want anything to happen! He also checked my cervix since I am now over 38 weeks. That wasn't comfortable. It is not dilated at all but he said that it is soft so that is good. So something is happening. He was pretty confident that I would make it to my next appointment with my doc and like he said you won't be giving birth out in the parking lot. lol. So it was a short check up as usual :)

So I made my appointment for next week and the only day she had was monday! She said it's because my doc and the one I seen today have to cover at the hospital for another doctor who is going on holidays next week so they lost tues and wed for appointments. She told me though at around 12pm or so to give her a call to make sure he is going to be in since he is going to be at the hospital in the morning. My appointment for was 1:45 or so. It's so weird that it's so soon after this one and this one was weird enough considering it felt like friday and it's only thrus. All my other appointments have been fridays!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monkey's room

Today Chris finished painting the second coat of green in the room. It didn't take him that long at all. He had it mostly covered anyways. He made me come in and see if there were any spots that he missed. There were a few that he touched up. There are a lot of spots that bug me though since he got green paint on either the ceiling or the trim! I think he still should have taped. But whatever I prolly be the only one to notice that and I am probably being way to picky. LOL

Later on he moved my drafting table and all things that don't belong in the babies room back down into the basement. So that he could move stuff around in there. So we have the change table right by the door and the dresser right beside it. On the other side we will put the crib. Without all that stuff in the middle and stuff out of the room that didn't belong, the room looks HUGE! Insane!

Friday, February 18, 2011

mat room rant and doc appointment

I'm so upset right now. Chris just called me a few minutes ago to say that he was talking to someone in the office at work about the baby and he asked about our insurance coverage. We have no coverage unless it's outside of province then we have semi private insurance. So my only optionis to stay in the ward room which are 3-4 people. I don't want to be in a ward room! I wanted to be a private room so that Chris could stay with me. I'm pretty sure that the tour person said that if it was any room other then private he could only be there during visiting hours or at least he couldn't stay over with me if he wanted because there wasn't enough room. I wish I remembered. I also though the prices were cheaper then what they are stating on the form. Semi private is 200 a day and private is $235! So if I stayed for three days it's like 600 bucks!

I called the cashier's office and the person who answered said that she wasn't sure if there were ward rooms in the maternity ward, but she did know the prices of for the rooms. She did say though that to request ward room and if they don't have any then they will put you into a semi private and they won't charge you. So hopefully they have no ward rooms in that department.

Anyways, she took down my number and said that the lady that normally is at the phone was just out at a ward and should be right back and would be able to tell me. She said she would get her to call me back. She normally doesn't answer the phone but because the other lady was away from the phone she watches it for her. Hopefully she phones back. I hope they don't. I'd stay in a semi private room if I had to. I'd prefer private but I don't want to pay their prices. Considering it's like $200 and what if I have a c-section and have to stay there for 3 days!! I guess I'm glad we found out that we don't have coverage now then afterwards and get a huge bill!! I guess I can also hope that no one else is giving birth the same as me. If the price for a private room was like 100 and something per day it would be better then 200. Ugh I guess I am going to have to suck it up and deal with the fact that I might not have as much privacy as I would like. At least after delivery before they move you you have a few hours of privacy in the labour room with baby. I just want the option of Chris being with me all night long as I'm sure he doesn't want to have to leave or be forced to leave.

12:10 pm:

So she just called back and there are ward rooms there, I think only one. I'm so upset right now. I don't know what to do.


I've calmed down a bit. I called the maternity ward after talking to Chris on the phone awhile ago. She said that no matter what room I was in Chris wouldn't be able to spend the night anyways. She said it all depends on many factors but basically Chris would have more time and access then just visitors. So it's good to know that he isn't restricted to like normal visiting hours. I guess we can go ahead and get like the tv and internet card then so I have something to watch or whatever if he isn't with me or I dunno I do have a few books and my journal I am bringing with me. At least that way we might be able to talk on msn or through email or something. oooh msn through hotmail! That talk made me feel a bit better. Also there is only one ward room so if it's full I get a semi private with no charge anyways. So either I hope there is no one else when I go in or it's already full so I can go into a semi! The cost of semi or private is just way to much! :(

Doc appointement is soon. I will have to get a new freaking form to fill out since the one I wrote on I will have to scribble stuff out and yeah not good. I am also glad to find this out now before we get the office person at the doctors office to fax it to the hospital which she is going to do today. That would have sucked.


