Friday, February 4, 2011

Doc appointment

We had our doc appointment at 3:15. It was pretty standard. Same old same old. Checking for that hormone or whatever in my urine, my blood pressure and my weight. UGH went up some more weight :( but it's almost at the end though! ) He asked if I had any questions, I did but it's was nothing major that concerned us at all.

I also had to do this test, group strep b or something like that. Umm all I can say is not the most funnest thing I had to do but its good because it looks for bacteria that could be potentially fatal to the baby. I guess if it is present they will give me antibiotics to clear it up. Either before or during labour I wasn't really to clear on that but I'm sure on my next appointment he will let me know what those results were and what will happen if it is present. So it was a pretty quick appointment. He said the growth and heart rate seems to be good. So now my appointments are every week until baby is born.

After the appointment we went to zellars to pick up our reincheck baby change table mattress (woot 15 bucks instead of 30). We saw that they had a safety first playpen on sale for 80 bucks that we really like. That's really a good price. We were going to pick it up as well or probably really consider it more but there was none in stock. Really though doesn't surprise me since it's hard sometimes to find anything in store that is in there flyer (unless it's food items). I figured if we decided on it we could always go back before the flyer was over and get another raincheck for it. 40% off is amazing :) and really great timing for all baby stuff to be on sale!


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