Saturday, February 12, 2011

Painting the Baby's room pIc's

Before we started painting (ignore the mess of stuff on my drafting table please :)

Chris opening the paint can for the first time and us seeing the colour. Thankfully it is the colour that we expected. lol.

Chris's first few roller strokes. It looks pretty good! The pictures do not do the colour justice at all. It really is a nice baby green colour. I can't remember the exact colour title. I think it had lime in it or something.

First coat pretty well complete!

It looks pretty good!! So baby your room is the first and probably only room for awhile that will have colour on it's walls! LOL. I'm jealous. haha :) Chris painted it all by himself. He wouldn't let me help and we only had one roller anyways. Although I can't wait to get in there and do my painting/decorating. I just have to figure out where everything will be and exactly what I want to do on the walls. I think I still like the tree with floating leaves idea. The good thing is the person we were talking to at the paint store said that acrylics you get at micheal's or even just regular art paint would go on easily. :)


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