The doc appointment was normal. Same old same old. The same routine, weigh me,check my urine, take my blood pressure, measure my belly and listen to baby's heart. My weight thankfully has stayed the same:) phew!! I noticed today that walking around my pelvis was really hurting me. So when we went into the doctors and he measured my belly he said that is is down from what it was the week before so baby must have dropped. He said you will probably feel more discomfort in your pelvis. ummm yep! Ha I was like yep today in fact. Babys heart rate was 150 the first time he listened but then it went down into the 140's the second time he timed it, which was immediately after getting the first reading. It was nice to hear babys heart beat again :) Other then that there was nothing that was concerning us. He said that next week he was away so we would be scheduled to see his collegue. I jokingly said oh that will be the week that I go into labour because your away that is my luck. lol. He just sort of laughed and said well if you do it won't be a bad thing, sometimes it's nice to have a bit smaller baby, he said there are other doctors around that are good as well. Of course though he would like to have me not go into labour while he is away. He said if I make it to the appointment with him the following week (I will be in week 39) we will discuss how to proceed. I'm assuming scheduling me to go in to get induced if I don't go into labour myself by a certain date. I can't believe baby is so soon! Just over two weeks to my due date!

So with that we left and I booked my next appointment with the other doctor for thrus at 12:45 the next week. My doctor said that the other one might do a check on my cervix since I will be past 38 weeks or he might just wait and let my doc do that if I make it to that appointment. My doctor did say though like if my water broke to go to the hospital and let them check me out etc. I have been having a few light menstral type of craps here or there and sometimes my belly does feel weird and get tight and hard. So my body must be preparing itself for labour! Still not looking forward to that. Mostly I guess becuase I don't know what to expect and how bad the pain will be!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and other baby rambles

aww Chris brought home the cutest diary queen ice cream cake today after work :) It's cute! hehe I had already hinted at getting one and we were going to stop on the way home on saturday but since we had the chair in our trunk and we couldn't really see anything, we didn't. So he mentioned he might get one on monday and he remembered. Awww. I haven't had one of these in forever! They are soo good!!

Last night my lower side was really bothering me all night long. It was stabbing pain alot and fairly constant. I don't know if was how I was laying or if baby was laying into something or what but it was freaking me out. I also have been worried about baby's movements. I don't know I think because it's getting to the end I am so scared something bad is going to happen and feel like if it does maybe I should have noticed or something. I need to remember that I really didn't feel baby move around a whole lot before so yeah. I still won't feel 100% okay until baby is delievered and hear baby cry her lungs out. This last little bit seems so long! The pain though in my side is not any worse then it was yesterday so I decided to hold off on calling the doc office. I also figured even if I did call them my appointment is friday and I doubt they could get me in before then anyways. I was reading online and it seems like other mothers have experienced the same thing. It could be something worse but for the most part it is normal. So it will just be something I mention to the doc on friday. I guess if it really does get bad then I could either call the doc office, teleheath or the labour and delivery and see what they think. But as of right now I don't think it's bad enough to. Ugh I just hate this constant worrying. I just want baby to be okay! I'm getting anxious to meet baby though but at the same time I feel like I am not ready! Yikes. (I did do a kick count and I think I counted 10 movements etc in the first 30 mins of doing it so that is good, but I still worry)

I definately have been feeling the shift in emotions that some of the books describe. Like one minute your so ready to take on this responsibility and the next your so overwhelmed and you feel like you won't be able to do it or not ready. I guess baby is coming no matter what. My friend Aud assures me that once you see baby for the first time any doubts like that or feelings just fly away and your motherly instincts kick in. She said and before you know it baby is old enough to be going to kindergarten. lol. I'm definately nervous about labor since it will probably be a long one. I'm not sure how I will cope with the pain etc. It sucks even more that you just don't know when it will begin until it does! Basically anytime now! Yikes in less then 4 weeks baby will be here!!! Crazyness!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Mattress pad and other ramblings

Today definately was boring since Chris has to be gone most of the day for the trivia games. I did finally get my butt going on sewing together the baby mattress pad, but not until almost the end of the day. I had already made the pattern and cut the pieces out a while ago. I bought wayyyy to much material for it though. I was going by directions I found on the net which said to get 1.5 yards of material. I should have took my calculations on the size of the mattress and figured out how much I needed from that. Whoops. Oh well at least I had some extra if I screwed up or something. I can also I guess make some change pads or something with the left over. I think the material is so cute! All the tiny baby foot prints!

I was originally going to put a zipper on one of the ends and then once it was all put together we could slip the foam into it. Yeah well I tried to put the zipper in and it was a pain in the ass! I have to say, I don't know how many times I jabbed myself with pins trying to get the material to cooperate!, it looked alright. Except when we checked to make sure it would work before sewing the rest together we discovered it was still not wide enough for the foam to go through easily. I could just see us trying to shove the foam in (which does not bend easy considering its two inches thick and really hard) so I was like no that will not work. So after thinking about it for a moment I was like I will just make one end piece wider and only sew it to one side at that end then have it fold around to the bottom and use velcro or something to hold it down. That way it will be easy to get off etc. So that is what I did. Pinning the pieces together was sort of a pain but it went okay. I rememered not to sew to each end completely so that when I put the other side on it worked out alright. It was nice to be able to flip it right side out at the end and see that I did a pretty good job. It's a bit loose on the mattress pad but it works. 

When Chris put it into the cradle it was really snug so I have no worries now. I think we will just use some receiving blankets for a mattress cover on it. We checked bassinett covers that we saw in zellars but they were an inch to short on either side and really it was a top sheet anyways. It just wouldn't work. But like mom said baby isn't going to move around to much at first and when baby does we will probably already have him or her in the crib. I was glad to finally get that done and out of the way. It's nice that it's water proofish because of the type of material it is.

I also have been having sharp stabbing pains in my lower right side of my belly. Really close to the top of my leg. Not really cool. It randomly happens, it's not just when I move or shift position I can just be sitting and it happens. I'm not sure if its just round ligament pain or what. My doc appointment on friday seems to be way to freaking long from now. I guess if it's worse tommarrow or continues to do it all the time I can always call the doc office and see what they think.

I also woke up with my left wrist hurting and discovered I have a really small sharp bump on my wrist bone on the inside of my wrist. WHAT THE HELL!! Seriously :(, so it's sore when I do anything. I couldn't even crochet for more then 10 mins at a time and even typing a lot makes it more stiff. I used to get those big bumps on the top of my wrist on that hand randomly and it would hurt for about a week or so and then go away. So I am hoping this is the same thing (I forget what it's called) and go away because really since I'm so close to my due date I really can't or don't want to just pick up and go see my family doctor to see what it is. Even if I did call it would be a  few weeks probably before I could go see him and that would be like right on my due date and yeah being in a car travelling an hour both ways just isn't going to happen. So it better get better soon since I need my hand and wrist especially when baby is here!! geeeez

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Painting the Baby's room pIc's

Before we started painting (ignore the mess of stuff on my drafting table please :)

Chris opening the paint can for the first time and us seeing the colour. Thankfully it is the colour that we expected. lol.

Chris's first few roller strokes. It looks pretty good! The pictures do not do the colour justice at all. It really is a nice baby green colour. I can't remember the exact colour title. I think it had lime in it or something.

First coat pretty well complete!

It looks pretty good!! So baby your room is the first and probably only room for awhile that will have colour on it's walls! LOL. I'm jealous. haha :) Chris painted it all by himself. He wouldn't let me help and we only had one roller anyways. Although I can't wait to get in there and do my painting/decorating. I just have to figure out where everything will be and exactly what I want to do on the walls. I think I still like the tree with floating leaves idea. The good thing is the person we were talking to at the paint store said that acrylics you get at micheal's or even just regular art paint would go on easily. :)

Wally world

We got up today and went to wally world. I think this is probably the last weekend I will go out for to long. I wanted to check the prices of the glider and ottoman set since walmart's website on our location said that they were $150. I really kick myself for not getting it a few weekends ago when it was on sale! So we get there and grab a few things we needed to get and head to the baby section to look at their stuff there. We see that the display glider/ottoman set is there and it has a tag on it that says it's $150. I was like cool they are $150. But when I looked at the ones in the boxes it says they are $199.00. I look at the display again and see that it was orginally $199 but they reduced it down to $150 and then on the paper that was on it said to sell it at $100 because it is the floor model. Now it's in really good shape. It's just dirty, which with our green machine would be super easy to clean (and really it's not THAT dirty). So we wander around the baby section trying to find someone to help us but of course there is no one there. So we went over a section and I found someone there. She came over and scanned the ones in boxes and said that they were $199 and said that the display is $100 because it is the display and dirty. We decide of course to take it. So she gets someone to help bring it to the front and calls whoever she has to talk to to make sure it's $100 and not $150. Once she talks to whomever she verifies it is $100 and then maked a new tag for us so that they do scan it at $100 at the cash.

So after the two gift cards we got from the baby shower we got a glider/ottoman set for the babys room for $25 bucks. Pretty nice I have to say! Some of those sets go for like $300 etc at other places. Right now we will put it in our room so I have somewhere to feed the baby in the middle of the night. It will be way better then trying to do that on the bed, especially if Chris is trying to sleep. It is pretty comfy as well which is good.

Unfortunately it was a bitch to get it in the car! Because the bottom legs were to long it wouldn't go into the back seat nor really fit into the trunk. So we basically had to put it in the trunk as best as we could and Chris then had to go back in and get some bunjy cords and some rope. It was so freaking cold out that day!! It was sunny out but so windy. We were parked in front of the store so I felt like a tool while waiting for him to come out. I was standing out of the car at first but then got in since it was way to cold. He finally came out after what seemed like years. It was so busy that it took him awhile to get through the check out line. Then it took another 10-15 mins to get the trunk tied down. Finally we got to go home. I felt like such a nub as I'm sure Chris did to. It was good that we just had to go straight home since we couldn't see out the back window. We got home no problemos. I think that was really the last big purchase we needed to make. I like that I have somewhere comfy to sit now.

So we relaxed at home for awhile and then Chris started the first coat of paint in the babys room. It's a nice shade of green! I like it and the best part is that the paint didn't give off any paint smell so the house didn't stink afterwards. It took him forever to paint though, the one wall with the windows he had to just use the paint brush since there wasn't enough room for the roller. But he got it covered pretty well. The second coat will go much fast. It looks really good in there. We just have to figure out how to put curtains up since the middle window is tricky. I love it. It just sucks that tommarrow Chris will be gone all day long and I will be at home bored :(

Friday, February 11, 2011

SDM's VIB (Very Important Baby) mail surprise

So awhile ago I had signed up for Shopper's VIB program. They send you emails with helpful info in it and sometimes samples from companies. I thought it could be useful so I signed up. Well we stopped to check the mail on the way home and this was inside. A package from SDM's VIB program. So it was a really nice surprise!

It had a few different samples of baby wash/shampoo, some baby wipes, a bib and a few baby newborn diapers. The small sized stuff will be handy in the diaper bag for sure. Saves lugging a full sized one around especially when we go home for a visit. I have to say I didn't expect anything like this so it was a nice surprise. Must be because I am due fairly soon!

Belly Shots! Week 36 and a comparing week 8 to 36

I can't believe the last time I took belly shots was week 33. Geez!! Anyways here is week 36.3 or so.

Also just for fun I put a pic of week 36 with week 8. Holy crap I don't ever remember my belly being so flat!! It feels like it's been forever since it was. This just shows me how BIG my baby belly is!! geeez baby I hope your not a 12 pounder like JP predicted. LOL

(also ignore the stupid faces I make in photos LOL)

Doc appointment...

The doctors appointment today at 3:15 went well. Same old same old. We had no concerns or worries. They did the normal stuff, check urine, check blood pressure, checked my weight, measure the belly and listen to the baby's heart rate. I guess it's was around 140 (does that mean it's a girl!!). The only concerns I had were that my hands seemed to be semi swollen now, but he assured me that is normal and since my blood pressure etc it is probably just a normal prego symptom and not a cause of concern (swollen hands feet legs face etc can be a symptom of preeclampsia but since all other things are normal that is not what it is). I had put my rings on before Chris came home to pick me up and they were fine at first but by the time we got to to the building they felt sort of tight and were really hard to get off. Usually they feel really lose. So I was just hoping that by the time we got home I'd be able to get them off! The other thing was that I had been feeling pains beside my belly button and had lots of pain in my lower stomach - especially when getting up and walking after sitting /laying for awhile and when I turn over in bed. He said it's just because your carrying extra weight and your belly is so big it's pulling stuff when it normally doesn't pull if I wasn't prego. He told me just to support it when doing any of these things. Also the pain by my belly is sort of the same thing. My belly button is not used to being an outy (it's mostly out but still an inny) so that when I shift or baby kicks or hits that spot (which baby always does) then that is probably the cause. Like anything though he said to let him know if it becomes unbearable and he did mention to me again that I can take tylenol if I need to.

So we set our appointment for the following friday. I guess the week after that he is off so I will be seeing a different doctor that week. My doc told me that basically I can go into labour anytime. I'm 36.5 weeks along so if I do go into labour it won't be to big of a deal as  if it happened in my 8th month. He said of course you want baby to cook in there as long as possible. It's crazy to think that I have reached the point of where it can happen anytime!! I also got the registration forms for the hospital. I find it funny that it says on there to bring them in at least 12 weeks before! whoops! but to be fair it's not like they gave them to me or remembered to and I only found out on the tour that you can do that! So too bad for them. Really what are they going to do turn me away! The receptionist just told me to bring them in next appointment and she can fax it to them and give me the originals to put into my hospital bag. That way they will have everything ready for when it is time to go there. I'm glad that I asked considering I thought they would mention it to me at some point! I would have been wrong that's for sure! That would have sucked getting to the hospital and not having our insurance info etc. I definately want a private room, that way Chris can stay with me all the time if he wants to. If it was a shared room I think he can only be there during visiting hours. I know he wouldn't be allowed to stay over night if I needed him to. The thought that I would have to share the room with another person with her baby and their visitors etc yeah just wouldn't feel to comfortable with that.

After the appointment we went to chinese food buffet for Valentine's celebration. It was really good. But so filling. There was so much food there it was nuts! Sooo many chicken dishes that were awesome! I was so stuffed afterwards! It was good though. I have been wanting Chinese food for awhile now so it was the perfect time to go. Chris has that thing that his boss does every year on sunday so we though friday would be a good time to go eat for our Valentine's celebration considering monday Chris works and everywhere probably would be insane to go to on monday night. Just so much more relaxing this way!

After that we went to zellars to look at baby stuff since stuff was on sale again. We really didn't see to much. I did see a winnie the poo mobile but meh it was like 50 bucks or something like that. Something to think on. Plus Winne and Co are the classic look as apposed to the current look. We were also considering purchasing a swaddle blanket thing for baby once baby comes home but then I decided that really baby probably won't be in it for that long and it's easy to swaddle a newborn in anything and since we have a million recieving blankets and blankets we can just use them instead of paying 20 bucks for one. After that we went home to relax!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

paint and cradle mattress

Chris went and got the paint last night before he came home. Hopefully it is the right colour since he didn't get them to open it before he bought it. He also got a few roller brushes, a paint brush for the edges and a drop cloth. That would be hoooorible if we got paint on the carpet since it's a brand new carpet! Once he gets that done I can paint what I want to on the walls (the whole tree thing with blowing leaves) but I will probably wait until we have the crib here and we know where we are going to put it.

So yesterday I was going to start making the pattern for the cradle mattress cover but could not find my freaking ruler!!! It's long and wobbly so it has to be in a biggish box in the basement or a tote. Couldn't find it anywhere. Chris even looked last night as well and he couldn't find it either. I really didn't feel like pulling everything out of all boxes either, plus having to crouch over a box for more then a minute kills my back and my belly so not worth it. GAR so I guess I will have to use a measuring tape! I did find my t-square though so at least I have something long and solid to draw a straight line with. At least I know where my tissue paper is. I was sitting at the computer after my failed attempt to find my ruler and I realized holy crap where are my straight pins!! But thankfully I had packed them in my sewing machine box. PHEW. I really need to get that going. With everything though I am always afraid I am going to screw it up. I hate cutting out material as well. I just hope I have enough of it. It's cute though it has yellow, pink and green baby footprints on it! I also am not sure exactly how to put a zipper in but I seen a few pictures online and think I have a good idea. Doesn't have to be perfect at all , just functional lol.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

no sleep, and other baby stuff

I had a bitch of a time sleeping last night. Well I fell asleep ok but woke up at my normal 3am time to go to the washroom . While I was in there I heard some weird creaky noise - it was pretty windy so it probably was the wind hitting the window but still. It never did that before they changed the glass. So that woke me right the hell up because I wasn't sure what it was at first. Chris eventually heard it as well. So I couldn't fall asleep because all I could hear was the wind racing down between the two houses and this annoying creaky noise! Now I'm afraid the window is going to break :(. Also finding a comfy position was almost impossible. My pillow wasn't helping either and both legs were aching. So it didn't matter what side I was laying on. So annoying!

I did manage to get some more sleep after Chris left for work though. I woke up at 10:30 I think. Although I still feel pretty tired and crappy :( Chris picked up the foam last night from an upholstery place that is right close to where we live. They cut the piece to the exact size that we needed to which is awesome! She suggested two inch foam because that is what they use for the baby mattresses they make for people. Fabricland person was the one to tell us to try an upholstery place. Mom was shocked that fabric land didn't sell high density foam. It all worked out in the end. It would have been reg $18 bucks plus tax but there foam was on sale so it's was only $15 plus tax. Got to like that. Last night Chris went and found the sewing machine for me and brought it up.

Tonight he will probably go to the paint store and get our paint. Hopefully he remembers the drop sheet and roller brush thing. Fun stuff. I can't wait to be able to get the babys room finished. I folded all the clothes and washed out the baby dresser and put everything in it yesterday. It looks so cute. I had washed all the baby clothes and towels, facecloths, and receiving blankets the weekend that just past. Last night we organized the change table and put the mattress pad on it. Now we just need the crib so we can set that up. We bought a poo bear comforter set at wally world on the weekend it's sooo cute :) I think once we have the crib we can measure and go buy a mattress from wally world with our gift cards. Not a big deal at first though considering baby will be in the cradle which will be in our room for the first few months at least anyways. (It's in there right now :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The hospital tour and other baby ramblings

I was definately excited to be able to see the hospital where we have to go when the time is right. She basically answered all of my questions without me having to ask them and all the other people were asking questions to so everything I wanted to know was covered. It's good to finally know where we go when I go into labor. We just go to emerg and then walk straight over to this one desk. We don't have to see the triage nurse or anything. From there they will take us up to the mat ward where we go into this one room and will be monitored etc to see where we are at. She said we would probably spend at least a few hours in there before being transferred to a labor and delivery room. It all depends on where we are at when we get there.

From there the labor and delivery room is where we will be until up to a few hours after baby is born. They are private rooms and they are pretty nice. The have big windows so you can look outside etc. She said the last one (I think there was 8 or 9 of them) they like to call the penthouse. lol. She said its the nicest once since two walls are all windows and it has a great view. It's just the luck of the draw on which room you get. Each room also has a washroom but unfortunately we are not allowed to use the shower or the bathtub since when the built it they put the tubs in wrong so it's like dangerous for unsteady prego women to get in and out of them. Way stupid if you ask me. If we want to do either we have to ask the nurse and it may be possible because one of the rooms has a proper shower and I think one of them has a safe bathtub in it. I like how the baby doesn't not leave your room unless of course they need to do further testinng/observation. It's really nice to have the baby in the same room as you.

There are always a few nurses on staff that our good with breastfeeding so that is good as well. In this room we can get a card for internet , phone and tv. All rooms have it's own mini laptop like thing with a tv monitor (well the monitor dubs as both tv and the computer monitor) and a phone attached. I think for all three its like 13 bucks a day. Tv and net is 5 each and the phone is 3. We are also allowed in here to use our cell phone and take photos. We are also allowed to bring whatever with us to make us more comfy, extra pillows music etc. She said after the birth we would probably be in here for a few hours and then transferred to the last room of our stay - either semi private or private, until we are realeased. If you go semi private you can only have vistors in during visiting hours. Even chris can't stay with me all the time. If it's private you can have one person stay with you all the time and overnight. I definately want a private room though. Baby will be in here with you and you have a huge shower and bathroom in each room. You can wheel baby closer to the bathroom door so you can always see baby if you are in the room by yourself and want to take a shower. I think we have partial insurance - we have to double check though. If we do it's only about 30 a day for the private room if not then it's like 100 a day. So yeah hope we do have some coverage on that! If not I guess I will hope I don't have to share my room with anyone!

It was a good tour. At the end she showed us how after we are in and registered, Chris can come and go without having to go to the emerg room at least during the day. He will have wrist band as well. If for some reason baby has to go into the other room we have access to baby 24/7. Hopefully baby will not have to go in there! I want her with me all the time :)

I have to say I am starting to get nervous about what to expect. I wish I was in better shape then I was. I just had no energy at the start to keep working out - I was already soooo exhausted before being prego. Then as it progressed I started to worry about doing something I shouldn't and hurting baby. I only had three hours between waking up and going to work as well so I really didn't have anytime to relax at all. Now though even walking down the stairs to the basement and then up them a few minutes later here at the house has me winded! I can't wait to get back to working out after baby is here. I want my body back!

Sleeping is starting to really suck to. In general my pregnancy has been pretty good. No sickness or at least minimal side effects. But the getting up twice a night to pee is sucking - although it's probably a good thing because I will have to do that when baby needs to be fed so it won't be any different. Might be more often though. I usually wake up around the same two times every night depending on when I went to bed. Now though which ever side I am sleeping on when I wake up my leg is aching! It's annoying to find a comfy position! I have been using a pillow between the legs or a body pillow along my body to make things more comfy. It does seem to help but then when I have to get up to go to the washroom it really sucks. I also have to be careful not to wake myself up to much when I do this or I can't fall back asleep for like every! grrr

My back has also been hurting a lot lately. I think it's just tired from all the weight in the front. Even sitting on the couch isn't comfy anymore :( I definately don't like laying down on the couch anymore because it's so hard to get up! Also to the right of my belly button has been hurting as well. Not constantly but every now and then. Something to mention to the doc this friday. I'm so ready for baby to come but not ready at the same time. I need to get the mattress done and finish packing what to bring to the hospital! It's exciting though at the same time. I'm not sure how I will do with the pain though! I am hoping I need as little meds as I can. I hate taking anything for pain anyway but I guess we will see.

Friday, February 4, 2011

baby shopping..

Today we had a lot of things to do. I needed to get a bunch of things since pretty soon I won't want to go to far from the house for too long in case labor or my water breaks. Especially considering I am 35.5 weeks along. We made a stop at fabricland to get the materials for the babys mattress for the cradle. Unfortunately they did not have high density foam, (like seriously!!!!?!?) just normal crappy foam stuff, but I did get some cute waterproof material to make a cover for it. I just hope that I got enough. After that we went to the library to pick up a book I had on hold and a few baby books (dealing with breastfeeding and pregnancy etc. Took us a moment to find the last two since they were up in the childs department and not with all the other baby books. After that we went to the paint store to get the baby rooms paint. We had decided on a nice light green colour for the room. Babys room is going to be the only room with any colour on the walls lol. We need to paint our room at some point as well but oh well that can come in time. Unfortunately the type of paint we were going to get they were out of the base or whatever they needed to mix it! They won't be getting it in until tues or wed so that was a miss. Although she took down our name and the colour and said she would call when it comes in and have it ready for us so we just have to go in and pick it up.

After that we went out to walmart I think. I wanted to look at the rocking chair/glider thing we saw the last time we were there. I was definately considering purchasing it since it was a reasonable price $150 and look for a few other baby things. Unfortunately I remembered as we were walking up to the store that I forgot all our walmart gift cards and cash we got from the baby shower. Whoops! so we walked in there and we were checking out what type of foam they had there (of course not the kind we needed) and I picked out a zipper for the cover. I was looking at yarn because chris pointed it out to me again but of course I didnt have a sample of the exact pinks I needed so I couldn't get what I needed to finish the blanket I'm crocheting. Then I heard a "krissy" and steph and Tammy were walking towards us. It was weird since we never expect to see anyone we know here! Tam had came up because Steph was going wedding dress shopping. She found it and showed me a picture. AWWW can't wait to see her in it! It looks reallly nice :)

They walked to the baby section with us and I was unhappy to see the rocking chair was not on sale anymore. Reg price or at least on the one that was out was 200 bucks :( hopefully it comes on sale again. I'm not sure how I will feed the baby in the middle of the night when chris is in the bed trying to sleep? Well at first might not be so bad since he will be home with me for a few days.( I have to mention that I did look on later on that day and it is listed as 150 so we have to go back and actually get a price check on it, it looks super comfy and I need something to sit on when feeding the baby, especially at night)

I got the baby bath thing that goes in the bath that we got at the shower, so babys head will be out of water and I don't have to constantly support her. Steph got us a winnie the poo car seat bundle thing. You zip it around baby so the seat straps are still close to her body and not going over a bundle of material. And she will be super warm :) That was another item that we were going to look for while we were there because it will be still chilly when baby comes home.

After this I think we went home. I got a few other things like thank you cards etc but I was ready to go home and sit. I was so exhausted it was so crowded in there and I was overheating! It wasn't fun! Tam said mom wasn't sure what we still needed since she decided to wait until after the baby shower to get us something. Chris was like she doesn't have to do that since she paid for the hall etc. (I agree) but she still wants to.

So later that day she called me to ask what we needed. She said she was in zellars that day and seen that the playpens were on sale. I told her we got the change pad mattress already and talked about the saftey first playpen that we were looking at and that she had seen as well. So she said she would get that for us on tommarrow after she went to church since it's on sale and they had some in stock that day. She also mentioned that maybe bassinette or regular cradle sheets would fit the mattress I have to make for the cradle we are using. I never thought of that. I need to put something over top of the mattress cover I am making. So I will have to check that out maybe this week sometime.

Still lots to do to prepare and I'm running out of time!!

Doc appointment

We had our doc appointment at 3:15. It was pretty standard. Same old same old. Checking for that hormone or whatever in my urine, my blood pressure and my weight. UGH went up some more weight :( but it's almost at the end though! ) He asked if I had any questions, I did but it's was nothing major that concerned us at all.

I also had to do this test, group strep b or something like that. Umm all I can say is not the most funnest thing I had to do but its good because it looks for bacteria that could be potentially fatal to the baby. I guess if it is present they will give me antibiotics to clear it up. Either before or during labour I wasn't really to clear on that but I'm sure on my next appointment he will let me know what those results were and what will happen if it is present. So it was a pretty quick appointment. He said the growth and heart rate seems to be good. So now my appointments are every week until baby is born.

After the appointment we went to zellars to pick up our reincheck baby change table mattress (woot 15 bucks instead of 30). We saw that they had a safety first playpen on sale for 80 bucks that we really like. That's really a good price. We were going to pick it up as well or probably really consider it more but there was none in stock. Really though doesn't surprise me since it's hard sometimes to find anything in store that is in there flyer (unless it's food items). I figured if we decided on it we could always go back before the flyer was over and get another raincheck for it. 40% off is amazing :) and really great timing for all baby stuff to be on sale!
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